“Something that can’t last” – looking back at last ORCHID and at IT’S THE BEAT with RUSTIE & Co.

“i have a love i have a love for this world, a kind of love that will break my heart a kind of love that reconstructs and remodels the past that adds a dryness to the dry august grass that adds the sunshine to the magnifying glass and makes me fight for something that cant […]

“Want to see your ass on the ceiling” – new old track

“I want to see your ass on the ceiling” The Yellow Press Here’s another tune for you: http://soundcloud.com/eve-massacre/happy-ending-or-screwed Not exactly a new one but I’m not sure if i have shared it yet and I’ve just come across the live footage below that reminded me of uploading it. Whenever I get people dancing like loonies […]

“And the hunger of those early years will never return” – new track up

“And the hunger of those early years will never return But I don’t mind, I don’t mind Because I love my mind when I’m fucking you” Bloc Party This is what comes from too much listening to BAUHAUS & CROCODILES & PATRICK WOLF lately… nihilist disco power FTW! eve massacre – “bloody party” MP3 Or […]

“The BJ Block Rolls On” – new track feat. ModeselektorHostageMalenteMichaelJackson-goodness

Here’s the mp3: eve massacre – the BJ block rolls on. This new track is just about dancing. I love both instrumental tracks I used for this: Modeselektor‘s “Black Block” and the Malente Remix of scottish goodietunespitter Hostage‘s “Roll On”. I’ve used the Billie Jean acapella before (for example in this track with Liquid Liquid) […]