“The BJ Block Rolls On” – new track feat. ModeselektorHostageMalenteMichaelJackson-goodness

Here’s the mp3: eve massacre – the BJ block rolls on.
This new track is just about dancing. I love both instrumental tracks I used for this: Modeselektor‘s “Black Block” and the Malente Remix of scottish goodietunespitter Hostage‘s “Roll On”. I’ve used the Billie Jean acapella before (for example in this track with Liquid Liquid) but I think this is the best use I’ve made of them so far. Cut up and rearranged dozens of times till I was happy with it. My favourite moments are around 4:23 and from 5:33 on (with the scat part meeting the ‘gonna dance on the floor in the round’ bits). Cut up stuff is really addictive to work on.

“Encourages women” – Z-Fest and other recommendations and blah

“Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.
(Rev. Pat Robertson, 1992 Republican Convention)

Best clip I’ve seen in a while. And I needed to share it with you to get you in the right mood for this:

Tomorrow there are quiet a few really good acts at the RADIO Z WINTERFEST at the K4, on two floors!
My four favourite acts:

– briliant screamodancepunk
IRON CURTIS – awesome smooth velvet minimal house
JAZZSTEPPA – deep and powerful live dupstep from London/Berlin
IBSEN – lovely hi-energy posthardcore
and many many more.

It starts at 8.
Don’t miss out on it!

As of late this blog seems to turn into a nightlife recommendation thingy, I might as well go on:

On Saturday there’s the KOMMODORE KLUB night:

Frittenbude are not really my kind of thing but the rest should be fun and I’ll make that my once-a-year visit to the MUZ CLUB if my cold losens it’s grip.

And on Sunday I’m toooootally looking forward to seeing Kerstin getting one year older and watching RAEIN and THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA live at the Kafe Kult in Munich. If there’s a perfect place to see those two bands then it’s this one. I’m sooo looking forward to this evening!

Today actually was the first day this week that I made it out of my house and I wouldn’t have but there was no food left. I hated it. I hate shopping anyway but being all sweatycoughysneezy doesn’t exactly make it better. And standing at the till suddenly recognizing that your money card is still in the back of another pair of trousers where you had put it after your last visit to a cigarette machine… well, it wasn’t my day… my week… lots of sleeping and self-pitying and working and finding myself unable to concentrate very long, another round of self-pitying (at least I’m good at that), cursing at record labels that withdraw their financial support to the tour of a band that you had just had confirmed for a show after endless weeks/mails/nerves… yaaay, more self-pitying.. you get the idea. Worst thing about this cold is that I’m to blame myself. Standing outside for a smoke in your t-shirt when it’s snowing is no good idea.
The only cute thing this week was little Ninja turning out to be a true eve massacre cat: There was a little bit of Earl Grey left at the bottom of my mug and he first tried to squeeze his head in and when he couldn’t reach far enough he dunked his little paw into it and licked the tea off. And his new favourite sleeping place is cuddling up on my belly under a few layers of shirts while I’m working on the computer. Aaaaw. Cats rule.

You noticed it was International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on the 25th of November? Yawnyawnyawn, no big matter anymore? Well, I doubt that if statistics (numbers taken from an UN comission and Terre des Femmes) give it that “Globally, at least one in three women and girls is beaten or sexually abused in her lifetime”. Just two more numbers: 25% of all women in Germany have suffered physical or sexual violence from their male partner or husband, 40.000 women every year seek refuge in women’s shelters. Domestic violence is still one of the worst crimes to fight because it all happens in privacy and too many people think it’s not their business what goes on behind their neighbours’ doors. Maybe you have a few euros to spare. Here’s the bank details of a local women’s shelter:
Verein Hilfe für Frauen in Not e.V.
Konto: 30441850
BLZ: 760 100 85
Postbank Nürnberg

I have to admit though that I’m no big fan of those remembrance days cause there are really too many of them. I think if serious subjects like that turn into lists they lose impact. Lists can kill meaning. It’s like being 10 or 15 years back watching a hardcore band (I think it was Dropdead or some similar band) that seemed to tick off all the crimes that humankind ever committed in their announcements between the 1-minute-attacks of their songs. It was a small show and it was obvious that everybody in the audience had the same background/ideals/opinions, it was just preaching to the converted and taking all the power out of their music and I had come for the music, come to enjoy that kind of hi-energy music with likeminded people. I preferred to read the lyrics at home when listening to the record, or reading the lyric sheet a band had handed out at their show. Sometimes hardcore bands seemed to be a bit too competitive about being the most political one of them all. Schwanzvergleich / pissing contest style.

