booking follies

Sometimes booking bands can be a bit like a Beckett play. Sometimes I think that’s directly proportional to
factor a) how close to Berlin/London the booking person on the other end of the interwebwire lives
factor b) how high he/she rates on a hipster scala.
This specimen hits a ‘very’ on both a) and b).


me: We’d love to put up a show with band xy but we only can do it on the 19th of January.

hipberlinbooker (a few days later): Hello, I can offer you the 16th.

me: Sorry, but we can’t do it on the 16th. Like I’ve said the 19th would be the only date left possible cause you’re already a bit late with booking a January tour.

hipberlinbooker: I’ll get back to you in a moment.

me (a couple of days later): So  – would the 19th be possible?

hipberlinbooker (a week later): Hello, the 16th would be free for Nuremberg! 🙂

me (giving it one more try, whispering Beckett’s “i can’t go on. i go on.” as a mantra in my mind): I’ve already written you three times that the 16th isn’t possible. Only the 19th would still work. So I take it that we can forget about this show?

hipberlinbooker (one more week later): No, what about the 16th? If you don’t mind that they play in Munich on the 15th you could have them on the 16th.

I give up.

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