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“I want to capture you in digital” B. Molko

Let’s have a little photo blog today. Once more back to Linz. Here are some pictures, most stolen from the Crossing Europe site cause I didn’t feel like snapping. This is the OK, a cultural center with exhibitions, the festival office center and the two moviemento cinemas. At the top of the building in the first picture you see the fifth floor lighted in red? That’s where the Nightline part of the festival took place, the Mediendeck.

At the first night I saw Red Worm Farm there. I had seen them years ago at the OBW9 in Stuttgart and have already like them back then but their show at Crossing Europe was even better than what I had remembered. Razor-sharp postpunk with playful rough edges. Check them out!

This was my cute little hotel room and the other festival cinema. It was just ten meters from the hotel.

These are Anatol whom some of you might recognize from Valina and who was curator of the Nightline part of the festival, my friend Judith who works at the OK (and she and her boyfriend Andi ‘Washer‘ took us to a restaurant with fantastic fake meat, I forgot the name but it was really really good), Joanna Hogg who made the rather good film ‘Unrelated’, and the most fascinating man I’ve met in quite a while: Jurij Meden, film critic and festival curator.

This is a still from the festival trailer by Dietmar Brehm:

These are The Bug and Warrior Queen who played on the Mediendeck on the second night I’ve been there. Awesome beats and sounds and sirens BUT I got no clue why Mr. Martin had to stop each track after two minutes to shove us a rewind-sound and start the next one. Attention deficit disco? I don’t know. First it was entertaining but after an hour or so it became annoying. Like listening to some promo cd that fades out every song after a minute or so. Warrior Queen did a cool job in doing her thing anyway, trying to keep the tension up with her toasting, no matter what The Bug played. Funniest moment was to see her waving her roses while they played ‘Poison Dart’. Apart from the song-hopping the music really was great.

The next night My Name Is Ann played live after the award part of the evening. They started good but sadly didn’t really keep it up. It was a bit like my pet hate band Robots In Disguise.

Then I was on and had mucho mucho fun with a wonderful crowd.

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