“Encourages women” – Z-Fest and other recommendations and blah

“Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.
(Rev. Pat Robertson, 1992 Republican Convention)

Best clip I’ve seen in a while. And I needed to share it with you to get you in the right mood for this:

Tomorrow there are quiet a few really good acts at the RADIO Z WINTERFEST at the K4, on two floors!
My four favourite acts:

– briliant screamodancepunk
IRON CURTIS – awesome smooth velvet minimal house
JAZZSTEPPA – deep and powerful live dupstep from London/Berlin
IBSEN – lovely hi-energy posthardcore
and many many more.

It starts at 8.
Don’t miss out on it!

As of late this blog seems to turn into a nightlife recommendation thingy, I might as well go on:

On Saturday there’s the KOMMODORE KLUB night:

Frittenbude are not really my kind of thing but the rest should be fun and I’ll make that my once-a-year visit to the MUZ CLUB if my cold losens it’s grip.

And on Sunday I’m toooootally looking forward to seeing Kerstin getting one year older and watching RAEIN and THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA live at the Kafe Kult in Munich. If there’s a perfect place to see those two bands then it’s this one. I’m sooo looking forward to this evening!

Today actually was the first day this week that I made it out of my house and I wouldn’t have but there was no food left. I hated it. I hate shopping anyway but being all sweatycoughysneezy doesn’t exactly make it better. And standing at the till suddenly recognizing that your money card is still in the back of another pair of trousers where you had put it after your last visit to a cigarette machine… well, it wasn’t my day… my week… lots of sleeping and self-pitying and working and finding myself unable to concentrate very long, another round of self-pitying (at least I’m good at that), cursing at record labels that withdraw their financial support to the tour of a band that you had just had confirmed for a show after endless weeks/mails/nerves… yaaay, more self-pitying.. you get the idea. Worst thing about this cold is that I’m to blame myself. Standing outside for a smoke in your t-shirt when it’s snowing is no good idea.
The only cute thing this week was little Ninja turning out to be a true eve massacre cat: There was a little bit of Earl Grey left at the bottom of my mug and he first tried to squeeze his head in and when he couldn’t reach far enough he dunked his little paw into it and licked the tea off. And his new favourite sleeping place is cuddling up on my belly under a few layers of shirts while I’m working on the computer. Aaaaw. Cats rule.

You noticed it was International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on the 25th of November? Yawnyawnyawn, no big matter anymore? Well, I doubt that if statistics (numbers taken from an UN comission and Terre des Femmes) give it that “Globally, at least one in three women and girls is beaten or sexually abused in her lifetime”. Just two more numbers: 25% of all women in Germany have suffered physical or sexual violence from their male partner or husband, 40.000 women every year seek refuge in women’s shelters. Domestic violence is still one of the worst crimes to fight because it all happens in privacy and too many people think it’s not their business what goes on behind their neighbours’ doors. Maybe you have a few euros to spare. Here’s the bank details of a local women’s shelter:
Verein Hilfe für Frauen in Not e.V.
Konto: 30441850
BLZ: 760 100 85
Postbank Nürnberg

I have to admit though that I’m no big fan of those remembrance days cause there are really too many of them. I think if serious subjects like that turn into lists they lose impact. Lists can kill meaning. It’s like being 10 or 15 years back watching a hardcore band (I think it was Dropdead or some similar band) that seemed to tick off all the crimes that humankind ever committed in their announcements between the 1-minute-attacks of their songs. It was a small show and it was obvious that everybody in the audience had the same background/ideals/opinions, it was just preaching to the converted and taking all the power out of their music and I had come for the music, come to enjoy that kind of hi-energy music with likeminded people. I preferred to read the lyrics at home when listening to the record, or reading the lyric sheet a band had handed out at their show. Sometimes hardcore bands seemed to be a bit too competitive about being the most political one of them all. Schwanzvergleich / pissing contest style.

Anyway… I wanted to post another tune too but I guess I’ll spare that for tomorrow. It’s midnight, I’m tired and freezing and want hot chocolate before going to sleep.

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