“Butterflies all tied up” – Berlin! Poopsy Club! Nürnberg! Auxes!

“You got the butterflies all tied up.” Prince

Tonight, on the 26th I’ll be at Poopsy Club’s ‘Queer Massacre!’ Night in Berlin doing a dj and live set. It’s at West Germany (Skalitzer Str. 133).

It sadly was not possible to set up a proper show for Auxes in Nürnberg which is a shame. Auxes will spend two days-off at my place anyway so I thought I could at least put up a private show for them and if you want to come see them drop a line.

Some friends joined in and now it will be a concert and a party: Melinda The Mess will sadly celebrate her goodbye from Nürnberg. Seppo Defect will celebrate his birthday  and I will take it as a chance to postparty mine. 27th of September, from 9 till late.