“Smashed in the face” – castrop playlist+blurbs + no star cop cast #01

For them, I guess middle-of-the-road is the safest place to be. But, for me, it’s a place where you’re going to get smashed in the face by an oncoming truck.
Patrick Wolf

Little Ninja has been castrated yesterday. He’s still a bit sleepy and clumsy today. I feel slightly evil for having that had done but he doesn’t seem to bother much. He already curls up in the front of my hoodie again while I’m typing this.

Here’s my radio playlist+blurbs from Castrop on Radio Z two days ago.
Here’s the list and a mix at the end:

Curses! has made a really nice space disco track, especially this Holy Ghost remix version is great. I’ve already played Holy Ghost’s Panthers remix a few months ago, it’s really good too. Curses! is Luca Venezia aka Drop The Lime who is part of a New York music collective that’s all about bass music. I fell in love with his kind of breakcore a few years ago because I thought he had quite a unique sound to it and I loved the vocals on his ‘This Means Forever’ album (2004). I always thought of an ‘out of the ashtray, into the ashtray’ Guy Piciotto when I heard them. You know, that kind of breathless moaning/shouting.

DROP THE LIME – I got you now

Ha, I remember when Tobi and me had the Nurotic Soundsystem breakcore disco night going that this kind of music seemed extreme. Now, just a few years later, with Justice and grime and all these things happening, this doesn’t sound that wild anymore.

Aye, the new Prodigy album. Neither fish nor soy. Nor ant. There’s a bit of rave nostalgia going on but no rave enthusiasm and fun coming with it. Glowstyx has mastered the rave revival with a far better hand for irony. The vocals on the new Prodigy are an extra big turn off. I think what makes the album so sad is that there are a lot of nice bits and pieces so you can sense that the creativity and enthusiasm is still there but all those little sparks sound like instantly chocked off. I just don’t get in favour of what.

I get a much better feeling from playing two songs from the GYBO ‘Prodigify Me!’ challenge. These really gave me a big smile:

hXc KITTAH – Rave invaders must die
Dunproofin hosts this track for Miss Kitty so you can download it from free from here.

IRN MINKY – Kenny Everett & Sugar Minott
You can download this track for free from Irn Minky’s website.

After so much rave silliness I thought there should be a counterpoint. Serious music. Music that deals not just as endorphine pusher but with serious subjects. For a smooth transition here’s the King Blues with a political punk song about squatting:

THE KING BLUES – Let’s hang the landlord
Every once in a while a punk nostalgia song finds its way into my heart and although these guys are no new Against Me!s I like quite a few of their songs a lot. And antifa chic is better than empty chic as it at least carries the possibility of raising some kids interest in politics. I guess. 😉

PATRICK WOLF – The childcatcher
This might be one of the most explicit and intense pop songs about child abuse. I love it. I drag out Wolf’s ‘Lycanthropy’ album every few months and really hope that on his next one he will try to return to something equally daring. I still think that ‘Lycanthropy’ captured his talent best: beautiful haunting  music with a raw edge. The later albums lacked those raw and raucous elements and only showed that Wolf needs that contrast to make the beauty of his melodies and vocals shine through. Without them his music just sounds like average teen angst pop songs.
For his new album he goes new financial ways: People can paypal money to a website called www.bandstock.com to contribute to the album, its promotion and the live show. For that you get a few gadgets: free download of the album, possibility to buy a limited edition of the album cheaper, some special shows for members only, etc. And – that’s where it gets really surprising: the people who invested money into the album will get paid back a share of the money the album earns. I took part in this. I think it’s cool to try such new ways and I’m curious about how it will work. Truth is I only paid money to this because I had read that Tilda Swinton will appear on the album. Have I already mentioned in this blog that I love Tilda Swinton. Really? Ach, I don’t get tired of it.
Well, I confess that I don’t really believe that the wolf pack will pay the investors any money back because that sounds too fair to be true but I don’t mind that much and will feel all generous and drink to his great musical past.
Will keep you updated if something interesting happens with it.

