“You’re older than you’ve ever been. And now you’r…

“You’re older than you’ve ever been.
And now you’re even older.
And now you’re older still.”
They Might Be Giants

Last Saturday we had this event called City Of Subculture or Kaff Of Subkultur in Nuremberg. More than twenty initiatives gathered on a public square to show how diverse that part of life in our city is. Here’s a little gallery. If you want to see the picture a bit bigger or grab them go to www.evemassacre.de (in the photo section).

There were so many different things going on. Kommkino, a movie group, had put up a two-people-tent in which you could watch trailers from old classics and trash movies, lying between lots of stuffed animals. Kunstverein, a local punk venue, who cared for the drinks had brought its tablefootball. The vegan anarcho kitchen made Doener. Desi, a cultural center, made a stand with Daiquiri and other yummy cocktails. We, Musikverein, had a huge fanzine and flyer and photo collection, and some memorabilia bands had left at our venue. And we had a quiz in which you had to smell used band towels and match it to correct band. There was breakdancing, there was a theatre group, Radio Z aired two hours live, lots of interviews, lots of different djs and two bands were playing, and you could have your bike repaired and there was a living room with sofas … too many things to remember every detail. I only arrived noonish when the others already had put up our stand (thanks!) and spent a wonderful day there. It was a great community feeling and I loved to see the diversity of all those groups crammed on this one square. There were lots of visitors (I think they expected 300 and in the paper I’ve read today that there had been more than thousand over the course of the whole day.) I really really hope that this might turn into an annual event. It’s great as a unifying event as well as to represent to people who don’t know about all those different locations. Thanks to everybody who put so much work in it!

It seems to be a quite prevalent opinion that the next generation doesn’t care about DIY or non-profit culture anymore. I refuse to believe that. Maybe kids are not being raised to become all creative and to question things and to take a look at how things work. Maybe that seems to be ‘luxury’ for most people. Maybe kids are rather being raised to function and to let themselves be distracted and entertained. Maybe maybe maybe. I think it’s just harder to reach people because the gap between the active scene and the consuming scene seems to be bigger than, say, ten years ago. For example people are less sensitive to advertisment. I’ve always liked that the subculture is in large parts free of ads. I don’t like the idea of punk shows being sponsored by Eastpak rucksacks or a dj night being sponsored by Lee Jeans. I want to give people events that are free of that. Where you can rest your eyes and ears for a bit. Before I start a rant on all the points that make an alternative culture so necessary I’ll rather stop here cause actually I’ve just wanted to write how good that day was.

* _ *

“You seem so sad, Eeyore.”
“Sad? Why should I be sad? It’s my birthday. The happiest day of the year.”
“Your birthday?” said Pooh in great surprise.
“Of course it is. Can’t you see? Look at all the presents I’ve had.”
He waved a foot from side to side.
“Look at the birthday cake. Candles and pink sugar.”
Pooh looked – first to the right and then to the left.
“Presents?” said Pooh. “Birthday cake?” said Pooh. “Where?”
“Can’t you see them?”
“No,” said Pooh.
“Neither can I,” said Eeyore. “Joke,” he explained. “Ha Ha”

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Although I like to think that I don’t care at all I must say sometimes aging can be creepy. A couple of nights before my birthday I couldn’t sleep very well, and I take that as a sign that it does matter to me. I remembered Wolfgang Hildesheimer’s novel ‘Tynset’. He manages to capture those quiet and weird insomniac hours between midnight and sunrise very good. When you feel like standing outside of the world and outside of time. That novel has a wonderful description of how the protagonist feels the aging of his body in exactly those lonely hours, under his skin, like a rope that pulls you forward and forward to where the path gets more narrow and your possibilities get less and lesser.
I hope that doesn’t sound too negative, I had a nice birthday with cake and champagne and later beer and art.

* _ *

I think about driving to the KYLESA show in Munich (www.kafekult.de) on Thursday. Anyone wanting to come with me? Great desperate hardcore / crust / AmRep sound with two drummers and two singers.