Anyway… I wanted to post another tune too but I guess I’ll spare that for tomorrow. It’s midnight, I’m tired and freezing and want hot chocolate before going to sleep.

“Let me be your problem!”

“Let me be your VST!
Come on, come on, let me be your problem!”
Lost in the Supermaki

sisters and brothers and everyone inbetween!
one last reminder for tonight and let me say: your visit would make us mucho happy.

the doors will not open before 11:00, then first i’ll do my set.
i will not only play my newer tracks and mash ups but i also feel like reviving one or two songs of LOST IN THE SUPERMAKI (www.myspace.com/lostinthesupermaki), the breaksycasiocorechaospop-project of me and casioheart/ckid/pillowdiver. (although it won’t be the same with him not around.)
then you’ll get the chance to witness a THE SHOW IS THE RAINBOW show which will sure turn the room into a laughing dancing sweaty mess.
afterwards ANTARES of ELECTRIC PONY NOISES and me will dj you through the rest of the night.
superprops go out to simon for organising this so nicely. he even promised us spätnächtliche häppchen. and thanks to BR one3radio for having me for a little interview about tonight.

other news:

JD TWITCH of OPTIMO ESPACIO of whom i’ve been a really big fan since years will come to dj at our little k4 space on the 10th of january.

i think my cat has fallen in love with the sound of my notebook’s ventilation cause the last two days he sleepily rested as close to it as possible and both had a purring contest.

the more the line up for our next little M TO THE V Fest (on the 24th of january) grows, the happier i become. the following bands/acts/djs are confirmed by now:

a brandnew female songwriter from Nuremberg called JUANA
and the chaoscore kids of X-RAY CHARLES!
and we’re not even finished yet.

I’ve been to two shows this week: Moon Tiara Action and Bang! Bang! Eche! in Neumarkt. MTA were fun, even with their music being a bit torn and twisted by the bad sound. BBE were pure energy that made me forget that I had already been a bit tired of ‘dance punk’. They are really raw and wild and an awesome liveband. All in all I may say that I felt seriously old at that show cause most of the audience was under 18. Scary shit, hehe. They made for a great crowd though cause they danced like loons. On Wednesday I went to see Delay and Chris Clavin at the Desi which was a bit more quiet. I guess they are too d.i.y. for an indie crowd and too melodic for a punk/hardcore crowd and they are not mentioned in the ‘right’ zines. It was a nice intimate fun show though and the bar room of the desi turned out to be a wonderful location for it.

well, now i’m off to make some glittering butterflies for the deco tonight and hope a few of you will turn up.
i. am. excited.

“Cowabunga!” – Please welcome Ninja!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Please welcome His Cuteness, the mighty NINJA! After a couple of days hiding behind cupboards and in the oven he now proudly struts his new home, bravely fights wine corks and cotton reels and shadows and shows us who the real dominator of massacre mansion is. ‘Don Quixote’ might have been an even more aproppriate name but ‘Ninja’ is far nicer to call.

* _ *

I’ve not put up last weeks Castrop playlist yet. Here you go:

LOS CAMPESINOS! – Death To Los Campesinos! (Napoleon III Remix)
BIS – Action & Drama
MANDA RIN – Typeface
BAD DUDES – Eat Drugs
DELAY – Lightnin Storm
DELAY – Everything You Hate
CHRIS CLAVIN – Nothin compares 2U
BODI BILL – Nothin compares 2U
BODI BILL – I Like Holden Caulfield
KATIE STELMANIS – In my favour
FUCKED UP – I Hate Summer
THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA – Me And Wittgenstein Down In The Street By The Schoolyard
RAEIN – Tigersuit
DES ARK – Lord of the ring and his fascist time keepers

Some shows I recommend for the upcoming week:

18.11. BANG BANG ECHE + MOON TIARA ACTION (Twister, Neumarkt)
19.11. DELAY + CHRIS CLAVIN (Desi, Nürnberg – free show!)
21.11. THE SHOW IS THE RAINBOW (live) + EVE MASSACRE (live+dj-set) + ANTARES (Electric Pony Noises DJ)

* _ *

Last week was as much fun as it was exhausting. On Wednesday An Albatross and Yip-Yip and Team Robespierre played a raw and fun show that made me very happy. A few snapshots are up in the photo section of www.evemassacre.org

