“The BJ Block Rolls On” – new track feat. ModeselektorHostageMalenteMichaelJackson-goodness

Here’s the mp3: eve massacre – the BJ block rolls on. This new track is just about dancing. I love both instrumental tracks I used for this: Modeselektor‘s “Black Block” and the Malente Remix of scottish goodietunespitter Hostage‘s “Roll On”. I’ve used the Billie Jean acapella before (for example in this track with Liquid Liquid) […]

“Encourages women” – Z-Fest and other recommendations and blah

“Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.” (Rev. Pat Robertson, 1992 Republican Convention) Best clip I’ve seen in a while. And I needed to share it with you to get you in the right mood for this: Tomorrow there are quiet a few really good […]

“Don’t want to miss this” – new track up, hate the haters, kv and k4 musings and my personal dia de los muertes

“Sometimes I can’t remember why I want to live. Then I think of all the freaks and I don’t want to miss this.” Team Dresch eve massacre – “blind fag (hate the xtian rights mix)” mp3 Congrats to your new president, dear US friends, but WTF is wrong with some of you voting hate to […]

“I wouldn’t worry.” – new track and a bit of a recap

“You say you’re sorry but you know you don’t mean it. I wouldn’t worry. I had so much fun. Sometimes I almost feel just like a human being” Elvis Costello I’m sorry that I’ve been so quiet the last weeks. Musikverein stuff was pretty time-consuming and at home we started moving our flats. That’s why […]