CLINIC‘s “You Can’t Hurt You Anymore” has mighty cowbells and the organ at the end sounds almost as noisy as the “Waters Of Nazareth” one. I love CLINIC’s moaning little reverb songs. They don’t change but at least they stay on the same level of goodness over the years. I like them very much.
SCISSOR SISTERS‘ ‘Ta-Dah’ album is one huge disappointment. While I like the single by now the album is nothing but mediocre burned out middle of the road sound. Very sad.

“Locusts, tornados, Crosses and nazi halos They fo…

“Locusts, tornados,
Crosses and nazi halos
They follow, they follow”
The Thermals

The world looks a bit blurred today. Tonight the biting midges finally got me. I’ve had hardly any stings at all this summer but when I went to bed this morning at 4 I’ve already had the first one. Got more and more through the night and the (very real) itching and (the maybe imaginary) buzzing kept me awake. I’ve slept for maybe two or three hours and feel a bit numb like packed in dabbers or in bubble plastic foils. That I went to bed when it still was summer and woke up to autumn doesn’t help much. Especially if autumn doesn’t just mean the weather changed to grey cloudiness but also the political climate got some dark clouds coming up: The NPD, a german extreme right wing party, has made it into parliament after the elections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern yesterday. Bloody scary. Will this Nazi scum ever fuck off? As if the whole christian propaganda that accompanies the pope’s visit to Germany wasn’t enough stuff for nightmares & nausea. No surprise that the THERMALS “the body the blood the machine” has become my new favorite album in its desperation about those things.

“Is there a happy ending, I don’t think so
Cos even if we make it
I’ll be too far out to take it”
Mott The Hoople

Our D!SCO !NF!LTRATORS party at Friday started a bit slow and we had lots of guests I’ve never seen or recognised before. For a while Stefan and I didn’t seem to get into a flow. Instead we chatted as much as we djed, about new music and that we would from now on call indie kids ‘streifenhörnchen’ (chipmunks) cause of their stripey t-shirt uniforms. It was nice to play our favourite new tunes to each other but didn’t really get people dancing. After a while we somehow crossed the fine line to something you could almost call ‘djing’ and suddenly everything felt right for a while: the sound of the music, the fader buttons under your finger tips, the dancing silhouettes, the drink in your hands, the atmosphere and energy, the smoke in your lungs. I love those euphoric moments. They help me breath. At 4:30 a girl asked if we can’t go on till 5 something cause that’s when public transport starts again. As it was okay for the bar staff we kept it going and I think I left the building at 6 in the morning. Another lost Saturday. In a good way, of course. As if nightlife wouldn’t count.

As I have already mentioned in my last blog SOULWAX made a remix of a ROBBIE WILLIAMS song called “Lovelight” and it is the most wonderful piece of electronic music I’ve heard in a long while. Instant happiness, pure aural endorphine. Maybe since the EROL ALKAN remix of JUSTICE’s “Waters Of Nazareth”. No, it’s almost bigger than that. Maybe like hearing ALTER EGO’s “Rocker” for the first time. Noise and pop in exactly the right doses. I haven’t heard the original song yet. It samples the old soul tune “Let your love light shine”, and that line is the only vocal that works it’s way sparsely into the distorted and moaning synth awesomeness SOULWAX have created here. The build up after the breakdown in its very middle is so wow that it gave me shivers when I heard it loud for the first time. Cathartic. Oh, and it has handclaps. Which explains everything.

The other piece of music that I got on repeat at the moment is THE THERMALS’ new album ‘The Body The Blood The Machine’. Years ago they rocked themselves into my heart with the wonderful “No Culture Icons”. Last year I had the pleasure of finally seeing them live, and that was good. They are one of those ‘we’re about the music’ bands. And now the new album. They haven’t changed much: It’s simple guitar music with a garage edge and lyrics that mingle politics and the private in a very good way. It’s hard to describe why they do this better than many other bands. They sound tighter, closer, more of a unit than most maybe? More personal? Their new album is catchy and heartfelt indierock. Speaking in band names: maybe a little less WIPERS and ART BRUT, and a little more of rock desperation à la REM or MOTT THE HOOPLE.
What I also have to say is that it’s really good to hear a great intense rocking indie album that hasn’t got that stupid over-compression-in-your-face treatment that makes all bands sound alike at the moment. Thank you, Brendan Canty, for the warm production. This one rocks its guts out without that fake loudness. The anger in this one seems to growl straight from the content and from deep inside the music, not from the production. And would it be sexist to say that it adds to my pleasure that they are not another all male band?

