“Feels like dancing is the way to go” – another new track online

“Feels like dancing is the way to go” Chromeo


If someone knows what the instrumental track is please let me know! I accidentally converted it to something name-neutral like ‘track 01’ and can’t put my finger on who the artist was.

P.S.: The picture shows Marion Hollins who in the 1920s was one of the first female golf & tennis pros. Guess that took some real fancy footwork. You can get a bit more info about her here.

“The shoes stay on my feet” – Castrop radio show playlist

“The shoes stay on my feet.” Tiga
Castrop on Radio Z
Playlist 19th of March 2009

I forgot to post this playlist.

THE THERMALS – When I died
From their new album on Kill Rock Stars. On first listen I’d say it doesn’t get under my skin as much as their last one. I think that’s partly due to the last one being such a dark yet encouraging statement against the political climate in the USA at that time. Like others I would have loved some more uptempo tracks cause The Thermals are so good at them. When I hear too many of their midtempo songs in a row I get the feeling it’s all a bit pathos laden (if that word exists). But that’s splitting mouse hair cause I really love that band and enjoy the new album a lot. AND I WANT TO SEE THEM LIVE IN NUREMBERG AGAIN PLZ!

SEDATIVES – Slip away
The Sedatives are a canadian band formed from people of Buried Inside and Billion Dollar Marxists in 2007 and I really hope they bring their 7″(s? or even an album?) when they come on tour this fall cause I’m already addicted to this little punk gem. It’s like the love child of Hot Snakes and Lost Sounds. I will go see them live at one of my favourite small festivals: TRAINSPOTTING at the Stattbahnhof in Schweinfurt. Other bands confirmed by now: ZANN, MOUTHBREATHER, ANTITAINMENT, SHOKEI, MAGIC OF THE RAINBOW, GLASSES and GOLDUST. It’s on the first week-end in September.

WINDMILL – Love will tear us apart
A nice and slightly weird coverversion. Windmill is Matthew Thomas Dillon from London who is working on a new album at the moment. When I first hear his voice I instantly had to google if this wasn’t some retirement-home-songwriter-project of ATOM & HIS PACKAGE. It isn’t.

ATOM & HIS PACKAGE – Punk rock academy
Next to ‘Happy Birthday Ralph’ this must be my favouritest ATOM & HIS PACKAGE song. It’s from his 1997 album ‘A Society Of People Named Elihu’. In my memory he was one of the first (and till today he stays the best) people to do that trashy Lo-Fi Synth-Punk one man show thing with lots of action on stage, with a neverending supply of catchy melodies, and lots of interaction with the audience. No one got out of his shows without a broad grin. Somehow I think even bands like The Death Set, Japanther or even Matt & Kim somehow owe him.

THE DEATH SET – Negative thinking
Love their trash approach to sampling-spiced punk. Want to see them live again. ASAP.

JAPANTHER – Summer of ’79
More garage-trash-art-punk. Want to see them live again. ASAP. Hopefully in September.

MATT & KIM – Cutdown

Just like Japanther a duo from New York. Almost too happyhappyjoyjoy but just almost. Love their new second album ‘Grand’ also for the production. I think it’s tough to transport the charm of lo-fi punk/dance/pop into a production that makes the album still fun to listen to three times in a row. Buy it buy it buy it. Want to see them live. ASAP. Hopefully May/June.

WINDMILL – Boarding Lounges
Thought I’d play another song by Windmill so he doesn’t come across as ‘that guy with the JD cover version’. I have a soft spot for a certain kind of high-pitched male vocals so I’m really curious how his new album will turn out.

JULIE DOIRON – Borrowed minivan
I feel a bit sorry for not having listened to Julie Doiron since years. The last album I had listened to was ‘Desormais’ and it sounded like just another solid songwriter album. Checking out her new one, ‘I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day’, has changed my mind. It has the charisma and rememberable voice and skills to turn simple stories into songs that make a great songwriter. 

TIGA – Shoes
What can I say. Tiga is Tiga is Tiga. Discofluffkitsch with a great (Soulwax again, I think) production. I cannot not love it.

