“They’re open wide” – Comadre, Graf Orlock, new Ev…

“They’re open wide” – Comadre, Graf Orlock, new Eve Ms dj dates etc.

“Look into my eyes
Can’t you see they’re open wide
Would I lie to you baby??
Would I lie to you??…oh yeah”
Charles & Eddie

Today I woke up and – out of nowhere – had this song playing in my head: CHARLES & EDDIE’s “Would I Lie To You?”. I looked up its youtube link and found it’s a actually is a nice hum-worthy soundtrack to this sunny day.

* _ *

I’m looking for dj or live gigs. Get in touch! I’d really fancy getting on the road more often again but at the moment I don’t have the time to start really getting into booking business and ask around for gigs. It would be great to hear from you though!

* _ *

Tonight we’re putting on a show for COMADRE and GRAF ORLOCK at the K4 which doubtlessly will be great. They were the first hardcore bands in a while that caught my attention and sympathy on first listen, and so far I’ve only heard good things from other shows on their Europe tour. Don’t miss it. Only scare factor could be the flesh tunnels of the Graf Orlock singer:

(picture taken from www.purepainsugar.com)
I will break my accomodation record for this show: 11 people at my house (until now Fugazi have held the record with 9 people), and Comadre will even stay for two nights. A good reason for a long overdue spring clean.

* _ *

Tomorrow evening, from 08:00 PM on, an exhibition of 12″ album cover artwork opens at the glass front part of the K4. It’s title nods a bit too much to football for my taste but I won’t complain, nono. I’ve also been asked to contribute 8 covers. All in all 24 people (from DJs to Nuremberg’s mayor, from jazz musician to film maker – a pretty broad range of people is involved) picked their faves or worst ones and you’ll get a little info why people picked theirs.
You can get more info here.

* _ *

I’ve added new eve massacre dj dates in Nürnberg: I’ll join Tobi L. and Chris Selfintoxicated for another ARTCORE ACOUSTIX night at the Desi on April, 14th. On the 5th of May there’ll be another NUROTIC SOUNDSYSTEM party, right after the TESTCARD reading with MARTIN BÜSSER at the K4. There’s also a record/cd second hand market on that day, in the afternoon, don’t miss it! Sell your old ones, buy or switch with others! I hope there’ll be a wide range of music, from electronica to punk/hardcore stuff. Should be fun.

* _ *

I haven’t really read my way through it so can’t comment on the content but I think this is a pretty good idea: finallyfeminism101.blogspot.com
It’s a FAQ for feminism, that might help you getting rid of having to explain the same tiresome basic and typical questions and criticism over and over again, for example “What is feminism? What do feminists want? Does feminism matter? Can men be feminists? Isn’t feminism just victim’s politics? etc.”.

* _ *

Yesterday was the first day this year on which I left my flat’s windows open wider all day and didn’t freeze. Sometimes it’s the little things that make you feel good. To outbalance that I broke a mirror.

* _ *

My cat is doing better, except for his rasta fur. Problem is: Usually they seem to narcotize cats for clipping but mine is 15 years old and that could do more harm than good. So now I started cutting pieces out of his fur myself. Which he doesn’t like. I guess I’ll be done with it next year. With the clipping and the healing of the scratches on my skin. At least he’s purring and happily roaming the streets again, staying outside for hours.

“Drowning in your own blood” – not the worst way o…

“Drowning in your own blood” – not the worst way of dying if you think of it

“You worthless waste of my time;
I hope you die drowning in your own blood.”
‘Anonymous’ in www.evemassacre.org’s blog comments

My recommendation for going out tonight in Nuremberg are: Watch Namosh and dance to Elektronisch Rocken at the Stereo, and watch Dean Dirg and The Shocks at the BEAT EM DOWN Festival.

