“Little black spot on the sun today” – goth fruit, Keep It Evil and more

“There’s a red fox torn by a huntsman’s pack
There’s a black-winged gull with a broken back
There’s a little black spot on the sun today
It’s the same old thing as yesterday” Police

To accompany the bad weather and the overall mood fruitwise I’ve switched from oranges to goth fruit:

In case you tuned in for Castrop on Thursday, I’m sorry I had to cancel the radio show but I’m sure the Keep It Evil Crew made a cool festival special.

Don’t miss KEEP IT EVIL today!
No matter if you come for the bands, for the games, for the vegan food, for the political & animal rights info, for the games, to hang out and get drunk or to chat with people: I’m sure it will be interesting and fun.

KIE on mysp

Tonight will be pretty exciting for the musikverein crew and their friends because we have an accidental double date: Bucovina is also on tonight. We will have to serve at four bars, the house will be overcrowded, and we will have to try to keep the two events as seperate from each other as possible to make everyone feel comfy. And we have to try having fun ourselves. Quite a challenge. Hope we succeed and everyone will be in chilling summer mood despite the rain.
And there are two good parties to visit later tonight: Heilige Liga has a night with Electric Pony Noises and Mehmet2090 and more heavy bouncing electronic acts, and Sellfish celebrate at the Zwinger Keller if you prefer to party with guitar sound. Hope I make it to both at least for a bit.

* _ *

Oh, and my www.evemassacre.org site has been hacked hence google shows it as ‘potentially dangerous’. Though I’m okay with people thinking that I’m potentially dangerous this sucks big time. My serverhostwebpeople say they have already have dealt with the bit of code someone seems to have put there but it still shows that sign. Even for files I host there: pictures I use for my blog and my music. Oh my, so much trouble for a domain that’s nothing but a forward thing to www.evemassacre.wordpress.com anyway. Wonder why someone bothers to hack that.

Do you see this picture? –>
If not I really can’t even use my server to host stuff any more.

Oh, and last week I’ve finally been so annoyed by the band spam on myspace (do they also pester you with private messages now?) that I spent a bit more time on facebook and twitter. If you’re over there too please feel free to add me thurrr:

Even if you’re a band. But please not if you’re a band that posts nothing but ‘buy my new record’, ‘listen to my song’, ‘vote for me’, etc.
I like to get informed on what bands I like are up to but not if it’s just about promotion&selling stuff, that’s plain boring. And it slowly turns myspace into a place that consists mainly of bands that post ‘buy my stuff’ to other bands they don’t know and care about. I mean, of course this is part of it but if people repost the same ‘buy my new album on beatport’ or ‘vote for me on emergenza’ crap ten times a day in bulletins, comments, mood status etc. then I consider it plain spamming.
Killing conversation and networking, you’re doing it right.

* _ *

This week two people I haven’t known but who were close to friends of mine have died. One has died from illness, the other has killed herself. Wish I could do something to make my friends feel better but I feel helpless and as if I had nothing I could give them. Empathy: yes, I even feel like I echo their pain cause it brings back the memories of losses and I’ve been close to tears pretty quickly these last days – but what I hate is that I got no words nor deeds to help. Don’t want to say shallow-sounding stuff like that it takes time to swallow death. That’s no solace. Hope they/you find your ways to cope with it and let it neither get to close nor shut yourself off from grieving. I’m as good at the latter that I can assure you that it will strike back.
Hugs. My thoughts are with you.

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