Pitchfork has an interview with Patrick Wolf online. It’s a good read. It has majorlabel badmouthing, satanism and the quote I used at the beginning of this blog entry.

XIU XIU – Support our Troops OH! (Black Angels)
This might be the most direct and angry anti-war song of the last years. In it Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart denies any kind of sympathy or even empathy for soldiers. The lyrics go:

Did you know you were going to shoot
off the top of a four year old girl’s head
And look across her car-seat down into her skull
And see into her throat and did you know
that her dad would say to you,
“Please sir, can I take her body home?”
Oh wait, you totally did know… that that would happen
Cuz you’re a jock who was too stupid and too greedy
And too unmotivated to do anything else but still be
The biggest and still do what other people tell you to do
You did it to still be a winner
You shot your grenade launcher into peoples windows and
Into the doors of peoples houses
but you really wanted to shoot it at someone
just to see them blow up.

why should I care if
you die?
ATMOSPHERE – Can’t break
Atmosphere are one of my favourite acts if it comes to alternative hiphop. This song is from their album ‘When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit In Gold’ which they have released on their own label: Rhymesayers Entertainment. I wish I could afford to spend a little more money on records because there is a de luxe edition of it, packaged as a 40-page gold embossed hard cover book featuring an illustrated children’s story written by Slug.

KOTCHY & SHUNDA K – First encounter

Some more good free music comes from Kotchy and Shunda K of Yo Majesty, it’s nice soulful lezzy hiphop. They put an EP of their collaboration online for free. It’s called ‘Le Passion, yo!’ and there’s a download link on their myspace.

METRONOMY – A thing for you (SINDEN rmx)

Sinden does what Sinden does best: turn a cutesy electro pop song into bouncy dancefloor goodness with a bailebassline feel. We had Metronomy playing here in Nuremberg two days ago. It sold out. I liked it. And they seemed nice people. A tad professional but nice. They even did the washing up after breakfast. Which was a kind gesture but unnecessary as I have a mini-dishwasher. I have put some snap shot pictures of their show up on www.myspace.com/musikverein, along with pictures of ♥Selfish Cunt♥ who ruled my world last week (Cam batteries ran out so it’s just a few crap pictures. Sadly.). Totally fell in love with them. Live the instrumental bits could have been a bit noisier and free-er for my taste but listening to their records again now I think they are just the perfect mixture of in-your-face-aggressive politics/rants and a sexy live show with a hint of queer glam. I can’t really compare them with any other band today. The next time they will play here I hope they will have at least as many people at the show as Metronomy. They deserve it. It sometimes breaks my heart that most people prefer going to parties and to shows of bands that get written about in mainstream music press. You guys miss out on such a fantastic parallel universe of music and people.

I digress.

MI AMI – New guitar

Mi Ami sound like Blood-Brothers-gone-Liquid-Liquid-kraut-disco = awesome. Although I guess that association just came to me because their singer Daniel Martin-McCormick (ex-Black Eyes) sounds similarly high-pitched and screamy as Johnny Whitney (BB, now Jaguar Love). Mi Ami have two members of the Dischord free jazz noise rock extravaganza Black Eyes and just like that band I guess Mi Ami will split people into those who think they are genius dancefloor dynamite and those who find them utterly annoying. I love them. Thanks to Thomas Hartmann and Seppo Defect for giving me a heads up on that band.

Their album ‘Watersports’ has just been released on Quarterstick Records, part of Touch And Go who topped the bad news of the indie world last week: They are in such big financial trouble that they put their releases on a hiatus and what’s really really bad: They stop the distribution of other, smaller indie labels. They had a very important function in helping to spread the records of such fine labels as Kill Rock Stars, Suicide Squeeze and many others to the rest of the world. So please, friends – go out and buy some records or cds or mp3s! No use starving those whose work you enjoy.

EDIT: Took the Star Cop cast down again because it wasn’t good. It was neither radio show nor proper mix. Maybe I’ll make it a proper podcast with talking and all. It’s tempting cause I usually digitalise the music I play on Castrop anyway so it wouldn’t be that time consuming to make star cop the english podcast version of my castrop shows. Hm. I’ll give it a thought.