* _ *

How boring is Patrick Wolf’s ‘The Magic Position’ album, please?! He lost the magic. ‘Lycanthropy’ was one of my favourite albums but since then his music has become all tame and safe while the unsettling moments (which were exactly the contrast the over-aesteticised elements needed) got lost. It’s like the contrary of Xiu Xiu who also got rid of the lo-fi aesthetics somehow but seem to perfectionise their sound and keep it all playful and challenging where Patrick Wolf now sounds just smooth and pretentious. What will that male Björk do when he loses his otherworldly Peter Pan charms one day?

* _ *

The Kick Off party in Mannheim last week was great. On the drive there I tried practicising the vocals for my liveset the next day and I was almost satisfied with the results. Despite my reputation of getting lost pretty easily I found the venue at once and Caro was already waiting. The set up was all shiny and new Reloop stuff, couldn’t have asked for anything more. They had Tannenzäpfle beer which – in my memory forever being connected with X-Mist – I really like. I was a bit excited as I didn’t know what kind of crowd to expect and if I could keep them dancing a whole night through but everything was great. I hadn’t dj-ed on my own for a whole night in a while but I really enjoyed it. The chemistry between the people and me was just right and I had lots of fun. The hotel being just across the street being the final drop to make it purr-fect. Here are some pictures, courtesy of Anne. And I was invited back: Next Eve Massacre date in Mannheim will be on the 19th of June!

The next day I woke up and still had a smile on my face. I so enjoyed the drive home. Damn, I miss touring. It is such a great calm feeling if you get in your island of a car or van and get on the road again. Out of place. Out of time. Out of any responsibilities beyond getting from place A to place B…. ach, I really have to do this more often again.

On my way I listened to the new Locust album, ‘New Erections’. It is really good and surprisingly offers yet a new side of them: Darker and angrier, more consistent than the Ipecac EP, less hysteric and less Melt-Banana-ish than the Plague Soundscapes. Can’t wait to get a vinyl version of it and to see them live again.

Back home I first had a long afternoon breakfast as I had preferred to go without the hotel breakfast and sleep a little longer instead. Much too fast it was time to re-pack the record bag for the Nurotic Soundsystem party and drive to the K4. By that time I had lost all my calmness and just felt totally exhausted, hungover and excited. Frauke ‘Miss Kitty‘ painted cute ghosts for our deco, Tobi put up tons of fabric as a room divider and the dj desk and I set up my stuff for the liveset and felt just beside myself.
People came pretty late and at some point I had decided that I would only start the liveset when at least ten people were dancing which took some time but made sense. When I started it was just as I hoped it to be: People first didn’t recognise that there was my music playing and that I was singing live but simply danced on. Then some of them paused for a moment and looked at me but then everybody got back to dancing and I can’t tell you how good that felt: to be part of the dancefloor with your show. I never want to play on a stage again but only on cozy dark dancefloors in midst of the people you play your stuff to. Thanks to everybody who made it such a great little moment for me. Tobi and Frauke played some excellent tunes and it was much fun to dj with them. I’m already looking forward to our next Nurotic Soundsystem date at the K4: 5th of May.

* _ *

My cat has the feline equivalent of a heavy influenza and is on antibiotics. I don’t know what Whiskas put in their catfood but it works: Usually my cat doesn’t touch anything with medicine in it but with Whiskas it ate the pills I mixed in. I just hope I can ween it from that stuff afterwards.

* _ *

This last week I was offline for five days due to a ‘port’ of the telephone company being damaged or something. I have no clue if it comes to isdn/dsl/etc technics but I’m damn glad it works again. I’m an addict.

* _ *

Les Georges Leningrad – R.I.P.
One of today’s best live bands called it quits. I’d like to officially call that a shame.

