Saved by the Merkelphone

So Merkel’s and a lot of other world leaders’ phones have been spied on for more than 10 years. (german / english) Erm… so what?! Trying to monitor people in leading positions of government or economy is espionage in the traditional sense. Nothing new here. I find it hard to put into words how blatantly and undemocratically arrogant it is by our government to react only now, after months of news about the ongoing mass surveillance. Now that the government sensationalizes it suddenly it’s a subject for tv again, too. And suddenly you find people like Anke Domscheit-Berg or Juli Zeh in talk shows. Why not before? It just adds to the impression that the mass surveillance of ‘regular’ citizens poses no problem.

I guess… as government you best do nothing about it, maybe you can find ways to use the surveillance net for yourself. Would be a shame to waste it, now that it has already been built. Now that the magic Merkelphone has been attacked though, we cannot show weakness, we have to react, now it’s ‘us vs them’. According to the Spiegel the government’s reaction now will be to build a stronger counterintelligence and there are thoughts about a german or european walled internet. which means – just in case you do not understand: The german people can feel secured. No, really, cheer, people, you will have been saved by the Merkelphone. All the great risk-taking leaking and journalistic work will turn out to be the perfect argument for an arms-race of security services worldwide. Instead of social changes give them more security. For those who still think there is not enough done for us to be properly secured – don’t worry. Just check out this Reuters piece about partnerships between facebook, Apple and the police. Or read this article (in german) on the german army getting ready for operations within their country. If you think that’s just about lame aid for flood victims, well… maybe read the government’s answer to a minor interpellation from Die Linke here. Oh, I feel so safe now, I’m with Butters.

Gabriele Kuby – Hetzrednerin gegen Homosexualität und Gleichstellung von Frauen kommt nach Nürnberg

[Sorry – posting this in german as it’s about a homophobic anti-feminist Hatemongerer coming to my hometown to spread her vile messages.]

Der Termin rückt so langsam näher und Protestideen nehmen langsam konkretere Gestalt an:

Am 3.11. stellt das CVJM Nürnberg seine Räumlichkeiten für einen Vortrag von Gabriele Kuby zur Verfügung, die bekannt ist für üble Hetzreden gegen Homosexuelle und gegen die Gleichstellung von Frauen. Und gegen Harry Potter. Finden viele nicht so dufte. Wenn es eine andere Religion wäre, hätten bestimmt schon einige von menschenfeindlichem religiösen Extremismus gesprochen.

Anyways – haltet die Augen und Ohren offen, und zeigt dass auch ihr die Hassrednerin in Nürnberg nicht willkommen heißt und es ziemlich uncool vom CVJM findet, dass er solchen Meinungen ein Podium gibt!

Hier noch zwei Artikel, die klar machen, für was sie so steht:

Germany, October 2013

Germany, Duisburg, 9th October 2013: Arson attack on a house in which 42 Roma live.
Germany, Güstrow, 12th October 2013: Arson attack on accomodation of 120 refugees.
Germany, Gmünden, 18th October 2013: Arson attack on accomodation for refugees.
Germany, Wehr, 19th October 2013: Arson attack on accomodation of asylum seekers.
Police apparently in all cases: “nothing suggests political or racist motives”.
Germany, Schneeberg, 19th October 2013: 1500 people join torch rally to protest an accomodation for refugees.


One more: Germany, Oldenburg, 20th October 2013: Arson attack on a cultural center of Sinti and Roma.


“brennt die scheiße schon vorher ab!” – Stimmungsmache gegen Flüchtlinge

Fakten gegen Vorurteile

Perfect Holiday, or: Sea, Books and Cats

So I have been on a holiday. Happens every other year, even to me. Being back now I have to say it felt too short but it felt really good. It felt too good to be that short. I’ve got more pictures on my instagram (I’m eve_massacre there, if you like to connect). I was in a croatian village in a not so pricy but really nice holiday flat. It was a hillside house, located directly at the sea.  From the street you entered it on ground level and on the sea-side you ended up on a third floor balcony. I love buildings like that. This was my view:

There were a lot of hungry street cats around and of course I loved watching them. The perfect crazy old cat lady training. One of them – he looked a bit as if he wore a batman mask – even made a habit of climbing up a tree to my balcony. After a few days he lost all shyness and dared to entered the flat and stayed on the sofa for an hour or so. Miss him a bit. The one on the left on this picture:

Watching over his own private Gotham:

I stayed at the third from last house of the village (a bit too small to recognize on this picture below), just a few steps from where a stony path lead around a beautiful lagoon and then along the coast. In some parts the rocks went from the typical grey to orange, or sometimes even like the earth: a deep rusty red. Some of the plants were purple. It felt like in a psychedelic Mars landscape.

The sea was a crystal clear, turquoise, and you could see all the stones below.

When you walked into the other direction, deeper into the village, you could do that along a classic sea front.

It had that certain sad empty half-broken atmosphere that things that were made for summer get in autumn.

What also was important to me: Not many people. I think I’ve met as many cats as humans while I stayed there. Wonderful and quiet.

It has been a while since I have enjoyed reading so much. Having no plans and a free mind to spend whole days reading was plain perfect. At home I’m too often too stressed out or tired to so. I also had brought my music equipment but I got sucked right in by those books. That’s why I hardly have any stories about this holiday or: The most stories would be those I’ve read. So I thought I’d blog a few words about those books cause I would recommend every single one of them.

The first book was one I didn’t read but listen to as audio book on my drive: T.C. Boyle’s ‘When The Killing Is Done’. The only other Boyle novel I have read so far was ‘Talk Talk’, one about identity theft of a deaf woman. It was decently thrilling but I couldn’t connect with any of the characters and it was a bit of a weary read. Still I wanted to give it another try and the audio book in german, read by Jan J. Liefers had gotten quite good reviews. Rightfully so. I am not the biggest fan of Liefers as an actor but his reading was a pleasure. Pace, intonation – everything. He grabs you and drags you right into the story. It is an eco thriller that shows two positions of eco activism at fight: The biologist’s idea of preserving a balance even if it means killing intruding species by the large versus the animal rights activist’s idea of protection of all animals no matter if an invasive kind destroys the balance and thus means extinction of another species. Boyle does not take a side but rather shows the god-complex rooted within both by contrasting them and exploring them in detail. Boyle’s descriptions of grim and beautiful nature are quite powerful and the infliction of the geographical history while keeping a thriller like tension up is quite skillfully. Lots of stories, some going back to one of the protagonist’s mother and grandmother, are woven into a gloomy tale of idealism and human nature. It was a real good pick for driving through the mountains.

To be continued tomorrow. Hopefully