Lyrically it is an irate attack on running a country with politics of religion and war. I won’t try and fail to describe their lyrics. I rather will let the lyrics of a song speak for itself. “Power Doesn’t Run On Nothing” is its name and to me it is on a close run for the best punk song of this year with TV ON THE RADIO’s “Playhouses” and THE PAPER CHASE’s “You Will Never Take Me Alive”. Go listen to it. Go buy it. I hope really bad that we can have them play in Nuremberg again.

Edit *jumping up and down excitedly*: They will play! 6th December, K4. Kerstin, do you hear me?! 🙂

we are just a child
we are just a child
we are wide awake
but our legs are shaky

we’re unaware
we’re hyper and we stare into space
with grins on our faces

so give us what we’re asking for
’cause either way we’re gonna take it
our power doesn’t run on nothing
we need the land youre standing on
so let’s go, move it

we are old as hell
we are old and tell the children
when to kill, when to sit still

everyone doing what we say
’til our dying day
’til our breath is empty

they’ll give us what we’re asking for
’cause either way we’re gonna take it
our power doesn’t run on nothing
we need the land you’re standing on
so let’s go, move it

you need to let go, move it
we’re more equal
we’ll move you people off the planet
’cause goddamn, we need the fuel!

so let the beat roll over
let the beat roll over everyone in line
everyone in line
let the beat roll over
let the beat roll over everyone in line
one at a time

they’ll give us what we’re asking for
’cause god is with us
and our god is the richest
our power doesn’t run on nothing
it runs on blood
and blood is easy to obtain
when you have no shame

when you have no shame

so let the sun fade, let the sun fade
we’ll still have light
we’ll burn even brighter

we’ll drain the well
we’ll tunnel to hell
and leave the earth’s surface
for the worthless and dirty

let the beat roll over
the beat roll over everyone in line
everyone in line

do you think we’ll cease?
do you see a reason?
do you think it’s fair?
do you think it’s fair?
do you think we care?

* _ *

One of the at least eight times that I’ve listened to THE THERMALS’ album by now was on my way to BUCOVINA CLUB on Saturday around midnight. It seemed the perfect soundtrack. I walked a station or two before I got on the tram cause it was such a nice warm night. I love to watch people on the tram. A teen couple, he on his cell phone playing cool, ignoring her, she hanging on his lips, following his every move and look. An old guy smelling of cheap wine, jumping in at the very last moment which made him beam a happy smile at everybody that slowly burned out when the feeling wore off. Then at city centre, walking over to the K4 that already had a cluster of kids hanging from its old doors.
We hosted SHANTEL with his BUCOVINA CLUB at that night, his balcan music freak out of a party. Entrance already had to be stopped half an hour after the doors had opened cause it was too crowded. It was a very agreeable audience that night, not so many of the power-drink-till-you-go-down-league. I mean, we keep our drinks cheap so that everyone can afford to drink but not to turn parties into pure alcohol mayhems where people seem to party against each other instead of with each other. SHANTEL spun a great set. He seemed to build in much more electronic elements, or had songs restructured so that they work like dance tunes. No matter of how much you like that gypsy balcan music, you have to admit he is a great dj. Technically as well as for being such a great charismatic entertainer.
He is also finally up to record an album with original tunes instead of releasing the next BUCOVINA compilation. Not so nice news: Next BUCOVINA CLUB, on october 13th will be presented by MTV and will present clips of ALI G’s BORAT movie. I’m aware that other promoters might think that’s great news but for us it’s a bit of a downer. The nicer news are that SHANTEL is going to produce the next GUSTAV album.
It was nice to chat the night away and I had more than one Becherovka and instead of an hour or two I stayed until 7 in the morning. Guess I enjoyed myself.

