It’s The Beats with Busdriver, Bikini Kill 1996 show, instagram goes video

Just a quick one while I’m still listening through tunes to play out tonight, here, flyer by yours truly:


I like BUSDRIVER for being mighty entertaining yet complex, for not sticking to hiphop only but breaking down walls to other genres, for thinking outside the box, for being fan/critic as well as musician, for collaborating/networking a lot in the old school sense – he’s one of those artists with whom it’s ‘more than just the music’. More than just the sounds. Track titles like “Werner Herzog”, “Unemployed Black Astronaut” or “No Blacks, No Asians, No Jews” are rare in today’s hiphop world and as for some of his lyrics, I’d also might buy them if the were sold as books.
Also I’m really looking forward to djing with Nahuel tonight, as we share a similar nerd-meets-pop-‘ridicule is nothing to be scared of‘ approach to playing out music and because I rarely meet him outside of twitter since he lives in Vienna.
Also: You! Hope despite the crazygood weather you’ll find your post-lake/beergarden/bbq way to us and dance/chat/dance/drink/dance/smile/dance/etc.
P.S.: My short Instagram video guide: Take vid, fiddle with filters, maybe show IRL friendz, then fordogssake plz delete it. I fully agree with Matthew Ingram’s ‘Why I will never click on your Instagram video, no matter how much you want me to’. Spare us the digital noise, facebook.
P.S.P.S.: One for the grrls – no matter if female or male or whatever: