Was ich so treibe

Es ist erstaunlich, wieviele Dinge du tun kannst und dir bleibt trotzdem dabei das Gefühl, du müsstest eigentlich noch viel mehr leisten können. Die absurde Sehnsucht nach handwerklicher Arbeit, bei der du im Gegensatz zu sehr vielen Bereichen der Geistesarbeit irgendwas Handfestes vor dir liegen hast, hat mich heute dazu verleitet aus einer schnöden Fertigpackung…

Solidarity with all victims everywhere and writing about not-writing

... even posting my solidarity with victims seemed ... stale, empty, formulaic. Don't get me wrong: I do see most postings about this as a social effort to reach out to each other, to share fears, connect, to reassure each other, which is all fine and good. In the face of such things we need to reassure each other. But today it still made me feel like being supposed to post or like something, too. Felt as if I was expected to join a chorus while I felt like standing back, making room. Facebook asking to change avatars to the French national colours was a nauseating peak. I was thankful when Sam Kriss ...

Mat Dryhurst’s Saga – make your embeddable videos fluid and context-relevant

Me, personally, I'm less interested in the profit aspect of this (though it's all good to aim at making things more fair) but I'm fascinated more by the possibilities it opens for making everchanging content that is different in different contexts. That opens so many creative and critical possibilities. It could raise context awareness, being like a inverse mirror/metaphor for our personalized spaces on social media.