Gaybashing? I’ve just come across this M. bulleti…


I’ve just come across this M. bulletin from AUTONYM:

This website has a list of bands they have deemed “gay” in saying, “One of the most dangerous ways homosexuality invades family life is through popular music. Parents should keep careful watch over their children’s listening habits, especially in this Internet Age of MP3 piracy.” They seek to out homosexual artists for the “sake of their children”

The website owner’s email is

Please fill his inbox with as many messages as you can letting him know that we won’t stand for this. Note: Making a smart case is the best way to criticize someone so it doesn’t embolden their cause further. We all know this guy and his crazy followers are complete fucking assholes but save that for comments within this blog. Let him know we are educated good people that firmly believe he is a bigot on a path of hatred. Thanks everyone. -Will, Autonym

The other way to spoil that shit would be: Turning this into an endless list: Everybody could write them about their band / project also being gay. If you don’t have a band, well: make up one.

I’ve just dropped them a message requesting if they please could add me to their honorable list.

2000SICK write-up .02 + new track +…

2000SICK write-up .02 + new track + more

“Since we have no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”

It has been snowing since last night. I live under the roof and my windows are blocked by a snow coat and it makes me feel like buried under candy floss. Or by spiderwebs, like Robert Smith in the “Lullaby” video clip. Shoveling is no fun today, a 20cm layer of snow all around the house is a bit too much. Tiga, the cat also didn’t like it. He got all grumpy when he realised that the fluffy white stuff on his back turns into water when you get back inside.

* _ *

2000SICK Write-Up #02: Amy Winehouse, Placebo, Hawnay Troof

On it goes with the track-by-track description of what I find so great about the songs and artists that made it into my 2000SICK MIX that thanks to my wonderful host you can still get from this site.

“They tried to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no.”
Amy Winehouse

AMY WINEHOUSE deserves to be in here for making a record that sounds like really old rare soul / rocksteady but has a ‘parental advisory’ sticker on it for its explicit lyrics, which makes a nice combination. I like her voice, it has such a brittle charm. My favourite song by her will stay “Fuck Me Pumps” from her ‘Frank’ album.

“Fall into you
Is all I ever do
When I hit the bottle
Cause I’m afraid to be alone”

Next in the mix is PLACEBO and they have to be in there because, hey, I simply love Placebo. They stay my favourite guilty mainstream indie pleasure. For me they are the band that brought kitsch, androgynity and a hint of queerness back to indie when the charts guitar music was dominated by bands like Korn or Slipknot or Limp Bizkit. Of course the ‘Meds’ album is not exactly the best they’ve ever done. For example I had expected so much more from a duet with THE KILLS’ singer. But: ‘Because I Want You’ really has been on heavy rotation in massacre mansion last year. Great melody, great pathos, great indie pop.

I paired it up with HAWNAY TROOF in this mix, who is an extraordinary artist. I first got in touch with his music when I saw XBXRX live, his old band, who played some kind of chaos core with a DEVO touch. They put on a hell of a great show in a 13 minutes set. Later I got the first HAWNAY TROOF album from TCWTGA Ingo and it was a bit too trashy for my taste at that time but I heard great things from his live shows with Alison of BRATMOBILE. I don’t exactly remember when I next stumbled over his music but at one point I ‘discovered’ his weird lo-fi-electronic-meets-beastie-boys-like-raps style for me. I love those moments, when something you’ve heard a couple of times before and it didn’t do anything for you but suddenly it seems to open up and touches you. The latest HAWNAY TROOF aka Vice Cooler album ‘The Dollar And The Deed’ is another brilliant example of that style: Fast, passionate raps about anything from love to politics over rough, intense beats. You can and should buy his album, for example from and you have a chance to see him live in Europe soon: Here in Nuremberg he’ll play at the K4 on Monday, 5th of March. Don’t miss it!

“If we can’t change ourselves
How can we expect the world to change”
Hawnay Troof

As a little extra gift I’ve made a single bootleg track out of that pairing. You can download it from this little site.

* _ *

Texas seems to have ruled that linking = copying:
Deeplinking In The Heart Of Texas
The blogger in the article I’ve linked put it quite right: “What is absolutely outrageous about this decision is that, as Internet Lawyer agrees, no actual copying occurred. Generally speaking, if there is no copying, there can’t be any copyright infringement.”
I’d say the only reason to complain about deeplinking is if people ‘steal’ bandwidth.

oh noes. caterpillar attack. See, today one of …

oh noes. caterpillar attack.

