Radio Z Nachtclub massacre mix

I’m back on Radio Z and have just done a Nachtclub mix. You have a chance to relisten as it will be repeated here on livestream at 14:00 uhr (= 2pm gmt+1): Domeyko/Gonzales: Shadow March Domeyko/Gonzales: Eschatol Luke Dsico: The Mercy Seat Turzi – Baltimore (Turzi vs Zombie Zombie alive in Baltimore) […]

‘Musician’ workshops

“You wanted a hit…” j.murphy You gotta love those ‘musician’ workshops. Dear lemmings with “when will i will be famous?!” sparks in your cute young eyes, let us, the league of gentle(wo?)men who didn’t manage to ‘make it big’ in the music bizness show you how to become a successful band. Don’t forget to pay […]

Hate the Xtian Right

Reposting this in the face of the anti-gay riots in Serbia. Things like these riots made me mix this track about the cocksucking Jew from Galilee, his blinded-by-the-light-Christian haters, about being fed up, and claiming freedom as TEAM DRESCH sing it: “Don’t tell us we only care about the dykes and fags Don’t try and […]