“Faster than a lazer bullet” – SHOKEI remix online!

“Faster than a lazer bullet
Louder than an atom bomb”
Judas Priest

I had the pleasure of remixing SHOKEI‘s “Hot Topic” and now I got their ‘okay’ for putting it online for you. It will be released on their forthcoming album ‘Painkiller’ (Narshaarda / Altin Village Rec.) so see it as a teaser and go buy the album when it’s out. I’ve heard two songs today and they sound amazing.

Shokei – Hot Topic (Care Bear Stare version by eve massacre) MP3

* _ *

From tomorrow on I might or might not be offline for a while because I switch my internet provider. I hope it won’t take too long. I don’t even have an old modem to go online using internet-by-call. I already feel the pre-withdrawal-pain… they mentioned something that it could take up to 10 days…

Sophisticated Boom Boom tonight + new eve massacre song up!

“You don’t get well no more”
Elvis Costello

Tonight: Sophisticated Boom Boom at the DESI!

I can’t believe how long I’ve been stuck with the flu by now. This whole month had me fine only on very few days, just to crash again on the next. I’m still ill but won’t miss Sophisticated Boom Boom tonight cause I will go mad if I sit home another day. So hooray to the snotty party fun! I guess I’ll wear some respiratory mask thing for the safety of the dance.

Last night I quickly made a short new song, a fast-paced emo-rave track.
Here’s the MP3:

Eve Massacre – “So Sick” MP3

The stunningly elaborate lyrics go:

I’m so sick
I feel so sorry for myself
I’m so sick
Oh, my poor head implodes
I will go mad if i don’t get well pretty soon
Just so that one day someone can write something like ‘in this song the long-suffering artist dealt with her illness and the unbearable ennui that came with it’.

Oh my, at least my poor kind of humor is back.
Hope my ability to focus on a clear thought will follow soon.

“You make me feel mighty unreal” – IT’S THE BEAT party tonight *** new song up

I’ve finished a new track and put it up in my myspace player but on my side of the interweb those players are fucked up since yesterday.
Sooo – till they work again: Here’s an mp3 link for you, fresh from the oven:

Eve Massacre – “Mon chi chi human” mp3
The lyrics go:

I feel so unreal
I feel so unreal
I feel so unreal
And I owe it all to you

You make me feel like a fluffy toy
Caught in a female body
You make me feel like a fluffy toy
Caught in a male body

You make me feel
So mighty unreal

Mon chi chi woman, mon chi chi man
You make me feel like a mon chi chi human
Mon chi chi woman, mon chi chi man
You make me feel like a natural human

Nods to Steve Arrington’s ‘feel so real’, Aretha Franklin’s ‘Natural Woman’ and a raised middlefinger to the ‘natural’ homophobes and heterocentrics who sometimes make it a pain in the ass to enjoy listening to jamaican reggae and ragga.

* _ *

Tonight we team up for IT’S THE BEAT! It’ll be 4 parties in one!
The Electric Dog * Suicide A Gogo * Elektronisch Rocken * Sophisticated Boom Boom
I’m soooo looking forward to this. Mucho thankyous go out to Otto for the flyer design!

“Now I’m feeling zombified”

“Now I’m feeling zombified”
Alien Sex Fiend

I am very sorry but I have to cancel my gig in Leipzig today cause my cold got really bad and I’m sadly feeling far too sick for a 3-4 hour drive followed by a long party night. Not even WickDayMed helps.

“So sick, so so sick, so sick, that is me”

“Romancing the stone” – Des Ark, The Death Set, Mochipet. & me.

“I’m romancing the stone, never leaving your poor heart alone
Every night and every day gonna love the hurtin’ away”
Eddy Grant
After two nights without having to go outside to smoke I now got the sniffles and my head aches from the cold. Not fair. Especially as I’m actually looking forward to dj tomorrow at the Gieszer16 in Leipzig. I hope they have a heavy tea-with-rum-supply. Ender Error and zOSH! will play first. And there’ll be a second room with minimal techno. So I’ll leave my huuuge stack of minimal vinyl at home this time. 😉

I have another new gig up: A DJ + live thing at Club Disaster in Berlin, at the West Germany club. Thanks to Noisy Pig I’ll play there on the 15th of March.

For my hometown friends: Please don’t miss the It’s The Beat party next week at the K4. The Electric Dog, Elektronisch Rocken, Suicide A Gogo and Sophisticated Boom Boom will dj there and we are trying to raise some money for Kaff Of Subkultur debts. There’ll also be a special Sophisticated Boom Boom party later this month: For once we move to the Desi! It’ll be on the 23rd of February.