She’s In Parties ” Hot lines under a rain of drum …

She’s In Parties
” Hot lines under a rain of drum
Cigarette props in action
Dialogue dub, now heres the rub
She’s acting her reaction

She’s in parties
It’s in the can”


Of course the next party massacre is already waiting for me and you and everyone you know: D!SCO !NF!LTRATORS, next Friday, 15th September at the K4. Sounds simple but is very effective: Stefan Wagner and me will be playing electronic dance music for you. And us. And everyone we know. That’s why I’m almost deaf by now cause I’ve listened to lots of disco techno tunes today (you just have to love those triple – almost quadruple! – alliterations). Scroll to the end of this blog posting to find a charting playlist of what rocks my techno boat at the moment.

Here are a couple of free downloadable tunes for you:

The first two are for the dancefloor:

JANIK JASMIN (also known as PALUKA82 as dj of ELEKTRONISCH ROCKEN and THE ELECTRIC DOG) has made a couple of wonderful remixes of my “48 Crushes On You” tune, and I still owe him to pick a fave one, which really wasn’t easy. This is it:

EVE MASSACRE: 48 Crushes On You (JANIK JASMIN ‘Thunderbirds die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden’ RMX) MP3
I love it and you should love it too!

The second song I have for you is a re-worked version of a remix I’ve made for the first and final release of a befriended band, THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS. To be honest, there’s hardly anything left of their song. I still like calling it a remix and I still like it. That’s why I put it online for you:


The third song is a mash up:

Here’s a link to the mp3.

* _ *

As I’m just listening to it (thanks to the fastest mailorder on this planet, X-MIST): Please, how cool is the new SUPERSYSTEM album? Yes, it lacks the slippery shininess of THE RAPTURE’s People album. Yes, it lacks the instant dancefloor hits you might have expected, especially after the RAPTURE’s remix of “Miracle” from SUPERSYSTEM’s last album has rocked so many dancefloors. Instead you get more world music bits and pieces, on the percussive side as well as in the postpunk singalong choruses that often sound slightly uncomfortable (in a good way). Where the RAPTURE album sceams “dance! now! you sexy motherfuckers!” the SUPERSYSTEM leaves you with a shrugging relaxed “you can dance if you want to”. Where the RAPTURE’s new album does hardly more than fulfil expectations (which is not necessarily a bad thing, I think I will like it for a season or two) the SUPERSYSTEM’s new one sounds simply like their the next chapter in their musical development. They sound like it’s about trying things, not about the effort to keep the cool up. Where RAPTURE sound a bit stuck SUPERSYSTEM sound like they still are moving on, exploring, taking in the world and creating. Actually comparing them with THE RAPTURE is bullshit anyway but it happened in a couple of reviews I’ve read. Sorry for jumping the train.

* _ *

A little flashback: Last weekend was pretty exhausting as it already kind of started with getting drunk and staying out late at the RANTANPLAN show on Thursday. It was wonderful to meet my old friend Ingo of TCWTGA and chat through the evening. As if he wasn’t busy enough already he is just about to set up this new mailorder thing, check it out: www.amazing-zone.net

I was a bit sad and bitter on that day as the show I had been looking most forward to this autumn had been cancelled: CHARIOTS + GET HUSTLE. I won’t go into details but if I hate one thing then it’s when bookers lack responsibility and respect for the bands and promoters they work with. For the moment Dial Booking definitely are crossed out from the list of people I rely on and work with.

I wasn’t really in the mood for watching the show but what I saw and heard was good. CREMASTER, who played first, had their faces painted dark and one of them wore a pumpkin like a helmet and they played a charmingly shaky wave punk set. RANTANPLAN were more punk than ska, which I totally prefer, and they really rocked the sweating crowd.

On Friday I had the pleasure of spinning some records with Miss Kitty, also known as FRAUKE BOGGASCH, whose art you can check out on her website.