The people of Sarga who will put up their last show, or rather: last festival on the 28th of February have asked me to contribute a song (one from the time when I played at one of their festivals) for a free download compilation. Check their myspace, I’m not sure when the compilation is going online but there are some fine bands contributing so don’t miss out on it!

P.S.: HCpunxfriends – cheer up: Limp Wrist will play at Esslingen’s KOMMA on the 28th of June!

“Let them eat cake”

“If the people don’t have bread
Let them eat cake.”
Marie Antoinette


Oh noes!

Why does every bloody thing have to have two sides?!

*  _  *

I thought I had lost my gusto for poems but the lines from Thomas Moore’s ‘Hospital’ that were posted along with an interview on DC’s blog today touched me. Gave me a plain feeling of ‘wow’ that I more often get from music than from words these days. Intense. Mourning. Beautiful. It stuck with me so later today I got back to that entry and followed the link to Moore’s blog and kept reading for almost two hours.

I think what I enjoy so much about Moore’s writing is that he has a great way of
describing a certain numbness and distance between people.
Have you read Büchner’s ‘Danton’s Death’?
My favourite quote from it always has been:
“Know one another? We would have to break open each other’s skulls and squeeze the thoughts out of the brain tissue.”

“Missing all the people” – Hüsker whü?

“Looking down on everything it seems a total bore
Missing all the people that I’ve never met before
Trying to find an unknown something I consider best
I don’t know if I’ll find it, but until then I’ll be depressed” Hüsker Dü

Do you know who’s the enthusiast dj in this clip? None other than BOB MOULD. Beartastic.

I really enjoyed the PARTS & LABOR show on the 7th of February. At some point during the show I realised for the first time how much their vocals (maybe their guitar sound even adds to that impression somehow) remind me of HÜSKER DÜ and I remembered how much I liked that band for their hardcore punk intensity as well as for their melodic indiepunk and their wonderful lyrics. I suddenly missed them. I had a HÜSKER DÜ record with me for almost every SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM but think I’ve only once played them there. In my second band, DEAF DUMB & BLONDE our drummer, CAROLINE ACHAINTRE (I sadly lost touch with her, art drove her to Goldsmiths, London, and had a few exhibitions around europe. Hope she’s fine.), aye, … Caro picked a HÜSKER DÜ song we covered. Rather horribly. It was “She floated away”. We loved it. Aaah, memories….

One day before the PARTS & LABOR show we had gotten an email offering BOB MOULD solo shows for end of April and at that point I wasn’t really that much interested because his solo stuff never has touched me as much as HÜSKER DÜ. Hearing others praising SUGAR etc. again and again I guess I should give it another listen.

A couple of days ago I picked up ‘HOMOCORE – The Loud and Raucous Rise of Queer Rock‘ to take a break from my still unfinished Murakami-Windup-Bird-Chronicle-lecture (it’s not bad, I’m just too impatient) and once again that name popped up: The chapter about BOB MOULD made me google around a bit. I knew he was gay but I hadn’t known about his not-so-nice outing by DENNIS COOPER (whose stuff I actually like) in ’94. Sometimes I seem to live behind the moon as we germans say (which comes pretty close in describing the whereabouts of massacre mansion if I think about it.)… anyway… I googled a bit and was quite surprised to find BOB MOULD

… looking like this today:

… being a dj whose playlists include some really fresh stuff like Diplo, Fucked Up, Muscles, Yelle, Burial and even one of my bounce favourites: EPMD – run it (Sinden rmx)

… having a club night and house music project with Morel that is called BLOWOFF

… being a blogger who is well worth checking out. Anyone who writes about stuff as diverse as La Quiete, Marshall McLuhan and Phil Spector should be worth your attention: http://modulate.blogspot.com