IN FLAGRANTI – Brash & vulgar
I used to like these New Yorkers music, nice discoid indiedancemusic, but their artwork concept with all the cheap nostalgia porn/pin up stuff is just as much a turn off as it was when Jason Forrest used that aesthetic with his Cock Rock Disco stuff. If it’s not ironic enough it’s just re-enforcing.

PEACHES – Talk to me
Excellent new song but with her getting Digitalism, Soulwax, Drums Of Death and Simian Mobile Disco on the producer board of her new album the problem is that this gets a new generation of soundalikes that runs at risk to get exchangeable or confusable. I don’t want Peaches to sound like a Soulwax Remix of Gossip even if I like all three of them.

N.A.S.A. – Strange enough
The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album is a bit too tame for my liking and I don’t really buy it as a becoming-disco approach in a Glass Candy or Chromatics way. That’s why I rather chose this fresh hiphop track with Karen O, also featuring Wu Tang’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard und Pharcyde’s Fatlip. I totally enjoy the N.A.S.A. album though I had been a bit sceptical when I read the endless list of contributors: M.I.A., Kool Keith, Tom Waits, Kanye West, Santogold, Lovefoxx von Cansei de ser Sexy, David Byrne, Chuck D, KRS-One, and one of my most favourite tracks: George Clinton, well, and many others. N.A.S.A. is the producer alter ego of the friends Sam Spiegel and Ze Gonzales. The album that they worked their magic on is called ‘Spirit Of Apollo’ (Anti Rec.) and it sounds as if they had lots of chilled fun making it. They have not just managed to work the sheer mass of guest musicians but also  got a whole shipload of samples into a wonderful coherent album that’s brimming of life.

PROFISEE & EPROM – What it seems
A scottish MC and a producer from San Francisco – who’d have thought that that gives such a fine fine collaboration, watch out for their ‘Zoning’ EP. It’s cool to see a conscious lyricist like PROFISEE teaming up with EPROM who is -hope I’m not wrong-informed here – part of the GLITCH MOB who stand for a superbassheavy synth hiphop that I usually only connect with heavy partying but not wid da braiinnss… 😉

RYE RYE ft. M.I.A. – Bang
Another collaboration: RYE RYE is a US rapper whose album was the first release on M.I.A.’s label and whom you might know from the stuck-in-yr-ears-tune ‘Shake it to the Ground’ she did with Blaqstarr. She also worked with Count&Sinden and Diplo and whomdoiknow and on this track with the M.I.A.

A GIRL AND A GUN – Send more cops (KOLT13)
A little bounce track. 18yearold Sophie B from Alabama seems to get remixed throughout the whole blogosphere while her original are quite cool Electroclash too. I picked this KOLT13 remix cause I have liked quite a few of his/her/their?(I know nothing about KOLT13 but that it comes from Paris) remixes lately.

“We laugh at your empty ideas” – Castrop radio show playlist + ORCHID tomorrrrooooww!

“Old ideas from another place
Trying to tell us what we’re supposed to be about
Don’t try to define what my life is supposed to mean to me
We laugh at your empty ideas of
What hardcore means” Limp Wrist

Sooo… here’s the playlist of yesterday’s CASTROP. It’s weird, there are some weeks when I find it hard to find enough songs that thrill me enough to combine them and stories about them into a music+chitchat radio show and others, like this week, where I could have filled three hours.

Castrop on Radio Z
Playlist 5th of March 2009

CHAIRLIFT – evident utensil (MGMT rmx)
I like this version more than the original because of all the little extra sound sample thingies it sounds less sterile, a bit more organic.