* _ *

I went to see Des Ark a second time as in Nuremberg I hadn’t caught the whole show. Seppo was so kind to drive to the Würzburg show. It was nice to meet them again and the show was good and intense. They really make those songs come alive on stage. An outstanding voice and way of singing. Beautiful, haunted indierock music, excellently performed and a pleasure to watch. And it’s more than the music, it’s also the casualness with which Aimee goes from talking about having a sex life after having been abused, to telling you about her socks stinking more than some crust band’s ones. In my eyes the great thing is that she manages to talk and sing about such things in a way that doesn’t say “i’m special because of that”. You know what I mean? Less Trent Reznor boo-hoo-hoo style and more Johnny Cash ‘I won’t back down’ style. Her way of sharing those stories is somehow empowering. It’s as if things like abuse or suicide get depriven of their power to turn you into a victim and instead shoved into perspective: as parts of our lives, painful for sure but something we share with a lot of people, and something we have to cope with and go on.
It felt weird when in the middle of the show it came to my mind that it might be the first time that I come to a show at the Cafe Cairo since Julian’s suicide and again it was a show that brought me on the verge of tears.

Then I spent a whole weekend without going out which might sound wrong but just between us: It felt good. My ‘weekend’ began on Monday when we put up The Death Set and Mochipet at the K4. Mochipet already arrived in the early afternoon and Dominik took him to Radio Z where Stefan interviewed him in his Castrop-Rauxel show. In the early evening a friend of Mochipet arrived who called himself Bloody Snowman, and as The Death Set hadn’t arrived yet we agreed on him playing too as it would get later than we had planned anyway and it seemed nicer to cover that time with a third live act. I didn’t enjoy his set too much but it was okay. Then I went outside smoking and listening to weird stories from Joseph’s (who drives the Death Set and whom to meet is always a grumpy pleasure although he doesn’t seem to like to hear that 😉 – … note to myself: less subordinate clauses, plz! – stories from Joseph’s life and missed Mochipet’s entrée which according to Tobi was pretty smashing. By the time I got in Mochi already was in the middle of a nice housy dance set that got a lot of people dancing. Of course there also were the purists who rather went outside to wait for the ‘real band’s show’ but you can’t satisfy everybody with a line up anyway. The only thing I missed a bit about Mochipet’s set was the humour of his older breakcore stuff, the play with pop quotations etc. but at the same time I think it’s cool that he moved on and didn’t get stuck repeating himself musically. He did a little breakcore encore and then The Death Set set up their stuff and Dominik helped them with the sound while Tobi and me played some music. They played on the floor and it was a fun and wild show. Between the songs they had lots of samples, mostly pop song excerpts ending in a scream that reminded me of one Nomeansno song. Not sure though. The live drumming added a nice bit of energy to the drum computer sounds. Ach, and it was a fun coincident that they played ‘Territorial Pissing’ by Nirvana, the same song that XBXRX had also played as an encore in the very same line up at the very same place in an equally noisy way and just a couple of weeks ago. After the show it took a while till people started dancing but we had a nice party going on when it turned twelve and it was Johnny’s birthday (the tinier of the Death Set’s guitar players). We sure celebrated it, lots of dancing and alcohol abuse happened, and they were drunk out of their minds when we finally drove home to massacre mansion.
Not healthy.

On the next day we went to a guitar shop cause Johnny’s was broken and he got himself a new one. I drove with them to Munich where they were to play that night at the Kafe Kult. I wanted to take that chance to visit Kerstin and other friends, and of course to see their show again. Just a couple of kilometers before Munich, just when I had kind of fallen asleep we got stopped by civil cops looking like Chuck Norris and some other tv copster. Although I’m not sure if “oh nice, where can i get one of those?” is the best line to come up with when they show you there badges they didn’t search us but ‘only’ checked the chassis number for ages. Sure – a czech van can’t be not stolen, can it? Tsk.
It was nice to hang out and chat along at the Kafe Kult and to finally have the pleasure of eating Tibor’s yummy vegan burger thingies again(I just realise that I got no clue what the english word for ‘Bratling’ is?!). David played support, under his Mondo Ray moniker, in his nice Speedo-reminiscent way and then The Death Set played another amazing set and there was confetti and dancing and lots of smiling faces. There are great pictures of the show at www.eartrumpet.net
Then it was time to say goodbye and we drove to Tobi and Kerstin’s place and Kerstin and me chatted through the night and now I’m back home and pitying myself over this shitty cold I’ve got.
Meow, I’m outta here.