New eve massacre EP & facebook account disabled

You can get two new eve massacre songs as ep from bandcamp, incl. lyrics.
I’m quite happy to finally have finished these.
It’s been a while.

In other news my facebook account has been disabled cause facebook doesn’t believe ‘eve massacre’ is my real name and wants passport proof. Which I of course have instantly sent there along with my bank account details and a DNA sample. NOT.

I had never given the use of ‘eve massacre’ being a pseudonym a lot of thought because I have used it for so long that I identify with this nick. It’s not ‘just’ an artist name for me, it also has been my internet persona since early messageboard and friendster days. It seemed natural to join facebook as ‘eve massacre’ to reunite there with friends that migrated from myspace or messageboards. Half of the people wouldn’t find me under my birth name. Obviously I do not use facebook to stalk old childhood mates or distant relatives but to socially network with friends who share the same interests. Thing is, I’m not interested in getting in touch with people who are only connected to me via the same school or university or a job we once shared, which might be the people who would find me via my ‘real name’.  I rather have fb-friends from the same ‘scene’, people with whom I share the same kind of humour, ideals, taste in music, books, films, people who I go to the same shows with or discuss the same politics. A lot of these people know me as ‘eve massacre’ and wouldn’t even find me if I used my birth name. While you might think this kind of use is exactly the dataprofileconnexiunsstuff  facebook wants for their shiny pretty user data collection it suddenly doesn’t seem appropriate anymore. Meow.

Well, I guess, as long as it’s locked I will spend more time blogging and twittering again.