“Wash the chaos from my skin” – a new mix is online: Y SO SIRIUS?

“I wanna take a bath with you
And wash the chaos from my skin” Placebo


This is a mix in which I cared more about bringing songs together that are are not necessarily from the same genre and time. I rather let the mood inspire me for the next song than the beat or the lyrics. When djing it’s 50:50 for me: For a while I enjoy letting the beat carry me along but every now and then there needs to be a break to keep things poly-mooded. When I make a mix at home it seems a bit boring and predictable just to mix similar electronic beat tracks one after another, one into another. I guess I’m not ‘dj’ enough for that. *
In this mix I did less mash up stuff than in the WOLF MIX but more edits. Songwise I think it comes close to what I play out at ORCHID nights at the moment. I first had picked more than 100 songs to throw into this mix and now that it’s done and cut to 27 tracks in 60 minutes I’m quite surprised that there are so many songs in it that I got to know via DISCODUST (bless’em!) and especially that THE GOLDEN FILTER sneaked their way in three times. Need more bass music in the next one. But love GOLDEN FILTER’s remix work. Well, I blame the approaching spring for all the disco mood. Now the snow is back and I’ll be off now to listen to some LIGHTNING BOLT to clean my head. ^ ^

You can listen to and download the mix from its soundcloud site (or msg me for an alternative link if you want the 192kbps version). You can also listen to it on Mixcloud. Feel free to share and repost.


Here’s the tracklist / spoiler if you don’t want to be surprised:

EDIT: As soundcloud gave error messages after only 11 downloads here’s a direct link to an mp3 version.

“We give ourselves away” – reblogging an old one.

“Talking loud and clear saying just what we feel
Lying in the grass with the sun on our backs
It doesn’t really matter what we do or what we say
With every little movement we give ourselves away” OMD

It just came to my mind how TOBI L played NINA SIMONE‘s ‘I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free’ as one of the very last songs of our final KILL THE POOR night. I made a bootleg of it many years ago mixing it with OMD (‘Talking Loud and Clear’) and MAERZ (‘Everybody Had A Hard Year’), all of them being favourite songs of mine. To round it up I added some pitched DEAD PREZ ‘i threw a molotow cocktail at the police‘ bits and X-RAY SPEX to set a theme.

WILLIAM BOWERS, one of my favourite PITCHFORK writers,* said this about it:
“One bootlegger who doesn’t seem merely preoccupied with crowd-coddling is Eve Massacre, who knows her way around contemporary, Intonation-caliber acts, but who also maintains a melancholy, gothstalgic streak. Her 2002 “I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Talk Loud & Clear”, featuring Nina Simone, OMD, Maerz, Dead Prez, and X-Ray Spex remains the only mash-up I would describe as beautiful.” (at the end of  this article). Feeling a bit ‘gothstalgic’ today and thinking that some of you might only know my bouncier noisier dancefloor tracks anyway I would like to share this mix with you once more. I think it originally is from 2002.


(Technically this song shows its age but sssssh – let’s romanticize this as we do with the crackling of aging vinyl, ‘kay?)

Can’t blog about her majesty SIMONE without bringing up at least one great excerpt from her:

*) For example his article ‘2009: A Xiu Xiudyssey is legendary in how he mingles writing skills with heart’s blood.