* _ *

Yesterday one of our local newspapers called to get a comment about the K4 apparently becoming a smoke-free location in a couple of months. They asked if we are scared of losing guests. I don’t think people will stop coming to the shows but I can imagine that parties will get less visitors. Imagine a smoke-free Bucovina Club, or even more absurd: Imagine me djing a whole night long without smoking. Hell. Guess I have to get me some of those smokefree fags. 😉

What really makes me sick about that smoking ban is that for me it is a symbol of how people don’t want to even bother communicating with others or starting their own little protests but are happy to have laws to regulate more and more parts of their lives. I’m already looking forward to the first time someone calls the cops because he sees someone smoking at the K4.

Equally ridiculous news stuff: The call to stop selling alcohol to minors, and at the same time on the news: the call to let 16 year olds vote.

Don’t get me wrong: Coming from a family with an alcoholic I totally see the dangers of the increasing use of alcohol among minors (and grown ups) but again: Such new laws don’t get to the root of the problem and are not worth giving up another piece of your freedom of choice.

* _ *

I’m struggling with a C. Aarmé remix at the moment. Ever since I’ve been making music I’ve been convinced that every little idea can turn into a great song, you just have to find the way to crack it. This remix is a real tough one. The two problems I have with it are: I like the original but don’t want the remix to sound too similar so I have to get the original out of my head again. And I already have an idea for it but it is way too fast for what I’m trying to do. It’s pitched down heavily and I’ve been tweaking it this way and that for quite a while now and am not sure if I will ever get a satisfying result of it. Maybe I should ditch the whole thing and give it a brandnew start. Sorry if that bores you but I can’t get it off my head.

Where do you go tonight, lovelies? That’s for M…

Where do you go tonight, lovelies?

That’s for Mannheim tonight, and Nürnberg people, be sure not to miss this party tomorrow, Saturday:

I’m excited.

Today I got the package of my tea order and when I opened it the smell was overwhelmingly wonderful: Bergamotte, cinnamon and black currant. In my next life I will open a tea shop
just to have such a smell around me all the time. I’ll mix these three sorts of tea now and if it tastes any good, I’ll start reselling them as Eve Massacre blend. 🙂

“A plague I call a heartbeat” – new Eve Massacre s…

“A plague I call a heartbeat” – new Eve Massacre song + Hawnay Troof pictures online!

“Still this pulsing night
A plague I call a heartbeat”
D. Bowie

There’s a brandnew song up in my myspace player: “The Last Aspirin“. Hope you like it. You can also download it from here for a while. Might not be the final version as I liked it as an instrumental too and might get rid of some of the vocal parts. Thought I’d put it up anyway to celebrate my upcoming first liveset in ages, next Saturday at the K4 at the Nurotic Soundsystem party. I’m already excited. The night before that, on the 16th, I’ll be djing in Mannheim. Check the dates section, I’ve put up a bunch of new dates there.

Here are the lyrics for “The Last Aspirin“:

We’re believing yet another lie
We’re giving it yet another try
We’re receiving another alibi
While we should be leaving

The tasty lipgloss, the breaking glass,
The shaved armpit, the last aspirin,
The long lost key, the softest pillow
This is what we’re surrounded by

The speeding train

We are pirates
So we stay alone
While we’re cruising each other’s homes

We are pirates
We get the cutest scars
While we’re preying on each others’ hearts

We are pirates

* _ *

I’ve put up pictures of the Hawnay Troof show and feel sorry for everybody who wasn’t there cause it was great! He’s such a damn good actionpacked one man show that at the end of the night everybody had a big fat smile in their faces. It also was nice to have him here for two days, and I really hope that XBXRX come to Europe in fall and that they’ll play here too. The pictures are in the photo section.

* _ *

Good news: Screamo’s not dead. Last night we’ve been to Munich cause June Paik, Louise Cyphre and La Quiete played and it was wonderful. Three great bands, friends, the perfect into-it crowd, and a big one too, and it took place at the Kafe Kult, the loveliest venue in town. Lots of confetti, lots of crowdsurfing (of the careful kind), and: lots of beer. I was a bit drunk and fell asleep on our way home. I love falling asleep in cars and I love the moment when you wake up and it’s dark and you have absolutely no idea where you are. Mucho thank yous for driving, Dominik and Melinda!

