Huzzah! After having been plagued with pre x-mas d…

Huzzah! After having been plagued with pre x-mas depression and too many things keeping me busy for a couple of days I almost feel fine again now. And I finally got rid of the ftp/sftp headaches gave me.

I finished a new song, “Safety First Ladies Last (longer)” and am happy to announce I’m going to play support for one of my favourite bands,

THE PLOT TO BLOWUP THE EIFFEL TOWER, next year in april. Here’s an mp3 of their upcoming album “Love in the Fascist Brothel” that will be released on two labels that couldn’t be more different: Revelation and 3.1.G

Here’s some more nice mp3 links for you:

ACID PAULI, one of the CONSOLE guys, made a nice simplistic electroid JOHNNY CASH mix: “I see a darkness”.

One of my favourite mash up artists, AGENT LOVELETTE, made a breaksy junglistic remix of ROOTS MANUVA’s “witness”: “witness (agentlovelette’s can i get a witness re-fix)”

And one more: DJ EARWORM put an mp3 of a nice bootleg mix online that includes some artists I don’t like (G.Michael, A.Franklin, Beatles) with one I like (Scissor Sisters) and the result is a really great pop tune. I also like DJ EARWORMS explanation that’s an argument for sample or copy art: “It consists of Beatles’ “For No One” from Revolver vs. Scissor Sisters “Take Your Mama”.

George Michael’s “Freedom ’90” was the inspiration for “Take Your Mama”, so there is some of that track in there. And also a bit of the original Aretha Franklin’s “Think (Freedom)”, which George Michael lifted his chorus from.”

Here’s the link: “No One Takes Your Freedom”.

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