Gloriously Doomed

Don’t make it safe
Don’t make it last

We are more than mere moments
We are gloriously doomed

Don’t make it safe
Don’t make it last

All washed out, all so thin
Corporate breath on our skin

We don’t have to buy it

These are the lyrics to the new song in my myspace player.
You can also download it for free from here:
Song on Soundcloud

Actually I had started making a silly dance track but the more I worked on it I started pitching it down and down until I ended up with this dreamy slow angst pop thing.
All hail to the Peach! This gloomy pop song is the result of me getting lost in playing around with it. I guess in being somehow sadcore-ish and multi-layered and heavy on the reverbs and delays and distortion it isn’t that different from my KILLING MISTER MOONLIGHT songs except that there is no ‘real’ bass guitar involved, it’s more on the electronic side of pop. The mixture of verb+delay+distortion to me is the acoustic equivalent to glitter and drama and the world can’t get enough of that. I spent ages trying to fit the levels of drum&perc bits and synths and vocals and the dose of distortion and stuff until there was a point at which I thought from here I will only make it worse.
Next song I’ve started working on will definitely become a fierce and fast dance track.

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