She and DOMINIK SITTIG have just published a book: ELEND – Zur Frage der Relevanz von POP in Kunst, Leben und öffentlichen Badeanstalten (MISERY – About The Relevance Of POP In Art, Life And Public Baths) and I got it as a present. 🙂 It contains essays by people like Sonja Eismann, Martin Büsser, Dietmar Dath, René Margraff, Mercedes Bunz and many more, and also interviews with artists as different as Peaches and Nomeansno. I haven’t read it yet but will write more once I’ve gotten to read it. Go buy it! Now! There also are two exhibitions with Frauke’s stuff: One is in Vienna (info here) and one will start on my birthday, 20th September in Nuremberg at the Kunstbunker: ‘Abstraktion und Überleben’ (Abstraction And Survival) (info here).
Oh yes, and djing with Frauke was fun. The venue wasn’t exactly crowded but there were enough people dancing to have fun and some of those certain “wow! yeah!” moments. We played a pretty unpredictable ping pong set – Dead Kennedys, Trentemöller, Grizzly Bear, Metric, electro house, japanese happy hardcore, breakcore, punk, hardcore … thanks to the openminded people who danced to that wild mixture! It was a pleasure.

I enjoyed a superlazy Saturday until it was time to pack another bag of music for a goodbye party of two friends who are going to move to Berlin, Cris SONICMONO and Salvina. Stefan and I were the djs and it was nice again. It was in a student’s thing, we were in a room that usually was the model office for architecture as you could see from some sketches on the walls.


– off topic: I’ve just listened to the MSTRKRFT remix of the PANTHERS’ “Thank Me With Your Hands”. Oh dear. To think three of the PANTHERS’ guys have played in an awesome pace-setting band like ORCHID and MSTRKRFT has half the personnel of DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 in it. Is it that what it takes to produce a track that sounds like a below average RADIO 4 song? Oh dear. I mean: it’s not totally bad, it’s just so sad in its exchangeability. –

The goodbye party on Saturday was great although we struggled a bit with the PA cause it wasn’t the most powerful one and me, I’m afraid of the clipping cause nothing sucks more than an overheated system stopping its work in the middle of a party. Especially if you played vinyl it sounded a bit quiet which isn’t the most exciting way to hear JUSTICE or AC/DC but: it didn’t matter much cause everybody seemed to have fun anyway. At one point there even were four people wildly spinning in office chairs on the dancefloor (you know, the ones you can roll around with). I think it had something to do with alcohol and the BASSSTART posse entering the party.

That’s it from me today, I’ve wanted to write some more, especially about some street action for subculture, KAFF OF SUBKULTUR, that’s going on 23rd September but I’ll do that tomorrow. Here’s a link already: www.subkultur-nuernberg.net.


* _ *

So, here’s today’s electronic music massacre charts:

Robbie Williams: Lovelight (Ravelight Dub Soulwax) – Does anybody already have a decent version of this? It’s wonderful.
Spektrum: May Day (thanks for the recommendation, herr paluka! 🙂 )
Green Velvet: Electricity
The Knife: We Share Our Mother’s Health (Trentemöller RMX)
Scissor Sisters: I Don’t Feel Like Dancing (Erol Alkan RMX)
Edu-K: Sex-O-Matic (Solid Groove)
Bunny Lake: Bunny Lake (Christopher Just’s Disco Demons Vocal RMX)
Christopher & Raphael Just: Disco 128
Cassius: Toop Toop (Oliver Koletzki RMX)
Crystal Takes Manhattan: Confetti Princess (Kissy Sell Out Mixes)
Tony Rohr: Super Cool Hoon
Goose: Black Gloves
Deichkind: Remmidemmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah Egoexpress RMX e)
Coldcut: Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Henrik Schwarz RMX) – a bit calm to fit in here but I really like it
Rah Band: Clouds Across The Moon (DJ Koze Moonboots Kick Ass Mix)
Fatboy Slim: Champion Sound (Switch RMX)
Jaydee: Plastic Dreams (Switch RMX)
Mylo: Paris 400 (SebastiAn RMX)
Para One: Dudun Dun (MSTRKRFT RMX)