Lost.FM (Seppo & Quirin’s new show on Radio Z) had a test run for it last week-end and I really hope they will be allowed to go on with it cause it was the perfect Sunday afternoon entertainment. There was just one thing I can’t let go without a counter airplay: Mr. Defect dared to prefer the – no matter how much I love them for their other stuff, and I really love Xiu Xiu’s music, even if I’m disappointed by their tour policy as since their show in 2004 we tried but couldn’t get them to play Nuremberg again… the usual ‘the city’s too small, to uninteresting for media etc.’ blabla – but back to Mr. Defect: he preferred the mediocre Xiu Xiu cover of ‘Under Pressure’ to the Blood Brothers’ version. As for Xiu Xiu I think the best cover they have done so far is “Ceremony”.
With the BB ‘Under Pressure’ cover I love how the whole pathos of the Queen/Bowie original doesn’t get lost but gets translated into the hectic screamo-emo-chaospop-hardcore cosmos of the Blood Brothers. Some news from there: Jaguar Love – the follow up band of parts of the Blood Brothers – has dropped their drummer and Cody Votalot and Johnny Whitney will proceed as a slightly more electronic duo now.

XIU XIU – Ceremony
BLOOD BROTHERS – Under Pressure

This cover version is released on a compilation that has just got republished in blue vinyl in a limited edition. It’s called ‘Dynamite with a lazer beam – Queen heard through the meat grinder of 31G’. 31G being the label that has released it. I also love Weasel Walter’s version of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ that’s on it.

31G is the label of Justin Pearson of The Locust and Some Girls, or ex-Some Girls as they called it quits, and he has a new band project too. His bazillionst new band. It’s called All Leather and Nathan Joyner who also played in Some Girls is in it too. The first All Leather record will be released on Steve Aoki‘s Dim Mak label. That might ring the drugspoiledpartyhipster alaram for some people but let’s not forget Dim Mak also has released bands like Planes Mistaken For Stars, Monochrome (yes the german band) and Pretty Girls Make Graves (I think I remember Aoki even accompanying them and doing merch table on their tour when they played at the Hüttenschänke and K4). That All Leather album is not out yet but this song from their myspace is better than nothing and already makes me want to hear more:

ALL LEATHER – I don’t hate fags, God does

LILLY ALLEN feat. MICK JONES – Straight To Hell

I confess I have a weak spot for Lilly Allen and the way she mingles fluffy pink candyfloss pop music with at least halfway conscious lyrics on her album makes me hope that one day she will become the next and better Kylie Minogue. This cover version and the next two can be found on a compilation called ‘Heroes’ by War Child. War Child is an organisation that cares for children that have become victims of war. Those children often get marginalised and socially outcast, they are poor and live and work on the street, or suffer as child soldiers or in prisons. To better their situation War Child tries to raise some money. To do so they have gotten lots of pop music legends – thank god no Bono or Geldof – to get their songs covered by nowadays darlings: There’s Blondie’s ‘Call Me’ covered by Franz Ferdinand, Joy Division’s ‘Transmission’ by Hot Chip, The Stooges’ ‘Search & Destroy’ by Peaches and TV On The Radio cover what you could call the compilation’s title track.


Well, it doesn’t sound that bad. Still I find it kind of sad that you could bet that if they would have covered this song back in their ‘Staring at the Sun’ days they would have made an awesome tearing-yr-heart out version of it while this just sounds…  okay, or let’s say: professional

I’ve picked yet another track of the War Child compilation. The Scissor Sisters come back to what it was perfectly okay to love them for when they appeared out of nowhere with “Comfortably Numb”: a nice little mirror ball disco pop cover version. Cheesy OTT disco pop trash. I like that.


There’s a new tune by queer electrogrime-duo The Fagget Fairys from Denmark. The Fagget Fairie are the ladies MC Ena and DJ Sensimilla. Sensimilla has been a dj since years and was also an active part of a music-art-fashion-collective called Art Rebels of which I’ve read a nice explanatory subtitle that said something like ‘middle-aged dykes dancing like thugs’.

Last year the Fagget Fairys had a blog hit with Uzela and some critics called them a hype and dissed them as one hit wonders that just make a few beats and sugar them up with sexy moaning vocals and that’s how they get themselves into the spotlight. I actually don’t think so. Not every lezzy couple that goes sexy in the spotlights necessarily does a Tatu. In my opinion they really stand out because of their sounds not just being ‘some beats and synths’. There’s a lot of lo-fi queer electro out there whereas the Fagget Fairies sound fresh and well-produced.