The night before was less of a success cause I missed the Cut City show. The We Are Your Ladyfriends party kind of made up for it though. I had fun djing with Miss Plappi Dobalina and Martina Timberlake, and yes, that Phones remix of P. Diddy’s “Tell me” is the hotness, and I think this party helped raising the last euros that missed to pay for the debts we had made with the last Ladyfest in Nürnberg. Thanks everybody for that! By now I really feel ready for another Ladyfest. I even miss all the organisation chaos. We have to put up one again in 2008!

“Dont forget to dance, no, no, no, Dont forget to…

“Dont forget to dance, no, no, no,
Dont forget to smile.
Dont forget to dance, no, no, no,
Forget it for a while.”
The Kinks

‘ello friends!

Heute abend.
Sophisticated Boom Boom.
Das Yps-Heft unter den Clubnights sagt: Come party with us!

“In der Märzausgabe von Sophisticated Boom Boom gibt es schillernde, bewegte und durchschwitzte, und selbstverständlich durch die Bank sympathische Menschen auf der Tanzfläche, das eklektische A-Team der Dirty Disco Action hinterm DJ Pult und dancy und catchy Musique ohne Hemmungen vor Genre- oder Zeitgrenzen in der Luft! Von LCD Soundsystem bis Hawnay Troof, von Glitzerfummel bis Woolworth-Hemd, von Justice bis The Kinks, von Nina Simone bis Cansei de Ser Sexy, von “hands in the air like you just don’t care” bis four to the floor und natürlich immer “respect to the man in the ice cream van”, von Blood Brothers bis Beyonce, von Guy Debord bis Pierre & Gilles, von Mineralwasser bis Vodka-RedBull – Vielfalt ist Queen, hier kann alles passieren, vor allem, wenn das Motto diesmal heißt: “My reality is better than yours!””


+++ schöne news: ab heute ist wonder wally (ex-lead with the bass, radio z, ladyfest nbg und was weiß ich noch alles) mit im dj team +++ weniger schöne news: wir verabschieden stefan wagner aus unserer runde und hoffen, ihn dafür in zukunft auf der tanzfläche wiederzusehen +++ am 12.5. gibt’s eine party deluxe: elektronisch rocken und sophisticated boom boom tun sich zusammen und laden den wunderbaren JOAKIM ein! ich sag euch: schreibt euch das schon mal dicke in den kalender. oder ins handheld. und hinter die ohren. +++

Hier mal ein bisschen Rückblicks-Playlist vom letzten Mal mit versteckten Goodies!

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Burn It Down
The Thermals – Here’s Your Future
Audion – Mouth To Mouth
Rhythm & Sound – Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig RMX)
Nicolette – I Am Where The Party’s At (The Bug RMX)
Ghostface – Kilo
!!! – Bend Over Beethoven
Blood Brothers – Camouflage, Camouflage
Cold Crush Brothers – Weekend
Uffie – Hot Chick
Warrior Queen – white label
Peanut Butter Wolf feat. Charizma – Devotion ’92
E-40 – They Might Be Taping
DJ C & Quality Diamond – Let It Billie


zuhause (vorher):
polvo – celebrate the new dark age
deerhunter – cryptograms

auf dem weg:
the fall – the frenz experiment
beim aufbau:
sonic youth – rather ripped

various productions – i’m really really hot
lady sovereign – remix (yppah)
matthew dear – tide (ghostly / spektral)
james holden – lump
various productions – hater
junior boys – in the morning
ciccione youth – into the groovey
heaven 17 – geisha boys & temple girls (ein tolles video aus der gleiche zeit: hier)
human league – being boiled

am nächsten tag:
stars of the lid – the tired sounds of…



King Kong – Space Travel
Sex Pistols – Holidays In The Sun
Flying Lizards – TV
Zimt – u.o.a.a.
T.Rex – Jewel
Clinton – People Power In The Disco Hour
Libertines – Ha Ha Wall (Kissysellout – Rx)
LCD Soundsystem – North American Scum
Robert Pollard – Supernatural Car Lover
Blumfeld – Strobohobo
The Brakes – Hold Me In The River
Rebel MC – The Wickedest Sound
Hamilton Bohannon – Let’s Start The Dance
Prinzhorn Dance School – You Are The Space Invader
The Zabopunks – (Never Heard Of) Nu Rave



