Pokémon Quo?

Nevermind Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality (or Mixed Reality) will bring a whole new WTF level to everything, and by WTF I mean that it will make many people aware of the different kinds of reality they live and question what even is ‘real’.


Is the internet sad?

Does the internet know the pattern of my ups and downs? Does the internet know why I’m quiet, why I’m noisy? When my absence means I’m broken and paranoid and when it means retreat and peace? Does the internet know when I’m all retweets I might be too fragile too offer anything that might spark […]

To VR!

VR and art: experience as creativity

Virtual reality and art I had the pleasure of thinking about VR and art for a talk at re:publica TEN. Some of the first questions I have asked myself are: What’s special about virtual reality, what makes this medium so radically different, why is it considered as significant a moment as when perspective entered painting? […]

spontan super

It’s been a while!

Just a general update on what talks I have held and what are my next plans.


“Anywhere that is safe” Mix

A mix that I made to channel my anger and sadness after the racist protests and police action against an arriving bus of refugees in Clausnitz in February 2016.

Solidarity with all victims everywhere and writing about not-writing

… even posting my solidarity with victims seemed … stale, empty, formulaic.
Don’t get me wrong: I do see most postings about this as a social effort to reach out to each other, to share fears, connect, to reassure each other, which is all fine and good. In the face of such things we need to reassure each other. But today it still made me feel like being supposed to post or like something, too. Felt as if I was expected to join a chorus while I felt like standing back, making room. Facebook asking to change avatars to the French national colours was a nauseating peak. I was thankful when Sam Kriss …

the toxicity of difference – rough and a draft

if i had to consider one thing being my super power it’s that i’ve learned to embrace “not belonging”. not as a woman in a male-centric scene and society, not geographically, not as a queer in a straight world, not as being single in a world of couples, and so on – my list is […]


Mat Dryhurst’s Saga – make your embeddable videos fluid and context-relevant

Me, personally, I’m less interested in the profit aspect of this (though it’s all good to aim at making things more fair) but I’m fascinated more by the possibilities it opens for making everchanging content that is different in different contexts. That opens so many creative and critical possibilities. It could raise context awareness, being like a inverse mirror/metaphor for our personalized spaces on social media.

Too many zombies – Orchid, The Walking Dead, Jauch, Varoufakis

Last night then, I experienced a real flash of fear turning my stomach when I saw Björn Höcke (AfD) given a platform to display his far right propaganda on Germany’s most-watched talk show, Jauch. The reach! Knowing how many of his followers out at the screens cheering him. Höcke even pulled out a little german flag as nationalist power gesture, bragging about his deep love for his country. Could only have been more dramatic/ridiculous if he had pulled it from his trouser fly.

Journalism and the longing for authentic truth – German media scepticism

Anti-intellectual media criticism in Germany as a longing for authentic truth. At its root might be things like the shattering of objectivism by social media use as well as the experience of GDR state-controlled media.