“Werewolf? – There wolf!” – Jon Spencer BX + Dälek + Scott Matthew + A Rant About GEMA/BMI/ASCAP/CISACetc.

“Werewolf? There wolf!” Young Frankenstein THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION are going to play at the K4 tomorrow, Monday, night. COBRA KILLER are playing support. I am excited. * _ * DÄLEK were great. Huge and dark and itense. I loved it. I learned that one of the Dälek guys once has collaborated on something […]

80s mash ups / bootleg mixes

Here’s a bunch of them I’ve made a while ago, not all of them to my full satisfaction but fun anyways. At least I thought so at the time I made them. “dancing with a rolling stone” (incl. billy idol ‘dancing with myself’) “f_ck-k-k the pop-p-pressssure away” (incl. men without hats ‘pop goes the world’ […]