C.Aarmé – Ti Ca Tu A
Los Campesinos – You! Me! Dancing!
SebastiAn / Cassius / Justice / Justice vs Simian – Never be your friends (eve massacre mix ->>> pssssst! free download here: x )
Joakim – Rocket Pearl
Hawnay Troof – Out Of Teens
We Are Wolves – TROUBLE
Against Me! – Slurring The Rhythm
Can + Michael Jackson – Vitamin Jean (Eve Massacre mix)
Gay Against You – Telerad
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Cheated Hearts
Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control (Soulwax RMX)
Goose – Black Gloves
Mustapha3000 – Kongo Thong
Lily Allen / Otto von Schirach / Hot Club De Paris / Jahcoozi – Teabagging Attack Of The Black Lilies Club (eve massacre mix ->>> pssst! free download here: x)
Datarock – I Used To Dance With My Daddy
Riot In Belgium – La Musique
My Robot Friend ft. Antony – One More Try

“To the ship” – concert pictures, website up again…

“To the ship” – concert pictures, website up again

“And then it happened to the ship; she was no longer something breaking away from the land, a part of the life of the people standing watching her go. The water glittered up, foreshortening her, and she was just another ship seen from the hotel verandas on the breach front, flecked with colours and movement that must be unimagined people, saying unimagined things in an unimaginable, unheard pursuance of life.”
N. Gordimer, The Lying Days

For the moment I’ve given up on learning PHP and instead put a modified version of my old website back up. Hope it works.

In the picture section you can find photos of last weeks shows. On the Thunderbirds Are Now! night I missed Yucca and only took pictures of TAN!. They really were good and energetic and fun but somehow I felt like watching a second generation band that didn’t touch me as much as Les Savy Fav or Enon or Q And Not U did. Am I getting old? I guess so as I also didn’t feel like going to party with them at some club but stayed at the quiet K4 and chatted with her tour manager until it was pretty late and we got the totally drunk band from the club.

Next day I had to get my car before 2 o’clock so I don’t get a ticket which meant I had to leave before we really could have breakfast together but they seemed nice. On the way home I went shopping for the next band breakfast and met Jessie at the supermarket who also hadn’t gotten too much sleep and was shopping for the next catering attack. That Friday night proved that if the music is good I can’t be too tired or overfed with sound: I enjoyed all three of the bands a lot.

Anything But Yours played their posthardcore / screamo thing really energetic but the audience was a bit lame.

Elision really caught my breath. They played a great show: heavy aggressive tight (post) hardcore with a new school edge (and really: no ‘tough guy’ associations though I confess the singers made me smile a couple of times).

Lvmen were almost as good as in my memory of a show at Hüttenschänke years ago where they played with Weakerthans. Great atmospheric video animation, great slow heavy music. I like that they are a kind of their own. Of course you could compare them to Neurosis and the likes but they sound less desperate and aggressive and differ harmonywise too. They were great but the burning incense stick on the way to my place was a bit much. 😉

Well, that last week I broke my personal band accomodation record: I’ve never before had three bands staying overnight in one week. God or the Invisible Pink Unicorn bless fitted sheets and washing machines. I’m still tired somehow and yesterday some stupid illness got a hold of me but I swear I’ll be back in the saddle till Friday, cause I’m soooo looking forward to our Sophisticated Boom Boom night!