“Let them eat cake”

“If the people don’t have bread
Let them eat cake.”
Marie Antoinette


Oh noes!

Why does every bloody thing have to have two sides?!

*  _  *

I thought I had lost my gusto for poems but the lines from Thomas Moore’s ‘Hospital’ that were posted along with an interview on DC’s blog today touched me. Gave me a plain feeling of ‘wow’ that I more often get from music than from words these days. Intense. Mourning. Beautiful. It stuck with me so later today I got back to that entry and followed the link to Moore’s blog and kept reading for almost two hours.

I think what I enjoy so much about Moore’s writing is that he has a great way of
describing a certain numbness and distance between people.
Have you read Büchner’s ‘Danton’s Death’?
My favourite quote from it always has been:
“Know one another? We would have to break open each other’s skulls and squeeze the thoughts out of the brain tissue.”

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