“I’m only a person” – RIP Syd, 2 new songs, au rev…

“I’m only a person” – RIP Syd, 2 new songs, au revoir soca!

“My head kissed the ground
I was half the way down, treading the sand
please, please, please lift the hand
I’m only a person with eskimo chain
I tattooed my brain all the way…
Won’t you miss me?
Wouldn’t you miss me at all?”

We will. Rest in peace, Syd Barrett.
The world lost an inspired and inspiring musician.

* _ *

Less inspired but maybe yet worth a listen:
I put up two new Eve Massacre songs.
One is “My Tomboy (minimode mix)“, a dancy song I wrote a few weeks ago and which was too long to fit in that myspace player. Stefan, one of my dj companions at Sophisticated Boom Boom and D!sco !nf!ltrators said he prefers the more minimal tech parts anyway so here you go! I cut out the synth for the short version, so it’s just beats and distortion and my voice, till the reverbed acoustic bass guitar sets in. (And yes, I’m aware that you can’t sing ‘vacants’ without someone thinking ‘wee cunts’ ever since the Sex Pistols).
Get the song from my myspace player or download the mp3 here.

The other brandnew song is “Krushed Candy“. A slower one.. a bit dub … a bit step… a bit out of step.. a bitcrshed … a bit angry … full of smothering anger.
Get the song from my myspace player or download the mp3 here.

Here are the lyrics:

“Lovely, lovely, didn’t take your guns to town
Lovely, lovely, learned your lesson, now you’re down
Boozed when you froze, you were boozed when you froze

Lovely, lovely, when will you ever learn
Lovely, lovely, what you get is what you deserve
Lose when you doze, you lose when you doze

Sobered up now doesn’t stop
Bodydrop, buddy drop
Stuck in slow mo, stuck in throbs
Bodydrop, buddy drop
I’m no victim, stop my sobs
Bodydrop, buddy drop
Stop the throbbing, make it stop
Stop the throbs, stop it


* _ *

In other news I’m just glad that the football world cup that kept Germany in its obsessively enthusiastic claws is over. It’s my party and I burn flags if I want to. There were some pleasurable moments in the first two weeks when it all seemed a bit more inter- or trans-national. I’ve enjoyed watching a few games and pretending to be for some team for random fun reasons but then, later, from my local perception it became more and more germancentric somehow. Some weird ‘us’-feeling grew and like whenever there’s an ‘us’ there’s a ‘them’ too. If you don’t wave a flag you’re one of ‘them’, you’re a funspoiler. Suddenly it is inhibited to not be cheering ‘Germany’. Sod off. What a surprise that the charting football songs weren’t by Fler or Mia (the german Mia, nothing to do with M.I.A.). I’ve always felt it has been a good thing to grow up in a country without a strong patriotic background. I refuse to perceive that as a lack. There is no reason to feel proud of being part of a country you’ve been born into by chance. This whole “now Germany finally is someone again” is scary brave new football soma stuff. A whole nation brainwashed to cheer for a new ‘us’. Geez. And don’t even start telling me it’s just about football and has nothing to do with ‘real’ nationalism. This has broken some levee and we’ll see about the effects when the dry season is over.

The other thing that has always put me off football is – suprise, surprise – that women and queer people don’t exist on planet male soca. Fashanu might have been to scary an example for a professional male football player to make others come out too. The world cup seemed like watching the whole female and gay population taking one step back, making room for a heteronormative spectacle with a forgiving and understanding smile of “that’s just the way it is”. The place of women and feminine or boyish men was fun reports on TV that showed how stupid they are to not know what an offside is. You can be part of the party, part of a cheering crowd, best show us your tits painted in national colours and entertain … erm.. ‘us’. But please leave the serious part to ‘us’. Shouldn’t it be surprising that such an atavistic concept still works? And can we step back up front now or will this leave its traces?
That’s enough for tonight. I’m off to raise a glass of sangria to you, my friends!

luv, eve

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