I had a wonderful time at last night’s Retox  + Zeus! + Sonytony show. Aggressive noise can be the most liberating kind of music. Sonytony was breathtakingly intense as ever. I love Anton’s work because it’s so uncompromising and furious. Retox were not less furious and also played right up to what I had hoped their show would be like – it was a blast, and I love that Justin doesn’t get any tamer over the years. Lots of chatting with friends, meeting Justin and Anton again, and getting a tiny bit tipsy, hanging around on the street in front of the K4 – time flew, I don’t even know how it got 4 o’clock.
[vimeo 62727666]
It was the first time that coming home so late/early and still semi-drunk I suddenly got a burning hunger for something healthy. I chopped all vegetables I had left into a huge bowl of salad I ate while watching the sun rise, feeling like a little munching rabbit, thinking how powerful nights like this are. This one made me feel like I have emotionally and idealistically recharged myself.
I have caught up a bit with reading the news today. It seems – backfiring the flight restrictions Bolivia’s president suffered a few days ago – Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua have now offered asylum for Snowden.With the public eye focussing on Snowden so much I think this article does a good job by using this attention to make people aware of the situation of refugees at large.
I find it very fascinating how many different discourses this whole leaks affair resonates with. The biggest of course being surveillance, the whistleblower vs spy debate, and the role and legal position of journalism/blogging. But it can also be linked to subjects like the globally growing distrust in governments, the fascination about what is technically possible if it comes to surveillance, drones, etc., the comparison of state-induced tracking vs commercial tracking (hello, Jay-Z/Samsung), rebranding of patriotism, excellent satire, and yes, even design (powerpoint wtf). I still have a lot of articles bookmarked that I haven’t yet found time to read and find it all equally scary and fascinating.
And as I know that a few of my friends haven’t watched it yet, here’s the link to the Snowden interview video (Guardian).

Retoxing and recharging


I’m slowly getting ready for the last of the SUB:CITY nights and it seems appropriate to let a little blogging be part of this as my last longer post here was about it, too. Today has been one of those weird days on which everything slips away, like you can’t seem to focus on something. Start a dozen things, finish none, and suddenly it’s evening and you try telling yourself it’s okay.

This week a lot of articles featured the everyday sexism outcry. It’s like a wave that flushes up all the litter from the ground of the sea on a bad weather day, making things visible that actually have been there all the time. You just didn’t talk about it cause you didn’t want to appear like a victim. Or because you know/think the women and men around you wouldn’t show solidarity but ridicule your complaints. It’s great that sometimes social media (check twitter tags #everydaysexism or german #aufschrei in case you missed it) make it easier for people to speak out, and to show and get such solidarity. It helps to make things visible in such a huge wave that it’s hard to ignore, even for media. I just hope it won’t – like waves do – disappear as quickly as it rose but leave little barb traces in everyday life. I am sooooo longing for more anger about and action against the conservative backlash and the I-don’t-care-attitude that has risen over the last decade. After all I am someone who doesn’t have much respect left for the huminz and sometimes I’m glad to be old enough to maybe soon and finally give in to my true destiny (= becoming the bestest crazy old cat woman eremite in the universe). If only there wasn’t this annoying teensy itching bit of emotion and empathy left and won’t let cynicism and ‘that’s just the way it is’ apathy take over my world. Just as well as the teensy bit of musical edge I got left doesn’t let all this ‘that’s just the way it is’-Hornsby style bearded home-sweet-home vintage pitchforkindiefolk win me over.
Oh, it’s getting late – I’m off to help giving the sub owls the farewell they deserve.