“Life makes you nervous” – LONDON BOOTED and somet…

“Life makes you nervous” – LONDON BOOTED and something like an AGAINST ME! review

“I know that my life makes you nervous
But I tell you that I can’t live in service” (The Clash)

In 2004 there suddenly was this disrespectful idea of mashing up THE CLASH’s classic album ‘London Calling’. Some of the (in my eyes) most interesting remixers and bootleggers took part and it was downloadable for free (but people were asked to donate some charity money).
Now it is being released on vinyl. Double vinyl. It’s nice to be part of this, thanks to the guys of PRANKMONKEY Records!
My track is a mash up of Clash (rudie can’t fail) with Madonna (power of goodbye) and Jurassic 5 (unified rebelution).

You can listen to a stream of the whole record on this part of the website.
Here are some links to where you can buy it:
Sadly I’m not sure yet where you will be able to get it in Germany.

* _ *

I listened to the new AGAINST ME! album twice now. I really enjoy them live although from year to year they seem to appeal to a more careless violent crowd. This recording is rough and punk, really good, but somehow it’s so testosterone fueled that I get a feeling of… well, it gives me a feeling of ‘losing touch’ (that song, “losing touch”, is such a classic rock stomper that I already can imagine the guys standing in a STATUS QUO rocking all over the world pose in 20 years). It’s that feeling from years ago when there always was a 98% male crowd at punk and hardcore shows, and nobody seemed to find something wrong with that. It was normal to be the ‘different’ person, it was normal to always feel a bit like a stranger. (I’ll even tell you a secret: It took me quite a while to comprehend that it wasn’t my fault. ;))
— That reminds me: I talked bout that subject with a friend a couple of weeks ago. He told me about a Jessica Hopper article that had impressed him and I have found a link to it, you can read it >here. —
Maybe I could connect more to this album if it had a tad more (self) irony… I don’t know. I don’t blame them for this at all. It’s their way of making music, and they make it good. They also are one of the most down to earth bands whilst getting really big. They have my respect. It’s just that I wish I would feel more like one of the people they try to reach with their songs. It’s good emotional punk rock. It’s only not the kind of album that I often will play as a whole. Still there are some songs I really really like. Last album’s “Cliche Guevara” is this album’s “Problems”. Can’t help singing along (and wondering if I haven’t heard that melody somewhere else before).

* _ *

It feels awesome to be home tonight, type this and sip some amaretto (it tastes even better if you drink it hot). Friday and Saturday nights at home make me feel like I have twice as much time to relax than when I stay home weekdays.
Hope there’s some nice movie on TV later, then this evening is perfect. 🙂

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