FAGGET FAIRYS – feed the horse

This Saturday we’ll have the third edition of the ORCHID night at the K4 and I’m excited and nervous and yet somehow I know it has to become a great night because quite a few people told me how much they look forward to it but I can’t get rid of negative thinking. Like ‘i won’t find time to make enough fake moustaches’ and ‘no one will turn up’ and ‘there will be technical problems’ and ‘the music we’ll play won’t please the people’ … you know the kind of sorrows that instantly are forgotten as soon as the first 50 people fill the room and start dancing. I wonder if everybody who puts up parties gets nervous like this even if it’s the hundredth night she or he hosts. So – please feel invited and come over and have a good time.

I’ve invited guests this time: KATJA GUSTAFSSON of the swedish queer party Combustion will be there as a dj and me too.

And we have a live band for you too: I HEART SHARKS, a quirky electro indie band with guys from London and Berlin.


Another band that I will be happy to finally get a chance to see live is coming to Europe in June: Limp Wrist, the poster boy queercore band. Or I should rather say: the poster bear queercore band per se. AFAIK the show closest to Nuremberg will be at the Komma in Esslingen on the 28th of June. Limp Wrist are a hardcore band that has existed since 1998 and whose members have played in bands like Los Crudos and Kill The Man Who Questions before that. This is a Limp Wrist song about not letting other people’s empty ideas of the hardcore scene spoil what it is for you.

Los Crudos, among other things the former band of Limp Wrist’s singer, were a band that always stressed their hispanic background and sang almost all of their songs in spanish. Their lyrics were about a broad range of political problem fields, from the rights of immigrants to police violence or homophobia. In Limp Wrist on the other everything is focussed on gay subjects: there are songs against homophobic tv christians, about dissociation from mainstream rainbow gay culture or also from homophobia in the actually rather homo erotic hardcore punk scene. In the early two thousands Limp Wrist got a bit quiet with members living in different states but since 2006 there’s been new signs of life from them, even a new 7″ release and like I’ve mentioned now they will finally tour Europe.

LIMP WRIST – Angry Queen
Sometimes it’s a bit sad that only certain bands get remembered for a niche scene, that’s why I’ve also picked an equally pissed-off song by another queer core band, The Mukilteo Fairies. AFAIK they’ve only existed for a year around 1993 but they had a couple of releases, for example on Kill Rock Stars, and an equally extroverted singer as Limp Wrist. And what sadly still is the exception if it comes to hardcore or grindcore bands: they even had a female in their band.

MUKILTEO FAIRIES – Queer enough for you

One of the Mukilteo Fairies might ring a bell if I tell you the name: Jason Reese. Today you might know him as the drummer and sometimes singer of And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead who have just released a new album, ‘Century Of Self’. It debauches in pompous rock and emo-melodic-noisecorepunk, and I don’t know what to make of it. I like it better than all their Beatles-spooning albums but I think they will never manage to touch me again as they have with their ‘Madonna’ album.

…TRAIL OF DEAD – Far Pavillions

There’s a new Thermals track. w00t! They have a new single out, with the title track of their album and a few other songs, demos and a non-album-track, and they have switched from Sub Pop to Kill Rock Stars for their new release and I can’t wait for it. The Body The Blood The Machine still is one of my favourite albums and I really really hope their next one will live up to it. Kill Rock Stars kindly offers the song for free download on their website but of course I suggest you go buy the record too because The Thermals as well as Kill Rock Stars deserve it.

– Now You Can See

It has been produced by none other than John Congleton, the singer and guitarist of another favourite band of mine, The Paper Chase.

As last song for this episode I’ve chosen a track by Agikakaluna!, a cool gameboy musician from around here whom you might remember from playing at the M TO THE V FEST in January and you can see him live with Dagatil today at the Raum 4 in Fürth. Oh, and after that show I recommend the new house/deeptechno night of the Elektronischen Rocken bwoys: Pumping Velvet at the Desi!

AGIKAKALUNA! – 80080080

“Aaa-aaaaahrgh, we fade to grey” – dresden, missy

“Feel the rain like an English summer
Hear the notes from a distant song
Stepping out from a back shop poster
Wishing life wouldn’t be so long
Aaah-aaah, we fade to grey”

I’m fine with fluffy light grey days but these dark lead-grey days all covered in dirty melting snow are killing me.

