Bye, Facebook and yay, Orchid!


The last time that I was shut out off Facebook for not using the name it requests me to use instead of what I consider my authentic name it was a bit of a shock. I was abroad and felt totally cut off from friends from one moment to the next. Now, that it has happened again, I don’t mind that much. It just makes me realize again why we shouldn’t base so much of our social contacts and chitchat on a system that applies rules as it likes. If you want more info about what is so bad about the real name policy, there was a good new article out this week, by Lil Miss Hot Mess, who sums it up: “Put simply, it runs the risk of a new tyranny of the majority.”

Oh, and what’s sad, is, that my ORCHID page will be dead, too. For ORCHID I have made the mistake to connect only via Facebook. Teaches me a lesson.
Next party is this Saturday, shruggie-Xena-flyer below!

In other news I have finally finished moving this blog and my german one,, to my own webspace so it is finally really ad-free and independent again. Feels good. What else keeps me busy rn? I am writing on a rather long text about street photography. Hopefully it will be finished next week. And we have some crazywonderful shows coming up, I love my little d.i.y. promoter gang!



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