“Butterflies all tied up” – Berlin! Poopsy Club! Nürnberg! Auxes!

“You got the butterflies all tied up.” Prince

Tonight, on the 26th I’ll be at Poopsy Club’s ‘Queer Massacre!’ Night in Berlin doing a dj and live set. It’s at West Germany (Skalitzer Str. 133).

It sadly was not possible to set up a proper show for Auxes in Nürnberg which is a shame. Auxes will spend two days-off at my place anyway so I thought I could at least put up a private show for them and if you want to come see them drop a line.

Some friends joined in and now it will be a concert and a party: Melinda The Mess will sadly celebrate her goodbye from Nürnberg. Seppo Defect will celebrate his birthday  and I will take it as a chance to postparty mine. 27th of September, from 9 till late.

“Like a rainbow in the dark” – Elektronisch Rocken, birthday, NONONO

“I cry for magic …
Like a Rainbow in the Dark”
The last weekend was wonderful. On Friday I was still fiddling about with my live set for Saturday till late night, kicking out one track I suddenly didn’t like anymore, accidentally cutting up other tracks by making some stupid mistakes. Cleaning the mess up seemed to take ages. I hardly made it to Elektronisch Rocken before midnight. Then I got into a little birthday euphoria and drank far too much and mixed far too many different drinks. Sick of freezing I had rummaged out my fake fur jacket so the time outside smoking has become comfy again. The Näd Mika gig and the rest of the party was a bit of a blur. A nice blur though. Thanks for the presents and the cake and the nice music!

Oh, and I do remember that some assholes tried to steal a guitar amp with such brazenness that it still makes speechless. I hate it when such idiots turn an open friendly space like the Zentralcafé into just another place where you better constantly keep your eye on your stuff.

I went home late and woke up too early with a terrible hangover. Birthday calls and txtmsgs cheered me up a bit but the whole day I was so slow-mo, it’s embarrassing. In the afternoon I picked up Johannes and Jool who had djed till 6 in the morning and we drove to Leipzig. The drive was fun cause we all were a bit beneath ourselves and sniggered hysterically at the smallest things… at road signs, at windmills, at the new TV On The Radio album (I’m usually not the type to wish someone a bit more woe in their lives but if I knew that would make TV On The Radio go back to their old haunting sound aesthetic and heartbreaking weltschmerz melodies I’m afraid I secretly would. On the new album they are all about funky breaks and Prince and Bowie and horn sections and I don’t yet know where else to look for the perfect saddo autumn album. It might be a decent album but coming from TV On The Radio it disappoints me. Musical progress is overrated. Especially if it leads to dusty old school funk.)

Well, of course at some point we got lost. The day on which I drive to another town and don’t get lost has yet to come. Except for Munich’s Kafe Kult, my car knows that way. This time it happened because none of us had thought of a map and the autobahn was blocked and we took a wrong turn when we left it. We asked for the way at a gas station on the outskirts of Leipzig at which a rock’n’roll band playing to an invisible crowd behind of the station building made for a strange sight. One of the things we were told to look out for to find our way was the Völkerdenkmal.

Of course we drove clear past without recognizing it. Unbelievable.

When we arrived at the club it already was pretty late and I was in a total daze. Eva and Wally were there, which was a sweet surprise. I did a quick soundcheck, gave the cute lit-from-below-dancefloor an ‘aaaaw!’,  got supercool glow-in-the-dark-space-invader-wallstickers as birthday gift from Nicole and our host Zacker, had a short soundcheck and off we were for dinner. A really good dinner. Although my stomach still felt a bit raddled. It’s a pretty big stomach. Just so you can imagine my suffering.

When we arrived back at the venue it was already past midnight and I got a bit excited and spent the time till my show alternating between inside (enjoying Nikolaj Tange Lange’s dj set and contemplating how good a fag would taste) and outside (chatting nervously and contemplating how good a drink would taste).Club culture 2008 my ass.
The NO NO NO crowd wasn’t as colourful and wild and gendercrossing as you might imagine it at a queer night but you can’t force that. It was a really good atmosphere, people were totally up for dancing and that’s worth a lot. My set went down well as far I can tell. It was fun for me, that’s what I can say for sure. I only had some minor glitches. I still have to get used to that touchpad. The whole tenseness and concentratedness and getting lost in music and singing is so good. And of course the feeling after too, better than a dozen aspirins: As if a perfect wave has washed away any troubling and stressful feelings. I’m definitely up for doing more live sets again.

We spend some more happy hours at the No No No night. Zacker  turned out to be a very nice host and person. He has already send us some pictures of the night that Nora Nalog took. Some of them you can see here and I have uploaded some more to my myspace photo section.

