“Me no ramp fi pop off!” – wanna win a Massacre Mixtape?

“Through me na sling no gun, but a smart the warrior
Smart, ca me a real poison dart!
As a real ‘ol warrior, me no ramp fi pop off,
But me a ‘ol poison dart” Warrior Queen

Just in case you wondered about the words to sing along to the refrain of “Poison Dart” by The Bug which still is one of my favourite songs of the moment. I confess that I don’t really have a clue what “me no ramp fi pop off” means but I love the line. The whole lyrics can be read here. I’m already excited about getting to see THE BUG & WARRIOR QUEEN live at the Crossing Europe film festival in Linz where you can catch me djing too. B.U.Z.Z.I.N.G.L.Y. excited, I am. BTW the SUB:CITY party last week was a blast and made up for the bad aftertaste a few problems at the Soph BB night had left. Thanks to the makers and djs and a great audience and the basstastic extra-subs.

Tomorrow, Saturday, you can read an interview with me in a local newspaper, the NN. Quirin and me had the idea to have an aftershow tape-djing party at next weeks MY AWESOME MIXTAPE show. The paper took the opportunity to aske me if I would make a mixtape and answer a few questions about mixtapes, the show, parties and what I’m musically up to at the moment. You can win the tape by writing to the paper, I don’t know the exact ‘how to’.

Enough ‘me me me’, let me heartily recommend you the show on 11th of April at the K4 in Nürnberg: MY AWESOME MIXTAPE sound like a geeky dancy musical cross between Subtle / Why? Anticon IndieHipHop, Hot Chip or Postal Service-style Electropop and Placebo’s nasal melancholy. Let’s not forget the support band of the night, as they are equally great: FONODA with their wonderful shoegazerish slow core. The tape dj thing after the show is free and everyone can take part as a dj and play 3 of their favourite songs from tapes. Please mail us to info@musikverein-concerts.de if you want to take part. Ach, or simply bring a tape or two. Don’t be shy! It should be fun. I think I’ve even heard that the band will also take part.

* _ *

I’ve just watched the first part of some pre-album-making-of-thing of JAMIE LIDELL on youtube. It’s not bad and not totally unfunny but what’s it for? Its main purpose seems to be showing how ‘different’ and ‘weird’ (in an interesting arty underground way) he is. Or do I just think so because the new songs sound so tame? He is an awesome entertainer and he does that modern soul thing better than most others but I think where he really stands out is his ability to do the tightrope walk between being a sexy and soulful entertainer with a great sense for humor while at the same time showing off brilliant technical and vocal skills and taking people on a journey from fingersnipping beatboxed old school soul to noisy experimental improvisation and back with a smile. When I once saw him live at the K4 it seemed everybody’s eyes were glued on him for the whole show, no matter from which musical background the different people in the audience came. It would break my heart a little bit if he is going to waste that talent and head only for some bland big band soul entertainer fame.

3 thoughts on ““Me no ramp fi pop off!” – wanna win a Massacre Mixtape?

  1. “me no ramp fi pop off”

    i think it means (roughly)
    “i don’t hesitate to act” or “i got no problem pulling the trigger” (“me no ramp fi press the trigger”)

    i LoVe this song!

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