“Don’t want to miss this” – new track up, hate the haters, kv and k4 musings and my personal dia de los muertes

“Sometimes I can’t remember why I want to live. Then I think of all the freaks and I don’t want to miss this.” Team Dresch eve massacre – “blind fag (hate the xtian rights mix)” mp3 Congrats to your new president, dear US friends, but WTF is wrong with some of you voting hate to […]

“Comes in bells” – Melting Pop & M To The V Pix & Cover Versions

“Comes in bells, your servant, dont forsake him Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart … I am tired, I am weary I could sleep for a thousand years A thousand dreams that would awake me Different colors made of tears” Velvet Underground, ‘Venus In Furs’ The M TO THE V Festival was wonderful. Lots […]