“Unicorns, aren’t they extinct in the modern world?” – RIP, new mash up and more

Jim: What kind of thing is this one supposed to be?
Laura: Haven’t you noticed the single horn on its forhead?
Jim: A unicorn, huh?
Laura: Mmmm-hmmm
Jim: Unicorns, aren’t they extinct in the modern world?
Laura: I know!
Jim: Poor little fellow, he must feel sorta lonesome.
Tennessee Williams, ‘The Glass Menagerie’

* _ *

Three truly outstanding people in culture. So sad.

* _ *

Here‘s a link to a blog entry about the SHOKKABOY remix of my ‘Last Aspirin’ song.

Oh, and thanks for turning up at our spontaneous IT’S THE BEAT PARTY and making it such a nice night – it was awesome that it got so crowded and dancy and all. I even survived the non-smoking thing and I liked the street party atmosphere.

* _ *

I’ve made another mash up, “Money Generation”, in the best tradition of what mash ups are about: Throwaway fun. You can download it from this site. It’s THE WHO’s “My Generation” with cut up bits of GRANDMASTER FLASH’s “The Message” and BONES THUGS N HARMONY’s “Money Money” rapping over it.

* _ *

In other news there’s quite a few things that make my pulse go a bit faster these days:
– My tattoo date today.
– Having to discuss why I don’t want to put up shows for a band like this.
Although there’s also a good thing coming from that discussion: I’m totally sparked for setting up another Ladyfest or even better: a Queerfest.
– TRAIL OF DEAD coming to play at K4 on Thursday. It will sure be fun but a lot of work for all of us as it’s one of those nightliner tours which means the band arrives in the morning and we have to look after them from breakfast till they go back to their mobile beds. Shows like that are really big for the musikverein but as most of us lend a hand I hope it won’t be too stressful for any single person. It also is the first bigger event we have since smoking has been prohibited at K4 and I hope there won’t be problems with that.
– On Friday morning I’ll be off to London. It will be my first flight in ages. Well, at least I’ve managed to get a new passport by now as my old one expired in January. Since then I’ve been an ‘Ordnungswidrigkeit’ and I have to pay a silly fine for that. Tsk.

I’m off now to get that tattoo now and if I will survive the doubtlessly unimaginabley horrid and unbearable pain I will post a picture later. Oh my. Do you know that feeling when you arrange yourself into situations that, the closer they get, seem more of a totally stupid idea… ? Why exactly was it that I didn’t want to start with just one small new tattoo?

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