A.M. Thawn (fr nbg) + Eve Massacre (sa weimar) + mash up correctiun

Please, don’t miss the A.M. THAWN show tomorrow!
They are a really really good live band and it’s great to have them finally playing in Nuremberg again!


Fr, 30.Nov Zentralcafé K4 21:30 Uhr 6 Euro

A.M. Thawn are back and their new album sounds awesome! Nuremberg people might know them from their first release cause it was published on The Robocop Kraus’ label Swing deluxe, then they released on Day After Rec. Whenn I last saw them live in Bochum they gave me exactly that kind of post-wave-punk-mix that I wished Q And Not U wouldn’t have lost. A.M. Thawn are pure boiling energy, full of rhythm kicks and wonderful melodic hooklines, and if the world was fair they would be famous by now. Instead of becoming famous they kept on expanding their sound and on their new album integrates some kind of fascinating psychedelic 70s Beat and Prog Rock, that in some moments reminded me of Liars, Arcade Fire or Grizzly Bear.

You can already listen to some of the new songs on www.myspace.com/amthawn. Seriously: Don’t miss it, this should be fun!

After them, ca. 11 pm, you can dance on to beautiful wave and electropop and dance punk from SUICIDE A GOGO DJ Quirin.

* _ *

I’ve just confirmed a last minute EVE MASSACRE dj gig in Weimar on Saturday, 1st of December! Gerberstr.!


There will be movies, discussions, lectures, Martin Büsser will be reading and there will be live acts, for example these guys:


and this guy


and later in the night you’ll get me djing you safely through the night.

* _ *

The last mash up I had uploaded for you – A SWEET BIT DIXY” (Switch + Peaches + Neil Diamond + KRS + Aretha Franklin), well…. I had uploaded the wrong version: it was diamond-free. Now you can get the REAL track from the same webpage.

“Life is written for you” – eve massacre reading, fav songs and voting

“I’m your monster I’m not like you
All your life is written for you”

Tomorrow at 2 PM I will be holding a 20 minutes reading from one of my favourite books (plus some introductory stuff) at the Kulturwirtschaft (K4). I haven’t read aloud in quite a while so forgive me if it turns out a bit stumbly.

Another thing I’ve forgotten to tell you about: The Bavarian Open Source team (you know, from Zündfunk etc.) had asked me to chose and write about some of my favourite tunes from their MP3 collecction. You can read about my picks here. They also have a weekly Podcast including Eve Massacre interview bits this month.

The Mixphoria Radio people have asked if it was okay to put up my “Rage Against M.I.A.” bootleg in some music voting battle they have going on, and now it’s put there against a fine World Famous Audio Hacker tune and losing big time. There’s a reason why I’m not the competitive type.

In other news please please please raise your voice against data retention!

If you haven’t heard about it yet: The EU has decided – and it was the quickest decision they ever made, there was hardly any time for debate – to store the private telecommunication data of all 450 million european citizens for a period of 6 months up to 2 years.
Just in case of.
That means a big loss of privacy. They are up to store:
– whom you call on phone or mobile
– where you surf in the internet
– your email-traffic
– your sms and faxes
Please act on this!

Bitte schickt eure Stimmen gegen die Vorratsdatenspeicherung ein!
Es ist noch bis zum 24.12.2007 möglich!
Hier der direkte Link zur Sammelklage.


Here’s the international site about it:

“Even cold November Rain” – Budapest PWNs, Pics of SophBB & D. Higgs up

“Never mind the darkness
We still can find a way
‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever
Even cold November rain”

November weather sucks. It’s far too cold which limited my sightseeing walk through Budapest to only a couple of hours with lots of stops in cafés (in one of which the Guns’n’Roses clip of ‘November Rain’ played on a little tv in the corner). It’s a scenic city, perfect for long walks even if you’re as hungover as I was yesterday after the Bootleg Balhe party at the Merlin.

I put some photos up at www.evemassacre.org, in the ‘pictures’ section. Here are some of those:

Krisz aka Popbitch, our host and his heavily moustached mate were djing first and I just thought ‘wow – how’s this going to build up?’ when I heard them starting the night with tunes I wouldn’t play before prime time. Fool that I was, I didn’t know how much the people there love to party. The club, Merlin, was pretty big for what I’m used to – Krisz said it’s a 700 people venue – and although I’m often no big fan of big venues this one is truly nice. You walk up a wide flight of winding stairs to get to a great spacious chill area with a big bar where we ate earlier that night.

After dinner Krisz wisely loosened our tongues with some bitter herb schnaps called Unikum before he took us to a radio station where we were interviewed and Holestar sang a cool live version of one of Dunproofin’s finest bootleg mixes: Bloc Party + Pussycat Dolls. On the ride back to the venue I started feeling tired from all the food and drinks and heated air. I had basically not slept at all before I got up at six in the morning to get to the airport in time. I was so tired that I hardly remember any details of the flight to Budapest but only that the wait for the luggage seemed endless and that you really got to have strong nerves to not let the overpresence of all that security crap at all the airports now spoil your mood. It seemed like heaven when a nice guy called Simon awaited me outside and had a taxi driving directly to the hotel where I sank straight into the cushions and slept for four hours.
After the radio thing we chatted a bit backstage and soon it was time for Julie to turn into Holestar. I went back to hotel to get my headphones and an aspirin and when I came back the venue had filled up and lots of people were dancing. I couldn’t help laughing when after a couple of hours of electronic dance music peaking in a Daft Punk tune suddenly the DJs put on Twisted Sister’s “I wanna rock” and Yngwie Malmsteen and Sabbath’s “Paranoid”. I love such ridiculous breaks. Then Holestar entered the stage and the crowd went crazy for her show. It was really good. I love the way she cheers the crowd up and all. Strangely enough this didn’t put me under pressure and I wasn’t excited at all but just enjoyed myself when it was my turn to take over. It was great. Can’t say much about the set but that it was serious fun to play to such an enthusiastic crowd. The people were so up for the music, it was amazing. I couldn’t stop smiling. Thanks for everything!

I wish I knew a bit more about Hungary, it feels a bit ignorant to travel to another country knowing hardly anything about it. It was good to get at least a few bits when we chatted with Krisz before the night started.

* _ *

I’ve finally managed to put up pictures of two more nights, you can look at all of them over at www.evemassacre.org in the picture section, here are just a few:

Sophisticated Boom Boom at the K4, Nürnberg on the 9th of November:

The smoking ban suuuucks!

And pictures of Daniel Higgs (31st of October 2007 at the K4):

“Fuck winter” – new mash up and eve massacre in budapest

Soooo – tomorrow I’ll spin some tunes in Budapest here

and to console those who can’t go there i’ve upped a new mash up here

It’s with M.I.A. and the SebastiAn remix of Rage Against The Machine‘s “Killing in the name of”.

I hope to get back to proper blogging next week.

Please, if you’re from Germany and haven’t raised your voice against Vorratsdatenspeicherung, do it now before it’s too late!!! Go here to do so! It takes a bit more than just a click but the cause is definitely worth it!!!