Isn’t it weird that the BOB MOULD blog somehow sounds more openminded and diverse than the new DIMMAK COMMUNITY blogging that even has JUSTIN PEARSON writing whose work I usually appreciate but that DIMMAK blog just looks like some VICE MAG copy. You know what I mean, that constantly desperately nagging style of “i’m the hippest, i’m the loudest, i’m the crassest, I AM DIFFERENT!”. It always makes me want to pat the writer’s head and tell them: “Yesyesyes, you’re the raddest most unique bad-to-the-bone-st creature out there. Ever. Nothing compares 2U. Now sleep, PLZ.” Anyway…

Here‘s a good interview giving you a good BOB MOULD outline. What I really l.o.v.e. him for is how he rejects the possibility of a HÜSKER DÜ reunion:

“I can’t recreate what people think they saw. I’m not 23, drunk and cranked up and angry. I’m not that person any more. The intensity of those records, I just can’t do it. Heat with Grant and Greg [Norton, Hüsker bassist], yeah, that’s all there, but it would be like a joke. It would not be becoming. It would do more damage than good to what the band stands for.”

I wish more bands would see it like that and stick to it.

Sadly I don’t like the big-radio-rock-production of BOB MOULD‘s latest album, ‘District Line’ which I’m listening to again right now but he is going to release a new one, ‘The Life and Times’ on Anti Records in April and I hope for the best. He’s got a great voice and if he’s playing solo shows there won’t be no big radio rock band sound going on… just the man and his guitar… with the songs stripped to the core… doesn’t that sound tempting… great, now I wrote myself back into being a dedicated fand again…. aargh… wasn’t there an eve massacre that was totally bored of bearded old punkrock legends doing songwriter stuff today? Haha, I guess, I have to draw the homo-card and argue it’s different if it’s a queer punkrock legend. Sadly those are still pretty hard to find.

Of course I can’t leave you without posting a youtube clip of one of my favourite sad songs that has to make up for my Mould-centric HÜSKER DÜ writing. Here’s a GRANT HART HÜSKER DÜ song. God, I used to be in love with his voice.

* _ *

I have skipped the DESI Flohmarkt today because I still felt like a piece of shit unable to stand the presence of other human beings. At least I have instead finally managed to overhaul the ORCHID myspace site:

“You are what you eat” – grumpiness galore and “radical chic”

“If you are what you eat, I’m sweet”
Nation of Ulysses

What a sad Saturday night. I can’t be bothered going out although there would be so many nice parties to go to. My period sniped and kicked me into a weekend of catatonia. I will never get used to this. Also it’s bloody cold outside and I feel misanthropic. Of course this has to happen on the Saturday with the worst tv program e.v.e.r. Oh my. I’m all immobile and antsy at the same time and far too twisted to concentrate on reading. Anyway…..

The weirdest thing to read I came across today is an essay on M.I.A.’s terrorist chic. Actually the essay wasn’t that weird but that it is posted on a Guns’n’Roses messageboard somehow seems wrong. Here’s the introduction to give you an impression, you can read the whole essay here:

“Terrorist chic is the reconfiguration of terrorist iconography and aesthetics into commodities for consumption. It is becoming increasingly pervasive from the hooded sweatshirts of Anticon to the reappropriation of Hamas kaffiyehs by hip hop’s fashion elite. My aim with this essay is to challenge the idea that terrorist chic always operates to transform terrorist symbols and narratives into empty signifiers for consumption, through an analysis of the pop star MIA. […] In the first section of this essay, I will argue that MIA’s terrorist chic is a legitimate strategy for engendering a revolutionary politics from within commodity culture. In the second section, I will argue that MIA deterritorialises her own terrorist body and in doing so, transgresses the cultural/regional/political borders that prevent radical becomings. I will be discussing MIA as a machine in the Guattarian/Deleuzian sense. MIA as a machine is a cultural assemblage, the consumption of which brings MIA into the process of productivity production even as exterior elements define what the MIA machine is.”
And also from that board  –  I guess those GNR fans had lots of time to discuss other things while they were waiting for ‘chinese democracy’  –  comes this bit from an interview with Bruce La Bruce about his Raspberry Reich movie in which he tackles ‘radical chic’. (BTW That movie always reminded me of Stewart Home novels like Defiant Pose or Slow Death):

“Why did you decide to tackle the Radical Chic theme? When did you develop an interest in that?

