Al-“most natural” – berlin, cd vs vinyl, mad decent props for homophobic crap

“The ideal place for me is the one in which it is most natural to live as a foreigner.” Italo Calvino The train journey to Berlin sucked. I like travelling by train but sometimes you get all the negative sides at once: crowded waggon, subtropical climate, a kid shouting and bumping against your seat from […]

“Oh, this ghost” – the counterfeiters, 7 dumpsters & a corpse, xberg 1st of may…

“Oh this ghost Will win my host it’s lingering In me, and around my neck It taps on my head While i’m asleep” Scott Matthew Today I’ve watched ‘Die Fälscher’ (The Counterfeiters), a movie about a counterfeiter in a KZ who’s forced to use his abilities for the nazis. Stefan Ruzowitzky tells his story along […]