Last week an EU commission gave us new but hardly surprising numbers: In Europe women still earn 17% less than men for doing the same jobs. In Germany it’s even 23%. No big outcry. Business as usual. ‘Equality’ as usual.

I’ve enjoyed my little excursion to Dresden’s AZ Conni last Friday. I was late, partly because I have a reputation to defend, partly (and that was the bigger part) because it was a horrible ride. Darkness and rain is fine with me but I hate driving through fog and it was awfully foggy. I was still in time though for a little soundcheck and to sit down and shake off the driving drowsiness before the show started. It felt rather karaoke to sing along to my laptop set but it was fun. I even played a few old ones, “Some story being told” and for the first time live: my “Reprovisional” Fugazi cover. There even were a few people there. I couldn’t see anyone in the audience because of the dazzling spotlights but I could swear between the songs there was some clapping and woohoo-ing from somewhere in the dark. 😉

Shooting Spires was great. There’s so many people these days who pile up a heap of analog effects & sampling machines in their bedroom and feel all deep and as if they were making outstanding experimental music. Most of them sadly are wrong and that there are so many of them is seriously spoiling this genre for me. Same as with ambient netaudio bedroom producers six or seven years ago. Lots of boring average soundalikes. Shooting Spires wouldn’t be wrong. He has a great feeling for sounds and timing and of course melodies. Sound-conscious lo-fi goodness. And he has a great voice. But I’ve said that before when I wrote about Parts&Labor. And his solo work isn’t just saddo slow songs but also noisy kicking punk smashers. Lovurrrly.

All in all it was a kind of short evening compared to all those long dj nights I’ve gotten used to but a nice one. It was good to meet Marcel of Altin Village and BJ and his girlfriend, and, hey, to have a whole dormitory to myself.

The drive back again led me through shitty weather but I enjoyed the long drive. Hours spent with a humming motor and a plastic cup of coffee in my hand and listening to an audiobook. ‘At peace with oneself’. This time it was Tess Gerritsen’s ‘Bone Garden’, not her best novel as reviews have it, but it has a nice dual storyline: In the present a woman unburies a skeleton when breaking up her new house’s garden and she tries to trace back the origin when she hears it’s the skeleton of a woman that was murdered back in the 1830s. The other line is the story of medical students and a seamstress back in 1830, the time of a serial killer, the Boston reaper. Gerritsen almost bites off more than she can chew with packing so much material into this novel, it’s historical / mystery / medical crime / romance novel all in one. You can feel that she had to concentrate so much on keeping all those strings and informations in check that the writing suffers a bit but with an audiobook it doesn’t matter so much and the story is so entertaining that it makes up for that.

I’ve read that Missy Magazin #02 has Tine Plesch on their next feminist trading card. I guess their intentions are good. But it feels wrong. Oh so wrong. I mean, it’s good that Missy Mag exists. I guess. I mean, I like to imagine there’s a target group of women out there who’ve never been in touch with feminism before and haven’t heard that there are creative active successful women out there and then they read Missy mag and suddenly feel like feminism lost its stale stench and can be all cool and hip too and suddenly they get all feminist too. I don’t feel like the target group. It’s a bit like the argument that an antifa friend of mine used years ago to defend Rage Against The Machine as a political band: For kids who’ve never been in touch with politics before they could be the mainstream starter drug that gets them thinking and into activism.
Me, I still don’t like Rage Against The Machine nor can I take them politically serious. Missy, the german Rage Against Bono Coldplay of feminism. I don’t know. Maybe I’m unfair. Maybe I just don’t get that pop feminism thing. Maybe it’s personal because even if they repeat for the hundredst time that they are not about beauty ideals Missy makes me feel like these days I don’t even look good enough for feminism any more. Which is quite an achievement because no non-feminist women’s mag has ever managed to make me feel unfit. 😉
I miss Tine. She always knew the best and most gruesome new crime novels by female writers.