It was wonderful to meet the An Albatross boys again and to have time for a nice late night chat in my kitchen and it was a pleasure to get to know Yip-Yip too. The next day was a bit blurred, a long late breakfast at noon till I had to kick everyone out to say goodbye cause I had to go to Radio Z to do Castrop. The radio show didn’t go that well. Any turtle would have beaten my reaction time. I had some unintentional breaks and the multitasking was pretty hard. Well, once more I promised myself not to abuse alcohol before busy days. That night we had Bodi Bill and Katie Stelmanis playing at the K4 which was nice too but I only watched it from the back of the room, sitting at the bar. Although she seemed to be a very nice person I was a bit happy when I heard she decided to stay with a friend in Bamberg instead of staying at my house. It was good to have half a day on my own to recover and clean things up and all. On Friday we had our second Kill The Poor party and I first was extremely grumpy – sorry again, Q-Dogg! – cause the dolphins I had ordered for deco hadn’t arrived but then it turned into a real solid good mooded party night and I would like to thank everyone who was involved and the guests who danced to our wild silly mixture. You were an awesome crowd. I don’t think there are many people on this planet who enjoy such a diverse set. It ranged from Von Südenfed to The Deathset, from bouncy bassline house to straight noisy techno, delicious disco funkiness too, of course, and M.I.A. and  Best Fwends, and one really nice moment was to see people dance like loons to less well-known indiepunk stuff at prime time (for example when Quirin played Parts&Labor and Cap’n Jazz). I would have loved to play even more breakcore too, but the night was too short. It was a pleasure and I’m thankful that there are people enjoy that kind of party. (The only thing that sucked was that again there were jacket thieves around. We’re really sorry about that but we can’t do anything else than offering a cloakroom.)

“Don’t want to miss this” – new track up, hate the haters, kv and k4 musings and my personal dia de los muertes

“Sometimes I can’t remember why I want to live.
Then I think of all the freaks and I don’t want to miss this.”
Team Dresch

eve massacre – “blind fag (hate the xtian rights mix)” mp3

Congrats to your new president, dear US friends, but WTF is wrong with some of you voting hate to become engraved into your constitution? I’m no friend of any kind of marriage and I don’t want a child nor adopt one but still I find it not only sad but also scary to see you voted against civil rights for queer people. These things are not just about the act of marriage but about the rights that come with it. Just one simple example: if someone who lives in a gay relationship that has lasted 50 years has an accident and ends up in hospital in many states that see themselves as a ‘great civilised western society’ her or his partner has no right to talk to the doctors and visit them in intensive care areas. To you this might be a theoretical threat to your weird idea of culture but for others it means the real life infringement of what should be basic human rights.
Those pro-prop-8-etc. votings make me feel all cold inside and inspired that mix above that I’d like to dedicate to the lovely ladies of Team Dresch.

Actually this week I didn’t have to look overseas to get bad news. For example Germany’s government seems to be thinking about a ban on chocolate cigarettes. That almost tops the mirrorball ban in Nuremberg’s bars. What’s next? A ban on chocolate Santas cause those could turn kids into cannibals?

This week also held anoter bad surprise: A local d.i.y. punk venue with a pretty long tradition, the Kunstverein, and a techno club called Zoom that’s located in the same complex of buildings (the ‘Z-Bau‘) won’t get their contracts of tenancy extended. I haven’t been at the Kunstverein for a while because they don’t host the kind of bands I enjoy these days but more old school stuff but a few years ago even I put up two shows there, Soophie Nun Squad with Ghost Mice, and Fugazi. It’s a bit of a shock. I had heard that the city has taken over the Z-Bau but I can’t imagine that they already have new plans for it. To me it sounds more as if they just want to get rid of those people first and then waste years planning on what do next with the building while it rots in emptiness.

It’s scary to see how quick these things happen. It reminded me of how they got rid of the lively local concert scene at the Kluepfel and that the Hemdendienst still hasn’t found a new home. To say it loudly for the first time: I’m definitely scared that the city will try to kick our shows and parties out of the K4 too. They haven’t said so, on the contrary, they even arranged a meeting to let us talk about our future needs with one of the architects who re-plan the K4 but let’s face it: that means nothing. There’s a bunch of bureaucrats and politicians ruling this thing, so you should always remember that they know how to talk warm words. Warm words take the weapons out of your hands and tie you down cause you have no facts to get out to the public to back up your fears.