The Elektronisch Rocken boys proved that they can work their magic on the turntables two nights in a row without sounding repetitive. It was a fun and diverse set. Jool even played The Cramps which caused at least a millisecond break for Johannes to come up with a follow-up track. So much for seamless mixing anytime anywhere! 😉
Oh, and I also liked that there were lines from ‘Blind’ by Hercules & Love Affair pinned up all over the venue.

While standing outside smoking some guy outside told us funny tales about how he can’t stand it when djs destroy classic songs by adding beats or bits of other songs because to him that sounds as if they thought they were better than the original artists. OMG-sacrilege-alarmz! I politely pitied him a bit while truly pitying his take on music but when he went on boring Wally and me with some story about spice cake (the Nürnberg equivalent of boring a Munich person with some Octoberfest tale) we were more than thankful when suddenly Miss Kleenex popped up and wiped him from the scene just as nonchalant as if she would brush some dust of her hoodie. A true saviour. Her stories about how people don’t get why she wears a glowinthedark beard with her tranny looks, and about the lack of freaks in Leipzig, and about filming some gangsta rappers in some other town were clearly more refreshing.

We also met an old acquaintance who had moved to Leipzig years ago and just had been left by her girlfriend after a seven year relationship. That reminded me of how usually I tend to feel a bit lonely on birthdays. You know: cause we’re trained to see it as one of those ‘special days’, like x-mas etc. that you should spend with your ‘loved ones’ or at least pay them a visit. And since I haven’t had a partner in quite a while and both my parents are dead I got no ‘socially acceptable loved ones’ and sometimes on such days that makes Pavlov’s conservative-middle-class-childhood-dog raise its greyed head inside of mine. Well, luckily I’m more of a cat person and this year I had such a good time with friends that I clean forgot about that until I got someone else’s loneliness rubbed in. Maybe because I got even two birthday cakes. And books. And cute unicorns. And Earl Grey. And lots of glittery make up stuff. I still can’t figure if it’s good or bad that Eva said she could have made her 10 year old niece just as happy with exactly the same set of gifts…
I didn’t make it till the very end of No No No but it was pretty late when I said goodbye and walked over to my cozy hostel room and exhaustion made me sleep as good as I hadn’t slept for a week. On the next day we had a long breakfast at some café and then I drove home with Wally which was nice because we hadn’t chatted that long in quite a while. I’ve enjoyed the long drives so much that I’m seriously tempted to drive to the AUXES show in Munich tonight.

* _ *

I’ve installed a soundcard on my new computer and finally had the chance to start listening to some music I had been curious about. I can’t stand the sacral experimental side of EXTRA LIFE. I listened my way through the whole album but it makes me sick. Maybe the many hours I had to spend at catholic church in my childhood have spoiled me for that sound. If it comes to music with faux-esoteric parts the new AN ALBATROSS album rules my heart.
Hearing the first song of it on Myspace I’ve come up with the DAUGHTERS comparison just like others. It fits as far as both are attention-deficit-noise-core bands whose singers went from screamo-vocals to a more shouty Dave Yow (Jesus Lizard) approach. Apart from that you can’t compare those bands. What I really love about DAUGHTERS is their gutwreching misanthropy and I can’t hear any of that in AN ALBATROSS. It’s like comparing a well-shaken Mai Tai to a bubbling hot tub. (I leave it up to your imagination which band is which.) The new AN ALBATROSS breathes a lot of rock and bombast but in a good way. Even the huge horn sections work wonderfully with their organladen aggressive take on punk. You can hear some grindcore and screamo, you can hear some psychedelic rock and even a bit of cinematic postrock and classic metal but they’ve found their own grownup way of melting those into an impressive, tight and very unique sound.
Another album I like is THE NIGHT MARCHERS’ ‘See You In Magic’. It’s a solid new gloomy rock album by a new Speedo (Hot Snakes, Rocket From The Crypt, Drive Like Jehu) band. It doesn’t get anywere near the rip-your-heart-out intensity of Hot Snakes though. The non-rickrolled-SOULWAX-rmx of MGMT’s ‘Kids’ is wonderful. With each new track I somehow wait for the Soulwax style to get stale but somehow they still got the magic. I like MGMT‘s take on pop too, that helps. I had missed decent big screen mainstream pop hits with earworm quality and a trashglamfactor and they fill that blank. Like listening to Scissor Sisters’ ‘Comfortably Numb’ for the first time. I’ve also finally found out what the cute fantasy style of their clip for ‘Time To Pretend’ reminds me of. Compare yourself:

MGMT clip:

‘Buffalo Stance’ : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EQCOshGwPI
‘Man Child’ : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U7_19kWuDs

And what I really love youtube for is that it even has a clip of something so rare as RIP RIG & PANIC, an early 80s postpunk band by NENEH and some members of THE POP GROUP.

