A tired Sunday, wasted my time away reading – a…

A tired Sunday, wasted my time away reading – among other things the diaries on CEX’s website. He’s a talent between indie electronica and hiphop. I really dig his writing style too… cynic, with love, with a love for details… and I was glad to find an acapella of an earlier version of “Stop Eating”, still my favourite song of his “Maryland Mansions” album, so I wasted another couple of hours making a new bootleg: “I survived Bauhaus Cex“.

Last night a friend and me drove to Stuttgart to see ALICIA LEDON and REDWORM’S FARM but we got lost and when we stopped at the venue the ALICIA guys already were loading… it’s the second time I missed them. Sucks. But I got a sweet memorabilia – their split 7″ with MÄD MIKA (including a remix I did for A.L.), released by Dictation Of Brady.

REDWORM’S FARM are an awesome liveband!! I already liked their album but it doesn’t really catch their sound. I wonder how long they played together to work this out – amazing. Somewhere between the ultra-tension of SHELLAC and the smoochy warmth of SONIC YOUTH and the energy of earlier faster FUGAZI songs, but it defo isn’t a rip-off. It really was worth the three hour drive. And it was nice to meet friends I hadn’t seen for a while. Here’s some mp3 links to REDWORM’s FARM songs:

“Two Ways”


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