“Constant longing” – new dates, new mash up, L. Su…

“Constant longing” – new dates, new mash up, L. Sutherland and more…

“And she said: Maybe happiness is just the knowledge that there’s something better out there. Constant longing.”
Luke Sutherland, ‘Venus As A Boy’

I’ve added a couple of live and dj dates. I’m really curious how all these nights will go. One that I’m especially curious about is in Leipzig at Female Files. It’s a festival weekend (22./23. june) for the destabilisation of established sex roles in pop culture. There will be movies, workshops, discussions, shows and club nights. It’s a shame that I will not be able to stay the whole weekend but on the 23rd we have one of our Sophisticated Boom Boom nights in Nürnberg with really cool live guests: The Show Is The Rainbow and Zea.

Of course I’m still not satisfied: I’m still looking for more dj and/or live gigs!

* _ *

“Justified Bad Sex” (eve massacre mix)

I’ve put a new mash up mp3 online on this site.

I quickly made this instead of going for a bike ride today. Now I feel lazy and my back hurts. I hope you appreciate that. The idea has already been worked into my 2006sickmix but as it came back to my mind today, I thought it’s worth a standalone track.

* _ *

I finally read Luke Sutherland‘s novel Venus As A Boy. It is great, well-crafted poetry. Imagine a boy who’s special gift it is to please others sexually, to make them see a ‘glimpse of heaven’ when he touches them. Imagine that boy – always looking for true love – ending up with his pimp forcing him to take hormone pills to become a girl and as a result slowly turning into solid gold… That’s just the skeleton of a story that is as short as powerfully told. It is told in retrospective view and right at the beginning of the novel you get to know that the storyteller is already dead. The closer you get to the end of the novel the closer you get to his end. This way of storytelling always gives me a tingling kind of mixed emotions: I can’t stop reading as the book is written so well, and at the same time I don’t want it to end, especially as the end means the death of a character you get to know and like. There’s another book I’d like to recommend that uses the same technique: Henning Mankell‘s Chronicler Of The Winds (‘Der Chronist der Winde’), in which he lets a deadly wounded ten year old street kid in Africa tell his story. Although I enjoyed some of his Wallander crime stories too I found this book much more intense.

I wish I could get Jelly Roll, Luke Sutherland‘s debut novel, too, but it doesn’t seem to be available in Germany (anymore). Damned. If any of my British friends happens to find it somewhere, I’ll happily buy it from you if it’s not too expensive!

* _ *

Tomorrow, Good Friday night, you could sit at home and be vexed about those stupid catholic quiet holidays. I’ve got better plans: Myra Lee play at the Kafe Kult in Munich. They are a really good screamo band from Poitiers, France. On Sunday they play in Nürnberg too, at the Kunstverein, but I feel like visiting Kerstin and Tobi. (The chocolate cake has nothing to do with that. I swear. 🙂 )

Next Monday, the 9th, we have Camera Obscura playing at the K4 and if that’s not a perfect spring show then I don’t know what else could be: Lovely scottish indie pop. And Mr. Drake will be with them whom I haven’t met since Gogogo Airheart were in Nürnberg last year which is far too long ago.

* _ *

It’s weird but all those tiny signs of spring, you know, flowers in bloom, the ground being warm from the sun, birds singing like mad when you get home from a party late at night aka early in the morning … all these things bring tears to my eyes very easily these days. They remind me of my Mom and how happy she used to be about spring. She was one of those gardening people, who love to see things grow and bloom and all. I miss her. I’ve just realised how good I’ve become in instantly pushing sad thoughts of her from my mind whenever they come up.

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