Optimo Night!

‘ello, ‘ello, as you already might be aware of: Elektronisch Rocken and Eve Massacre will be djing tonight at the K4 with a very special guest: JD TWITCH from Glasgow, JD TWITCH of OPTIMO fame. Me personally, I’m pretty excited because reading some OPTIMO ‘manifesto’ was the spark that kicked my ass into starting the […]

“I’ll miss the waterfalls” – new track up

With ‘Chasing Waterfalls’ Faux Pas has made one of the most breathtakingly sweet dance tracks of late of 2008 and guess what: He’s giving the EP away for free/for donations. Please, head over here if you haven’t done yet and show him some sympathy and bucks: www.iamfauxpas.com It’s almost too good to be fiddled about […]