“My Tomboy” – new eve massacre song for free downl…

“My Tomboy” – new eve massacre song for free download

Here’s a new song I’ve just finished – a bit melancholic, a bit dancy, a bit silly.
Hope you enjoy it.


my tomboy

a short leash

is it all about moving?
is it all about moving on?
moving on

my tomboy, i got you on a short leash
my tomboy got me on a short leash

our attention deficit is bigger than yours
damn right, we are better than you
our AD brings all the toys to the scarred
hush now
just imagine
we were safe

we were safe

my sickening angels
up yours!

just between you and me
there is more underneath
our skin, our words, our skulls

sean na na na na na na na
we’re the prettiest vacants

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