Is there already a word for the kind of disappointment that you get when you click on a mysterious link from your favourite artist and it turns out to be just another advertisement screaming “GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!” instead of something meaningful, creative, culturally relevant?

Max Tundra, Lindsay Lowend

If a song comes to my mind these days I often am too lazy to go over to my record shelf but search for it online instead. When I listened to Lindsay Lowend’s ‘Wind Fish’ it’s effervescence and sound aesthetic reminded me of Max Tundra‘s ‘Labial’. Haven’t found it online but came across this longforgotten […]

Earl Sweatshirt lyrics

“Given the current climate of nixed rapper endorsements, it’s not hard to imagine a rhyme like that causing trouble for Earl down the line.” writes SPIN magazine in a bit on Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Hive’ clip. So the only problem they see in these lyrics is that they could make Earl lose potential money from advertising? Meow. “Come around, we […]

Living in a democracy we should be free to dance with no one watching and not have to act as if no one was

I hate getting all worked up about current politics but sometimes (actually more and more often) it happens even to me. Then I have to start reading up on subjects cause I haven’t regularly read the papers and that confronts me with my ignorance and thus makes me even more grumpy. Not a nice situation. […]