“Life is written for you” – eve massacre reading, fav songs and voting

“I’m your monster I’m not like you
All your life is written for you”

Tomorrow at 2 PM I will be holding a 20 minutes reading from one of my favourite books (plus some introductory stuff) at the Kulturwirtschaft (K4). I haven’t read aloud in quite a while so forgive me if it turns out a bit stumbly.

Another thing I’ve forgotten to tell you about: The Bavarian Open Source team (you know, from Zündfunk etc.) had asked me to chose and write about some of my favourite tunes from their MP3 collecction. You can read about my picks here. They also have a weekly Podcast including Eve Massacre interview bits this month.

The Mixphoria Radio people have asked if it was okay to put up my “Rage Against M.I.A.” bootleg in some music voting battle they have going on, and now it’s put there against a fine World Famous Audio Hacker tune and losing big time. There’s a reason why I’m not the competitive type.

In other news please please please raise your voice against data retention!

If you haven’t heard about it yet: The EU has decided – and it was the quickest decision they ever made, there was hardly any time for debate – to store the private telecommunication data of all 450 million european citizens for a period of 6 months up to 2 years.
Just in case of.
That means a big loss of privacy. They are up to store:
– whom you call on phone or mobile
– where you surf in the internet
– your email-traffic
– your sms and faxes
Please act on this!

Bitte schickt eure Stimmen gegen die Vorratsdatenspeicherung ein!
Es ist noch bis zum 24.12.2007 möglich!
Hier der direkte Link zur Sammelklage.


Here’s the international site about it:

One thought on ““Life is written for you” – eve massacre reading, fav songs and voting

  1. I did my part scoring you a 5-star vote, since you’re track is the superior one. 🙂

    – WF

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