That’s it for today from me.
I can’t believe I’ve written so much.

“We’re so 1984” – a new song, a radio show

Tobi convinced me to get back to something I’ve actually missed quite a bit: Hosting a radio show. Castrop on Radio Z. Weekly would be a bit too time-consuming for me, so it will be a two-weeks rhythm with Tobi and me taking turns. Hope it will be quaaaality!
Turn on the radio or livestream every Thursday 03:00 pm (c.e.t.)! My first show will be on the 2nd of October.

* _ *

I’ve finished a new song: “We Dance Alone (We’re so 1984)”.
It’s up in my myspace player and here.
The lyrics go:

“we are synchronized
we are immune
when we rectify
we think in tune
we dance alone

we’re so 1984
we’re the peter-pan-teens
numbed by adervertising
numbed by a million screens
we dance alone

we’re well-trained to shy complexity
a little lost to the beauty of conspiracy
we dance alone

since each of our steps gets filmed
we act as if we could rewind anytime
we act as actors but
we dance alone

shot down with promises
our mouths got sewed
we’re tied up with premises
look to tvs for a clue
we dance alone

we get by
thinking ‘we could’
sometimes even
‘we should’
while we patiently
hold the line

sit tight

we gotcha”

“Don’t they know” – end of the world party

“Why does the sun go on shining?
Why does the sea rush to shore?
Don’t they know it’s the end of the world”
Nina Gordon

He knows it:

so better come to our spontaneous end-of-the-world-party tonight at the k4, 10pm, free.

just in case.

believe me, you’ll be damn sorry if the world apocalypsifies tomorrow and you’ll go to hell with us for the next bazillion years but without the sweet memories of this one final party that will at least let us burn with a smile.

“Starts to dance” – 1st of 11 Kill The Poor parties tonight

“She’s all made up like she’s got something to sell
But no one cares right now
as she starts to dance
She’s all messed up somewhere up her head
But no one cares right now as she starts to dance”

Tonight we’ll have the first of the KILL THE POOR parties, a series of an eleven point party program to destroy boredom in music.
I hope we will suceed in doing so.
I’m hosting and djing it with my dear friends Tobi L., Quirin and Discobert.
I’m a bit excited though I already know it will be fun. even if no one shows up. (Which may be silly to think but I’m the mistress if it comes to bad prophecies for a party.)

* _ *

There are hardly any other news. I got my wonderful fast-as-a-shark computer. I sometimes stumble over missing software I have yet to import from my old computer. It made me smile that Deleuze & Guattari have Mouse On Mars’ “actionist respoke’ as their myspace profile song. I spend hours making Zorro masks for Kill The Poor while watching really bad late night tv: Stephen King’s ‘Desperation’. My favourite new Firefox add-on is ‘Coloured Tabs’. There are far too many bands we like on tour in November, we could book a show for every day. I have to find some way to organise my djing bags. I have yummy self-made veggie-pizza left from yesterday that I will eat now.

“Called a telephone” – eve massacre interview, Jon Spencer BX & Cobra Killer pix up

People used what they called a telephone because they hated being close together and they were scared of being alone.” Chuck Palahniuk

Jenny Woolworth
wrote some nice words and published an interview with me on her newish blog about women in punk. I won’t deny that it’s flattering to be featured on a blog next to women like Jessie Evans (The Vanishing, Autonervous).
Check it out here.

* _ *

On Monday we had The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Cobra Killer playing at the K4. Cobra Killer to me were all about a destructive/destroyed version of beauty (cliches), musically as well as visually. I wondered how much it hurts to walk in the high heels they wore. That’s what I call auto-violent dancing. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had even set that hula hoop on fire.

JSBX were all about the pure basic raw and sexy and soulful roots of rock. Heavily distorted rhythmic goodness.

It was too crowded so I didn’t go upfront. I put some snaps up in the pictures section on www.evemassacre.org.

* _ *

I’ve just unwrapped another Palahniuk book. ‘Choke’. I already love it after just having scanned the first couple of pages. He’s brilliant in packaging dark absurd cynic nihilism in catchy writing. His novels deal with hopelessness and anger in countless entertaining shapes but somehow his conclusion doesn’t seem to be total fatalism, no, instead there’s always that subversive undertone that leaves you at least with a shadow of hope.
P.S.: “Fight for your right to mirrorball!”
Will we soon re-enact Footloose in the nbg city centre? If you want to keep track of what’s going on with the problems of nightlife in nuremberg in words of club and bar owners themselves check back to that site, there will be more blogs coming up!