“Scratch your dog” – recap

“I learned it all from you girl – I got it all from you
How to howl to the moon yeah – and how to scratch your dog”  Sonic Youth, ‘Purr’

Let’s get done with the scene point show-off stuff first:

1.) Does this look like a cool name dropping tracklist?

01 The Gods Are Crazy (Ssion Remix ft. Albert Redwine)
02 Because of the Teens (Eve Massacre Remix)
03 Jock Jam Rave Mix (The Mae Shi Remix)
04 Connection (Club Murder Remix)
05 The Gods Are Crazy (The Soft Pink Truth Remix)
06 Front My Hope (Hawnay Troof Remix)
07 Connection (Lucky Dragons Remix)
08 Remix Hawnay Troof (Disaster Remix)
09 The Gods Are Crazy (Hawnay Troof Remix)
10 Out of Teen (Xiu Xiu Remix)

Sure it does. It’s the limited bonus disc to Hawnay Troof‘s new album, ‘Islands Of Ayle’ on Retarded Disco and you should buy a copy. Or two copies and give one to me as I haven’t received one. Would have been nice.

2.) My MGMT/Soulwax/Peaches/YeahYeahYeahs mash up made it to the No. 1 of the HYPEM.COM popular list. Twice, even. (As two bloggers were so kind to write about it.) BTW: Dear prettymuchamazing person, if you had met me personally you knew that if there is one term that really absolutely totally doesn’t fit me it is ‘mini’.  Love and thanks to you and amfmpm.org for plugging that tune. And to Simon at audioporncentral.com too who blogged it first. It’s appreciated. Especially as I’m such a lazy person and haven’t send out the track myself. It’s good to know that there still are bloggers who search for tunes they could like.

* _ *

Time is racing. Castrop last Thursday, my first radio show after 2 or 3 years went fine, meaning: I was afraid I would mess it up much more. The headphones didn’t work properly and it took me a while to get used to the new console, and handling the guestlist-phone-ins was a bit hectic too but all in all it was okay. I am already looking forward to the next show in two weeks.

PURRR CLUB was good too. A lot of “RRRrrrr” was in the air. And Quirin’s minimal duct tape deco rules ’em all. Lots of good tunes were played and it was fun to dj in that constellation. Maybe sometimes we overdid it a bit with the in-your-face-stompers instead of building an up-and-down-curve but I enjoyed it. Oh, and Sascha cut quite a figure as first-time-dj. Congrats! And we had an enthusiastic Morrissey-wanna-be. Some pictures:

It would have been a real good party night if there hadn’t been an idiot (and that’s putting it politely) smashing the glass door of one of our fridges by throwing a glass. He was bloodily lucky that he didn’t hit one of the bar stuff.
I’m really tired of drunkenness being used as excuse for violence, vandalism or harassments. It is no excuse. Hope you rethink it when you sobered up. If you know you can’t control yourself when you get drunk then the message is simple: Don’t! It’s quite a bummer if such shitty behaviour destroys a night in which we put our time and work to give you a free entry and non-profit party. We really got better things to do then mommying up the messes you make.

When I got home at 7 I was exhausted but wide awake again because we had picked one of the worst taxi drivers ever. I am sure he had problems with his sight as he was all about stop&go driving and he switched his full beam on all the time. I was surprised the cops didn’t stop us.

Oh, and I haven’t written about last week. I would like to thank everyone who helped, played, djed etc. at the totally-top-secre multiple birthday+farewell+AUXESshow-party last week! It was a wonderful night. Melinda The Mess’s band played a really cool song and I really hope they manage to go on with the band despite the distance. I will miss you, lady! The HIGH SOCIETY played a cover set and AUXES played which was really good but a bit too loud after a while and most important: there were friends and smiles. Oh, and gifts! Thanks for killing my future excuses of getting lost with a road atlas. 🙂
And Mr. Defect’s banner idea led to some cute heartwarming results. I was standing a bit beside myself that night and was a bit slow but enjoyed hanging out there. I hardly had slept the night before because I had djed at the Poopsy Club night, a queer party in Berlin.

I always drive to Berlin with a laughing and crying spot in my heart. I always look deeply forward to meeting friends who have moved there but also it’s not really my kind of city. It’s too… mmmh. Too VICE mag. Yes, more VICE than INTRO even. The train ride there went by fast cause I used it to re-work parts of my live set on the laptop and that made me forget about anything around myself. I arrived at 9:30 PM with a toothache and met René and Martin for some beers at Möbel Olfe’s and when we headed over to the West Germany around midnight Mr. Paluka and B. Orange and Yellowman and Arno suddenly popped up out of some dark side-street. Woohoo. A nice surprise. It took another hour or two till the club was crowded and when I headed up to the stage I soon regretted not having done a soundcheck before the doors opened. A.ona was djing and I felt sorry having to pester her with questions about a missing mic cable but there was no other promoter or tech-savy person around. We handled by me taking over the djing and her looking for Bernardo. Luckily he quickly came and brought the cable. Then I hoped for A.ona to come back to take over djing again so I could set up my stuff and do at least a little soundcheck through my headphones. She didn’t. So I had to do the setup and soundcheck while djing to a crowded dancefloor. I swear I sweated some blood. And I bet that picture of me below was taken while I was busy doing all that. At least I hope I don’t always look that grumpy during my sets. I was so glad when I had finally got everything to work properly and the set was running halfway smoothly. Phew. And I was so glad that you could smoke at that party. When I was done and another dj took over I soon felt dead on my feet. I stayed for another hour, then I said goodbye and went to the station.

Here are some pictures, for full size go to the Poopsy Club myspace:

I took a train around 5 and was so drunk and tired that I left the bottle of water I had just bought when I got up for the train. And it took me half an hour to figure out what it meant when a kid at the station smiled when he saw me and pointed his finger at me and said ‘Locust!’ I hardly got any sleep on the train because it was awfully crowded. Something made us stop for an hour in the middle of nowhere and another ICE train got cancelled so all the people hopped on the one I was in. First I had a calm woman sitting next to me but then a guy sat down who made kind of a ceremony out of getting his sausage sandwich out of his bag and eat it. The smell almost made me puke. A guy on the other side of the aisle didn’t get tired of complaining about the railway company, trying to rile up others to join in. Then a woman took over the seat next to me and although in the meantime I had my mp3 player plugged deeply into my ears she didn’t get tired of asking me stuff every other minute. At least the train was so late that I get some money back. It’s not the trains that suck but some of the people you meet on there seriously lack sensitivity. At home the AUXES guys who already had arrived on Friday were preparing some breakfast. I was too tired for conversation and just said a short hello and fell into my bed and slept deeply for two hours. And I mean deep. Deep as in ocean deep. Ocean deep as in that Abyss movie. It felt so good. Then I had to drive to town for the preparations and then our cozy birthday/farewell-show/party night happened and I was surprised that I managed to have fun till five in the morning again. Then I went back to sleep. Sleep can be so awesome. Best drug ever.

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