“The shoes stay on my feet” – Castrop radio show playlist

“The shoes stay on my feet.” Tiga
Castrop on Radio Z
Playlist 19th of March 2009

I forgot to post this playlist.

THE THERMALS – When I died
From their new album on Kill Rock Stars. On first listen I’d say it doesn’t get under my skin as much as their last one. I think that’s partly due to the last one being such a dark yet encouraging statement against the political climate in the USA at that time. Like others I would have loved some more uptempo tracks cause The Thermals are so good at them. When I hear too many of their midtempo songs in a row I get the feeling it’s all a bit pathos laden (if that word exists). But that’s splitting mouse hair cause I really love that band and enjoy the new album a lot. AND I WANT TO SEE THEM LIVE IN NUREMBERG AGAIN PLZ!

SEDATIVES – Slip away
The Sedatives are a canadian band formed from people of Buried Inside and Billion Dollar Marxists in 2007 and I really hope they bring their 7″(s? or even an album?) when they come on tour this fall cause I’m already addicted to this little punk gem. It’s like the love child of Hot Snakes and Lost Sounds. I will go see them live at one of my favourite small festivals: TRAINSPOTTING at the Stattbahnhof in Schweinfurt. Other bands confirmed by now: ZANN, MOUTHBREATHER, ANTITAINMENT, SHOKEI, MAGIC OF THE RAINBOW, GLASSES and GOLDUST. It’s on the first week-end in September.

WINDMILL – Love will tear us apart
A nice and slightly weird coverversion. Windmill is Matthew Thomas Dillon from London who is working on a new album at the moment. When I first hear his voice I instantly had to google if this wasn’t some retirement-home-songwriter-project of ATOM & HIS PACKAGE. It isn’t.

ATOM & HIS PACKAGE – Punk rock academy
Next to ‘Happy Birthday Ralph’ this must be my favouritest ATOM & HIS PACKAGE song. It’s from his 1997 album ‘A Society Of People Named Elihu’. In my memory he was one of the first (and till today he stays the best) people to do that trashy Lo-Fi Synth-Punk one man show thing with lots of action on stage, with a neverending supply of catchy melodies, and lots of interaction with the audience. No one got out of his shows without a broad grin. Somehow I think even bands like The Death Set, Japanther or even Matt & Kim somehow owe him.

THE DEATH SET – Negative thinking
Love their trash approach to sampling-spiced punk. Want to see them live again. ASAP.

JAPANTHER – Summer of ’79
More garage-trash-art-punk. Want to see them live again. ASAP. Hopefully in September.

MATT & KIM – Cutdown

Just like Japanther a duo from New York. Almost too happyhappyjoyjoy but just almost. Love their new second album ‘Grand’ also for the production. I think it’s tough to transport the charm of lo-fi punk/dance/pop into a production that makes the album still fun to listen to three times in a row. Buy it buy it buy it. Want to see them live. ASAP. Hopefully May/June.

WINDMILL – Boarding Lounges
Thought I’d play another song by Windmill so he doesn’t come across as ‘that guy with the JD cover version’. I have a soft spot for a certain kind of high-pitched male vocals so I’m really curious how his new album will turn out.

JULIE DOIRON – Borrowed minivan
I feel a bit sorry for not having listened to Julie Doiron since years. The last album I had listened to was ‘Desormais’ and it sounded like just another solid songwriter album. Checking out her new one, ‘I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day’, has changed my mind. It has the charisma and rememberable voice and skills to turn simple stories into songs that make a great songwriter. 

TIGA – Shoes
What can I say. Tiga is Tiga is Tiga. Discofluffkitsch with a great (Soulwax again, I think) production. I cannot not love it.

IN FLAGRANTI – Brash & vulgar
I used to like these New Yorkers music, nice discoid indiedancemusic, but their artwork concept with all the cheap nostalgia porn/pin up stuff is just as much a turn off as it was when Jason Forrest used that aesthetic with his Cock Rock Disco stuff. If it’s not ironic enough it’s just re-enforcing.

PEACHES – Talk to me
Excellent new song but with her getting Digitalism, Soulwax, Drums Of Death and Simian Mobile Disco on the producer board of her new album the problem is that this gets a new generation of soundalikes that runs at risk to get exchangeable or confusable. I don’t want Peaches to sound like a Soulwax Remix of Gossip even if I like all three of them.

N.A.S.A. – Strange enough
The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album is a bit too tame for my liking and I don’t really buy it as a becoming-disco approach in a Glass Candy or Chromatics way. That’s why I rather chose this fresh hiphop track with Karen O, also featuring Wu Tang’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard und Pharcyde’s Fatlip. I totally enjoy the N.A.S.A. album though I had been a bit sceptical when I read the endless list of contributors: M.I.A., Kool Keith, Tom Waits, Kanye West, Santogold, Lovefoxx von Cansei de ser Sexy, David Byrne, Chuck D, KRS-One, and one of my most favourite tracks: George Clinton, well, and many others. N.A.S.A. is the producer alter ego of the friends Sam Spiegel and Ze Gonzales. The album that they worked their magic on is called ‘Spirit Of Apollo’ (Anti Rec.) and it sounds as if they had lots of chilled fun making it. They have not just managed to work the sheer mass of guest musicians but also  got a whole shipload of samples into a wonderful coherent album that’s brimming of life.

PROFISEE & EPROM – What it seems
A scottish MC and a producer from San Francisco – who’d have thought that that gives such a fine fine collaboration, watch out for their ‘Zoning’ EP. It’s cool to see a conscious lyricist like PROFISEE teaming up with EPROM who is -hope I’m not wrong-informed here – part of the GLITCH MOB who stand for a superbassheavy synth hiphop that I usually only connect with heavy partying but not wid da braiinnss… 😉

RYE RYE ft. M.I.A. – Bang
Another collaboration: RYE RYE is a US rapper whose album was the first release on M.I.A.’s label and whom you might know from the stuck-in-yr-ears-tune ‘Shake it to the Ground’ she did with Blaqstarr. She also worked with Count&Sinden and Diplo and whomdoiknow and on this track with the M.I.A.

A GIRL AND A GUN – Send more cops (KOLT13)
A little bounce track. 18yearold Sophie B from Alabama seems to get remixed throughout the whole blogosphere while her original are quite cool Electroclash too. I picked this KOLT13 remix cause I have liked quite a few of his/her/their?(I know nothing about KOLT13 but that it comes from Paris) remixes lately.

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