My Robot Friend (with Zombie Nation): The Cut
Two Dollar Egg: Turnout
SebastiAn: Ross Ross Ross
The Loose Cannons: Raw (Kissy Sell Out RMX)
The Futureheads: Worry About It Later (Switch RMX)
X-Press ft. Rob Harvey: Kill 100 (Radioslave RMX)
Does It Offend You, Yeah: We Are Rockstars
Benedict X: A Bit Boxy (get this and some other fine tunes from his blog
Cobblestone Jazz: Dump Truck
Cobblestone Jazz: Peace Offering
Kelis: Bossy (Cavemen RMX)
Hot Chip: Colours (Fred Falke RMX)
Mike Monday: Bhalobashi (Argy RMX)
Like-A-Tim: Legs (ZZ Top Cover)
Placebo: Because I Want You (Russell Lissack Of Bloc Party RMX)  – it’s not that good but it reminds me of “Love Like Blood” by Killing Joke.
Metope: Second Skin (Tekel RMX)
Green Velvet: Shake And Pop
Justin Timberlake: Sexy Back (Armand’s RMX)
Lostep: Because We Can
and of course my “Fast Hearts” track (here’s the
mp3 link again)

Robert Rodriguez: I Want To Be A DJ
Scissor Sisters: I Don’t Feel Like Dancing (Paper Faces RMX)
Anthony Rother: Sleep
Troy Pierce: The Day After Yesterday
Bell X1: Flame (Chicken Lips RMX)
Claude Von Stroke: Cicada (17 Year Justin Martin RMX)
Claude Von Stroke: Southern Fried Mix (Remix of Justin Martin & Sammy D) – not 100% my kind of humor but it’s a nice pastiche.
CSS – Let’s Make Love And Listen Death From Above (Diplo RMX) & (Spank Rock RMX)
Monolake: Alaska
Sikk: My Washing Machine (though I don’t like that kind of male vocals)
International Pony: Gothic Girl (Mense’s Club Mix) (it’s a bit too fluffy, don’t know, something’s lacking)
Mason: Exceeder

“All you crazy people” “All you crazy people come…

“All you crazy people”

“All you crazy people come on jump around
Maneater I want to see you all on your knees, knees
either want to be with me, or be me” N. Furtado

A few quick rants before I’m off to TRAINSPOTTING Festival.

On October the 14th there will be a Neonazi march in Nuremberg. They want the Nuremberg Trials (yes, those Nuremberg Trials!) to be resumed. I can’t fucking believe that they are allowed to have this march for that reason while there otherwise are laws that help you sue your neighbors barking dog. Do something about it, friends. Of course there will be a demonstration against them. Get together, get informed (for example here). Be there. It’s your bloody city.


Where are the girls? No matter if you watch the VMAs or if you got to your local shows, you will only find about as many women as you can find female construction workers in this country. And no: those crippled souls that pose as r’n’b divas on the leash of their not-so-metaphorical pimps don’t count.


Yesterday’s news said that the EU discusses having warning signs on alcohol bottles similar to those they put on the cigarette packages. The reason they give for this is that alcohol consumption has risen. So there’s no money to invest in the reasons for that rise but there’s money to invest in another stupid campaign. As if people don’t know about the dangers. The worrying thing is that people care less and less about consequences, and that IMHO is a sign to invest in making people’s lives a bit less scary and insecure and dull. Of course sticking some warnings to bottles is cheaper and easier.


There’s a new reality show on german’s TV. It is called ‘Wie die Wilden’ (‘Like Savages’). It’s about an average german family moving to an african country. The entertainment factor is the culture clash: the natives are so amusingly primitive and the civilised germans have to struggle with their new environment. (BTW I’m getting tired of using quotation marks as a signal for some meta level cause I find I could use that for every third word I’m writing these days. Arrgh.)
Ridiculing what’s different, a neverending source of mirth. Mirth with just the tiniest hint of creepiness cause there might be the possibility that all those crap culture-clash- or cross-a-limit shows do something to people’s inhibitition threshold that no one will be able to fix again.


My mash up colleague Dunproofin spread some lovely news for my Earl Grey addiction: Tea is good for you. Healthier than water even! I’ve always known that all that dehydration talk is rubbish! Read about it here.

And why not go get Dunproofin’s awesome “Stupid Stupid Stupid” mash up from his blog here? It’s the best take on Nelly Furtado ‘Maneater’ ever! Useless pop trivia: ‘Maneater’ was inspired by Eurhytmics’ ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’.