“The BJ Block Rolls On” – new track feat. ModeselektorHostageMalenteMichaelJackson-goodness

Here’s the mp3: eve massacre – the BJ block rolls on.
This new track is just about dancing. I love both instrumental tracks I used for this: Modeselektor‘s “Black Block” and the Malente Remix of scottish goodietunespitter Hostage‘s “Roll On”. I’ve used the Billie Jean acapella before (for example in this track with Liquid Liquid) but I think this is the best use I’ve made of them so far. Cut up and rearranged dozens of times till I was happy with it. My favourite moments are around 4:23 and from 5:33 on (with the scat part meeting the ‘gonna dance on the floor in the round’ bits). Cut up stuff is really addictive to work on.