See, today one of those big hairy caterpillars crawled into my eye and ate my cowboy heart out.
I better hide.
I better hide better.
That robot heart beat too loud.
Those guerrilla eyes looked too proud.
Now I feed on my pillow and won’t go out.

* _ *

P.S. to defect: It was this classic.
To the rest: SUSAN SONTAG was a great writer, especially if it came to theoretical stuff. I’ve only read one novel by her, ‘Death Kit’, which I didn’t rate that high. Here’s a link to another obligatory text by her ‘Notes On Camp‘.

2000SICK Write-Up #01::: The Paper Chase “What’s …

2000SICK Write-Up #01::: The Paper Chase

“What’s so amazing about grace?” The Paper Chase

THE PAPER CHASE‘s “You’re One Of Them Aren’t You” is the opener of my 2000SICKMIX.

The Paper Chase have been one of my favourite bands ever since I’ve first seen them at the K4 live in January 2003, back then touring with their early masterpiece Hide The Kitchen Knives. The follow-up album was solid but didn’t really go beyond the Kitchen Knives. I was prepared not to expect too much from the next one but – boom! – I instantly fell for last year’s Now You Are One Of Us album. I even remember when I unwrapped it (got the package from the mailorder on a morning in April last year and listened to it while having breakfast with – if I’m not totally mistaken – the Yellow Press guys who stayed at my place after their show).

With the pissed-off-ness, desperateness and smartness of Congleton’s vocals and lyrics they have one of the most punk voices in today’s music and if you know me you know that here I’m not talking about some comfortable retro-fake-anger of punk as a genre or, erm… ‘movement’ but about music that comes with a certain intensity and makes you feel a special urge it was made with. The inevitability of a song. Not many bands have that. With The Paper Chase this inevitability can be heard and felt in every pore and every tiny muscle of their music.

To exert genre terms (which honestly I find harder from year to year, although terms like ‘grindie’ still manage to make me smile) I’d say The Paper Chase drift between noise rock and art punk (I remember when I first heard their ‘Kitchen Knives’ album my first musical association was Chokebore’s great ‘Anything Near Water’ album). ‘Drift’ though, is a vocabulary that definitely doesn’t fit the Paper Chase cosmos: Every ever so tiny detail, a derailing melody, a cello line, a sample, no matter how awkward it sounds, seems to sit exactly where it should. No drifting here, Sir, this music might have its experimental moments but it is no ‘free’ music. It is music with an author sitting tightly in your neck but I have to say if I find myself in that music then, hey, fuck Barthes: this still can be a very good feeling, even in 2006. Or 7.

“… with hope for the hopeless and help for the helplessly hopeful life is long when you’re lonely or the ugly the unclean the unfit will fuck the unhappy
you’re going down good friend so i’m letting go of your leg”
The Paper Chase

I can’t wait to see them live again, and there will be a Europe tour in 2007, though sadly they won’t play at the K4 this time but at least at the two next best places 😉 : Nearest shows on the Germany part of their tour in April are – and you’ll definitely find me at both of those – at Würzburg’s Cafe Cairo (XYEAHX) and Munich’s Kafe Kult. Be sure not to miss them. By now I’ve seen them three times, two times we had them playing at the K4 and once I watched them in Munich and I wouldn’t want to miss a moment of each show.

For pictures of the 2003 (K4 nbg) and the 2005 (Kafe Kult mun) shows please go to, the website of my dear friend Tobi who drowned me in PHP tutorials last week and as soon as I have worked my way through those you might find pictures of the 2004 show (like those above) at the K4 with Challenger and The National back again on my little website that to my great deepest regret is still non-functional. (Aren’t there any website designers out there who are eager to do hi-quality work for non-profit?)

Back on topic: Here’s the PAPER CHASE myspace profile.

Please, go buy PAPER CHASE music for example from *yes, there’s a world beyond amazon* NOVA Mailorder.

* _ *

Recommended reading: K-PUNK blog about Saddam’s execution:
“It begins with Shock and Awe and ends in Snuff…”

On a funnier yet strangely related (last week ‘Iphone’ replaced ‘Saddam’ as most used search term on Technorati) note: Here’s a link to a photoshopping contest about fake new Apple products, look at them here.
I hope they and the writer of this nice fake IPhone user guide don’t get sued. Apple has lost another piece of respect when they threatened to sue bloggers for reporting about a software that faked the Iphone screen icons for other mobiles. It’s one thing to sue the hackers who made the software but please: threaten the people who only report on it?

“AM I EVI(L)?” – 2000sickmix and so…

“AM I EVI(L)?” – 2000sickmix and some notes

“Am I evil? Yes, I am.” Danzig

“Am I a bad person for finding it exhausting to be nice to other people?” Die Goldenen Zitronen

Well, the big storm hasn’t blown away my roof although it felt and sounded a bit like it last night, but no, I’m still here to feel slightly sick about news like this about a mother dying for her children and to feel a bit undecided what to make of the Stoiber news as his successors might be at least as bad as him.

I’ve been to two good shows since I’ve last posted: THE FUCKED-UP in Munich at the Kafe Kult, a show that – like I’ve already written somewhere else – reminded me of:

Who has seen the singer’s hairy back knows what I’m talking about. Just when you thought that was a genre you couldn’t have fun with anymore, these guys come along and play their nice and simple punkrock in such an energetic way that it’s simply contagious. And there was confetti. Old confetti that only came down from the wooden truss because of some crowdsurfers but as long as it’s not carnival time I love to be surprised by finding confetti remains in my clothes and bag for a few days.

The other show was DIE GOLDENEN ZITRONEN in Erlangen at the E-Werk. With their album ‘Lenin’ they’ve already made their comeback into my heart. An awesome record that manages to sound retro and modern as fuck at the same time, and has the best lyrics I’ve heard in quite a while. Personal meets politics, poetry meets quotations, and it’s less about messages than about making you think. The album is – what I like – a bit more quiet than its predecessors but the live show rocked as hell. I haven’t watched for quite a few years and they’ve aged, but aged in style. Or rather: charisma. Go see them on this tour if you still have the chance, they are worth the (not really cheap) entrance fee.

* _ *

In case you’ve wondered why I’ve been so quiet: Instead of blogging I’ve spend ages (okay, about one week) on a retrospective mix:


When I sat down to write down a ‘best of 2006’ list I found that it had been a really good year in music and by ‘good’ I mean there were many songs, sounds and beats that heated my passion for music, that inspired me. Writing down that list I suddenly felt that it would be much more satisfying to put that into a mix (although I’ll add a little write up about the songs and artists in there tomorrow). So I cut and timestretched and pitched and pasted until I managed to fit 88 songs into 66 minutes. It’s not one song after the other but more of a rearranged multilayered bastard thing: Hawnay Troof sings to a Placebo tune, a heavily-cut up version of The Locust interferes with The Raconteurs, Cursive sing over Justice’s “Waters of Nazareth”, Justin Timberlake dialogues with the Daughters. This is not for purists. Scene-cleansing purists miss out on so much. I love genre clashes that somehow work as a new whole thing. It’s like dialoguing with the music you like. Nerds, don’t fear the mainstream! Punx, don’t spit on the dance music! Chart pop addicts, get your virgin-like ears ready to embrace noisy grindcore! It’s in the Twothousandsickmix, please touch that stereo. Best listened to after midnight with your headphones on dancing in the dark.

Get it from this site as long as my momentary excess of bandwidth lasts.
(For the locals: – I might spread a few copies on cd-r on the SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM night next Friday and on the bardjingnight at the DESI next Thursday.)

Here’s the tracklist:

Oh, and please, seriously: If you think that a mix like this infringes your copy-or-whatever-right then please tell me and I will instantly take it down (and beep your track out). I personally believe that a piece that is so heavily edited and made for pleasure and not for profit helps to spread the word about the included artists. If it might have any effect on your potential customers at all then it will help selling the originals.

* _ *

On a different note I found today’s news a bit worrying: The G/E/M/A, the german version of A/S/C/A/P or B/M/I, won a case against R/A/P/I/D/S/H/A/R/E, a online storage service. It was ruled that the storage service is responsible for the content its users put there. That’s hilarious. It’s – as someone else has put it – as if a landlord was made responsible if his tenants store some stolen goods in the basement. Plus: Once more the G/E/M/A tries to quash the presumption of innocence on which – I had thought – our jurisdiction is based on. FFS, even labels and artists use free services like R/A/P/I/D/S/H/A/R/E to make music available to media folks. The G/E/M/A’s next aims of course are youtube and myspace.

* _ *

BTW, does anybody know what became of myspace’s plans to let artists sell their own music mp3s via Myspace? No label, no distributor, artists chose their own prices etc.? I had read about that a while ago but lost track. It didn’t sound too bad.