I can give you one example that will already heavily affect our bookings for 2009. In April or May 2008 we heard that the new administration of the K4 (KuKuQ) had already booked a large number of dates in 2009 at the Festsaal. We know that they do lots of ‘quiet’ events like theatre and knew that could affect our soundcheck times and thereby possibilities for shows not only in the Festsaal but also downstairs in the Zentralcafé. That’s why we worriedly wrote to the new administration and also tried to make clear how our booking works and that we don’t have the possibility to book half a year ahead. A rather hot dispute about the future handling of booking dates at the Zentralcafé and Festsaal of the K4 followed. Back then we already made it clear that we need to be very quick sometimes. If you get a call that you can do a last minute show for The Kills if you are able to confirm it within a day you don’t want to have to say no. The administration acted as if we were a bunch of hysteric kittens and calmed us down. They said we shouldn’t worry and that they knew all this and just need a little time to figure out a system that can deal with different booking needs for different folks. Back then they promised we would get dates confirmed as free or blocked within a few days. All in all they had a whole year to work on this. The result? Nada. Right now dealing with dates at the K4 is plain chaotic. I had a date that got confirmed back in September and two days ago I suddenly hear from the K4 administration that another show is booked on it. For some dates I had to wait five weeks or longer to be confirmed and they only got confirmed after I asked back a couple of times. It looks like it’s just a matter of time until their ‘system’ collapses. Just to think that a whole bunch of paid-for civil servants have been working on this for months makes me cringe. Actually it’s no big surprise, like I said: we already feared back in May that it would turn out like this. Still it sucks if you are all fired up and ready to go for next year’s shows and suddenly you have to wait weeks until you even can do the first step with a booking and have to spend hours asking back the same things again and again.

What’s even more stupid is that all that and lots of other minor issues stressed me up so big time that last week I kind of imploded, no, you could actually call it exploded (a more honest word would be ‘breakdown’) at one of our Musikverein meetings. I hate it when it comes to that. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever learn to break before my nerves go bumping into the nearest wall. I guess it’s the downside of being passionate about what you’re doing.

In two weeks all the free/independent groups of the K4 will meet to share our experiences with the new administration. I’m already curious about what stories all the others have to tell.

* _ *

I’d also like to call this day out as my personal dia de los muertes. From time to time people still drop condolations in my blog posting about Julian‘s suicide. It feels a bit strange because sometimes those are people who have known him better than me and I feel like they should have a nicer virtual memorial place. But it also feels good cause it keeps him alive in my thoughts.

The 4th of November was the day of the death of a closer friend of mine, Tine Plesch. Standing at the back of the room when Jersey were playing at the Zentralcafé it hit me once more how much I miss her. It would have been exactly the kind of show at which she would have stood at the bar sipping red wine, chatting, smoking her menthol cigs… somehow with her I still feel like she could walk into the room again any day. If I think of her I instantly get the way and tone in which she talked appear in my mind, and I recall her laughter as if it just rang in my ear a second ago. Yes, I miss her.
Sometimes when I think of her there also pops up a playful mental checklist of my postfeminist conscience. When did I last support and encourage another female? When did I last take a girl not serious? How many women have we booked at the Musikverein lately? Why have I still not checked out the Missy zine? It feels good that she still inspires the feminist in me cause I have yet to meet someone else who has the same fun and clever way of dealing with feminism without turning it into a mere ‘pop’ thing.
Well, I’ve just opened a bottle of wine and here’s to you, Queen of Crime!

“I wouldn’t worry.” – new track and a bit of a recap

“You say you’re sorry but you know you don’t mean it.
I wouldn’t worry. I had so much fun.
Sometimes I almost feel just like a human being”
Elvis Costello

I’m sorry that I’ve been so quiet the last weeks. Musikverein stuff was pretty time-consuming and at home we started moving our flats. That’s why I also can’t serve you a new tune.

Or wait, I’ll give you at least a re-vamped thing that I only had released as part of a long mix so far. I added and changed a few bits. Not sure though if that added quality. 😉

eve massacre – happy ending or screwed? mp3

I hope it won’t get me into trouble with all the C&Ds that seem to be floating around atm. Cross your fingers.

