“No More Problems” – F&D cover, No Age + Mika Miko, Versus

“No more problems, problems with anything.” Against Me!

I forgot to post the cover of the Feedback & Disaster compilation which is a shame cause it looks good. It’s by an austrian artist called Ben Ross. Here you go:

Has anyone else problems with listening to my song on the compilation, “Fuel”, that I put up in my myspace player? Cause for me it works fine.

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“I got 99 problems but the bitch(ing) ain’t one” Jay-Z

Last night’s show, No Age and Mika Miko, was great.

The only thing that brought me down a bit was the pretty exclusive circle of people that attended the show. Thirtysomething. And I’m not talking age. I really would have expected more people. Don’t know what’s wrong, have people gone back to just going to shows of bands they’ve read about in mags like Intro or Spex? Or to bands in which at least one friend of them plays? Or don’t they come because the band descriptions or posters look too ‘different’, or ‘arty’ and not like your average comfortable safe WYSIWYG hc/punk band? How boring! I don’t know. I just wish there would have been a few more people yesterday cause it would have been even more fun. For the bands and for the crowd. Or that it would have been in a smaller venue. But there’s no nice small one in Nürnberg at the moment.

Anyway, I loved both bands. No Age played their cool destructive combination of noisy soundscapes and damaged garage punk, one of them accidentally drinking alcohol free beer (haha ;)). Looouuud guitar. Then Mika Miko rocked new life and enthusiasm into a kind of postpunky punk. It’s been quite a while that I have seen a band being so simply totally into what they are doing. I loved the saxophone, and of course the red phone one of the girls used as microphone. My favourite moment was when No Age went on stage with them and everything went up into a euphoric punk mess. Nice. And totally nice people too. I feel like driving to Munich on Monday to see them again, especially as Kafe Kult is the perfect place to see those bands and I have forgotten to buy a No Age bandana.

“Problem? The problem is you.” Sex Pistols

This morning I was a bit hungovergrumpyquiet from the disgusting Jägermeister I had to drink to celebrate Manfred’s birthday at midnight and while the bands crowded for breakfast in my far too tiny kitchen I commenced working off the neverending flood of emails that make Musikverein so much fun. That’s what I basically kept doing the whole day and now my back hurts and I’m tired and empty.

I find it scary that a breakdown of a nuclear power plant, like Krümmel, doesn’t scare me anymore. I remember when I was a kid books like G. Pausewang’s ‘The Cloud’ or movies like ‘When The Wind Blows’ frightened me to the bone. I don’t even remember when I lost the ability to be scared of such abstract things.

The five song album ‘Deep Red’ by Versus is awesome. I only had it on a tape from a friend when it came out and lost it but some of the songs came back to my mind again and again over the years. Last week or so I finally bought it and I could instantly sing along to almost all songs again and it doesn’t sound dated at all. Indiepop with a noisy edge at it’s finest.

Pitchfork has a stream of a new Les Savy Fav song up. They sound a bit like Les Savy Fav but also a lot like Arcade Fire and the likes. Wether that’s a good or a bad thing I can’t decide yet. I sure didn’t expect them to sound the same as they used to sound if they ever were to release something again but this sounds a bit tame…. but it’s catchy… hmmmm…. It’s weird that today they seem to have gathered much more ‘indie fame’ than when they used to release stuff and come over here on tour twice a year… but they sure are one of the most intense live bands I’ve ever seen.

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