Radical Chic has always interested me, ever since I took a course in university called Protest Literature and Movements. Part of the appeal of all the early equal rights movements – feminist, gay, black – was that they understood the importance of adopting a militant image and rhetoric that was both intriguing to the media and also politically charged, alluding to the kind of Marxist-based guerilla insurgencies that were happening in Latin America in that era. But the problem with working within the capitalist system by making these radical political movements alluring and even sexy is that it plays into what Marx called commodity fetishism.

Eventually each of these movements was subsumed and co-opted by the corporate media to the point where you have someone like Madonna manufacturing reputedly radical images of guerilla insurgency to sell millions of records, and the image of Che Guevera becoming a capitalist, sexual icon in the order of James Dean or Marilyn Monroe. The political substance of these radical images has been excised, resulting in a set of empty signifiers which can only be seen as an aspect of fashion or style.

I think that’s the biggest problem facing any new radical political movement today, is to figure out how to avoid the co-optive powers of the media and make a sexy insurgency without succumbing to the merely cosmetic realm of radical chic. Nonetheless, you can now order the new Raspberry Reich t-shirts at www.brucelabruce.com featuring six sexy slogans: The Revolution is My Boyfriend, Join The Homosexual Intifada, Put Your Marxism Where Your Mouth Is, Heterosexuality Is The Opiate Of The Masses, Madonna Is Counterrevolutionary, and Corporate Hip Hop Is Counterrevolutionary.”

The whole interview is worth a read, check it out here.

Right now I’m too numb and tired to voice any thoughts but while I’m gathering pieces about this subject: There was this movie called ‘Get Rid Of Yourself’ that dealt with black block / radical chic/lifestyle etc. in the Genoa 2001 protests. Here‘s the movie for watching & downloading. Here‘s an introduction to it on the maker’s website, Bernadette Corporation. And here‘s another text about them and their understanding of art (this one’s in german).Also in german: Dieter Diederichsen picking up this movie when he gives a kind of history of fashion and dissociation and protest culture here.

Now I’ll simply give up on this stupid day, have a hot chocolate with arrak and some aspirin and go to bed. Nighty night everyone. Hope you have a better weekend. Meh.

PS.: I think I haven’t mentioned here yet: There’s a live recording of the first (and not the best I’m afraid) one and a half hours of my set at the Heilige Liga in December. You can get it from the Heilige Liga myspace.

Castrop radio playlist

“Life is short, filled with stuff, don’t know what for” The Cramps

R.I.P. Lux Interior

DESTROYER – Introducing Angels
THE CRAMPS – I was a teenage werewolf
VIVIAN GIRLS – Such a joke
ASTRONAUTALIS – Two years before the mast (live in würzburg, cafe cairo, feb10)
DÄLEK – 2012 (the pillage)
RECORDKINGZ feat. THE BEATNUTS – Rock ya shoulders
AFRIKAN BOY – Lagos Town (Konrad Old Money RMX)
METRONOMY – A thing for me (live in nürnberg, k4, feb19)
FUTURE ISLANDS – Old friend (live in fürth, kunstkeller, feb19)
DIGITAL LEATHER – Styrofoam (live in nürnberg, k4, feb11)
SELFISH CUNT – England made me II (live in nürnberg, k4, feb11)
LADYHAWKE – Back of the van
& some live shanty 😉

In case you don’t know yet…

… today the wonderful people over at ACAPELLAS4U let you download as many acapellas for free as you can stomach! Might be good news for some of you (bedroom) producer types out there! 🙂

GYBO has a great silly old school rave challenge running, “Prodigify me!”. The tunes that already are up for download gave me a big big smile. Join the board and take part or listen to the entries!
The challenge thread is here, a great ’90s Rave How To’ is posted here.

… on Saturday you can go to the third event of our 11-point-party-program KILL THE POOR. As the theme will be ‘Recession’ I would come early if I were you. As two of us 4 excellent-taste-djs at the moment have Parts&Labor in their Top Ten Tunes I’d go to the Parts&Labor show tonight if I were you. 🙂