* _ *

Last week-end was great. Sub:city on Friday was good although Zomby didn’t turn up. It’s one thing that he didn’t manage to get his ass on the plane but what’s plain disappointing is that Zomby claims it was the Sub:city guys’ fault. I’ve worked on so many bookings with Tobi and I trust him blindly that they didn’t fuck it up. Tobi has booked so many acts over the years and everyone from The Bug to Jamie Lidell was happy with everything. The good thing was that only Zomby was missing out, not only on the hand silk-screened posters the guys had made for the night and the birthday cake and the cool deco but most of all on a great party. It was really crowded with a good atmosphere all around. That’s why I ended up staying far too long. And I drank far too much vodka-redbull and made the capital mistake of not putting some water in between.

I only had three hours of sleep and woke up with the worst hangover ever. I swear. Nevertheless I got up because Blacky was so kind to pick me up on his way to the Verstärker Messe, the first edition of a regional music fair in Erlangen. Quirin had already set up our Musikverein stand. It was nicely located in midst of old and new friends: eartrumpet.net, desi, sellfish, z-bau, red can records, tilli, radio z… We even made it up to the official opening speeches and got Brezeln. Actually there was lots of food on the whole fair anyway. Best of all was the Damenklo Records who stood out with a a real moutain of sweets. Yummy. Swing the Hüftgold indeed. Other labels kept it all pretty clean and reduced to displaying their cds or vinyls, some promoters and radio station used laptops to show what they are about but that didn’t really make sense to me cause I can look at their websites at home too.

I’m afraid our booth was more about fun than about efficency. We had the grand wheel of fortune with us that Quirin had built. On top of it Blacky had set up a hazardous construction made of duct tape and boxes to display live shots of bands that played at our place. And my contribution was a music quiz in which you had to match nine 15second-music-snippets with nine pictures of bands. I had even put the names with the bands bit it was harder to solve than I had expected. Which maybe was a good thing cause the prize was shot of liquor and people who played might have lost their contenance if they all had won.

I somehow felt beneath myself. The whole day was like some film, blurred and dizzy but good. Lack of sleep does funny things to you. But I really had lots of nice chats and the day really flew past. In the evening I drove home with Quirin, had a quick dinner and although I felt like dropping into my bed instantly I pulled myself together and went to the Hanson Brothers show. I missed the Klotzs who played support. When I arrived I met Frank and Tina who were sitting outside although it was freezingly cold. They suffered from an equally cruel post-alcohol-abuse-syndrom and just murmured something about the stench inside. When I stepped into the overcrowded Zentralcafé I instantly understood what they were on about: It was the tough smell of pure testosterone. Guys, soap. Water. Antiperspirant. Is it really that hard? The audience was 97% male and the pit was rough and I was happy that I had a corner from which I could watch the band without having to suffer the beerdrenched goings-on. I’m still glad I went cause those Nomeansno brothers always manage to bring a smile to my face. The singalong Ramones-like songs were super fun, the rest was still tight and good punkrock. After the show I went home early and there are no words for how good I slept that night. Heaven. Pure heaven.

Afer a cozy breakfast with Kerstin and Tobi from eartrumpet and Bernd of Red Can Records who had stayed at my place we drove back to the Verstärker-Messe and the second day was nice too but went by a bit slower. In an interview with the Zündfunk I was asked what benefit the whole fair had for us. It’s hard to tell. I don’t think there were many people there who hadn’t known our work before so there wasn’t that much of an advertising effect. We also had known most bands and labels before so it wasn’t about finding new bands to set up shows for. Also I didn’t take part in any of the workshops so I gained no new knowledge. Still I think it was good to be part of this. Maybe it’s just the same effect that the Endzeit Festival has had for many years. Or as the Klüpfel free Tuesday shows with local bands had at the beginning. It’s exactly the mixture of a meet&greet and networking event that helps to strengthen the perception of a lot of disparate parts as one scene. Without competitory thoughts. Hopefully people get to know each other or get to know each other better and start connecting. It’s weird that networking things that you take for granted in a scene that has its roots in punk/hardcore (which is where I have my roots) are hardly existent in the music scene outside of it. I blame the old contracts and fixed deals vs trust and ‘fair trade’. All in all I’m glad Verstärker wasn’t half as business-oriented as I had feared it might turn out. I think it was a really good compromise. And mucho respect to the organisers, it all ran really smooth. Of course except for the Gott & die Welt show. And that was good. I hope that on the day they play a perfect show without breaks and silliness they will instantly split or crumble into dust. It was the perfect band to end that week-end with a big smile.