i sooo wish…

…. i was here for SUB:CITY birthday bash tomorrow!
make it a blast, bros! 🙂

but i got no need complaining because i’m out for another sweeeeeeet night: i’ll dj at the OFFEND YOUR GENDER! queer party (schlachthof wiesbaden). i haven’t been there for ages – and i’m so old that you might take that literally – but always had a fun time there! come over and dance and chat and have a good time! before the party there’s a reading about homophobia and football. yeah, well, i’m not exactly a football person too but it might be interesting and entertaining as it’s held by G. Dembowski (taz columnist, www.myspace.com/fefczak)!

* _ *

lately i sometimes felt like falling into a big black hole after a heavy party night. not as bad as a classic post-tour-depression but not nice either. so as counterbalance to all the hyper-euphoric-fun-clubnight djing i have put a brandnew musical outlet online (sorry, the myspace site looks just as quicklymade as it is):

KILLING MISTER MOONLIGHT is about the more nihilist depressive side of eve massacre. it’s all about angst pop, or shoegazesadcore, or however else you might call it. i’ve just got two songs online by now but i’m working on a third already.
feel free to add me: www.myspace.com/killingmistermoonlight

in case you wonder: the name plays at the Bauhaus song ‘who killed mister moonlight?’ (and a tiny little bit at my Beatles aversion).

* _ *

that’s it for now, hope you are all doing fine, especially those of you i know personally. feel a bit out of touch. plus: these days i use twitter and facebook a bit more regularly than this myspace thing so say hello over there too if you like:
(there’s an eve massacre artist profile too on facebook but i don’t use that to communicate)

PS.: The Paper Chase – “What Should We Do With Your Body? (The Lightning)” is soooo good.

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