“We dance to the sound of sirens” – electrofunk compilation for free download

“Wipe the blood of those knuckles …
There are other things that hands can do
To create or to destroy
Mini gods and goddesses…
We dance to the sound of sirens…”
Bloc Party

A while ago WORLD FAMOUS AUDIO HACKER invited me to be part of an electro funk originals / mash ups / remixes compilation and I said yes although it’s quite a challenge for me because that’s not exactly the genre I’m at home in. Was fun working on it though. For my track “Dance to the Sound of Unity” I used:


Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown – Unity (Pt. 6 – World War III)
Math Head – Get Hype
Bloc Party – Ares
Dynamix II – Pledge Your Allegiance To Electro Funk


The work on it is finished. WFAH put THE SOUND OF FUNKY BREAKS online for you to download for free right here:
I really like the used-record-look cover art work.
Thanks for all the work goes out to Derek WFAH!
Now go and enjoy.

* _ *

Bad luck stays with me. Yesterday I tried to install a flashy littly theme on my new notebook. Turned out a mistake. Something went wrong. Seriously wrong. Had to use my recovery disc and reinstall everything. Took me hours. No practicing for KILLING MISTER MOONLIGHT cause it was 11pm when I was done. Then I had a nice night out at the last ELEKTRONISCH ROCKEN party. (It will be missed!) I spent a lot of time chatting and learned a lot about scottish clan family politics. Missed my last nightliner bus and drank too much. Stumbled on the stairs and fell so stupidly that I sprained two fingers of my left hand and one of my fingernails got folded over. There even was blood. Yuck and ouch.
Today I tried a little bass guitar playing but it hurt more than I accept for practicising. Will try again later this evening. And there’s still tomorrow. At the moment I’m still willing to do the show but am curious what else will get in my way. When it rains it pours.
The good side of it is that I have decided to take today off of anything stressful and work-related and while doing so I only just realise how much I needed that. So far I’ve done nothing but having a long late breakfast and watching a few TORCHWOOD3 episodes. Sadly this series keeps killing main characters I like (and not all of them get revived). And they replaced the lightness and wittiness and the often LGBT-focussed and polyamorous sexyness of the first two seasons with a rather politics-centered plot that reminds me a bit of 70s sci-fi or catastrophe movies. And I don’t find it exactly daring that it all gets a bit more conservative and less surprising. Even the tough female gets pregnant just like a good woman should (yawn – hope they don’t start focussing on a job-vs-kid theme next season) and the queer stuff is almost tamed down to a ‘Streets of Philadelphia’ level. All in all it got not much in common with the fresh and new and daring air that older episodes like ‘day one’ or ‘kiss kiss bang bang’ had.  Still they manage to keep me entertained well so far. This season is all about the individual-vs-(police)-state-dilemma played out on a story about almost almighty aliens coming for the most innocent and weak humans: children. Classic stuff. Well, I’m off to watch the final episode now.

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