“His stomach ached with loneliness” – new mash up, old song

“A sea monster sat on a rock and said, ‘I wish there was a little girl.’
His stomach ached with loneliness.”

You can click yourself through that story book about a seamonster and a little girl right here. Of course I identify with the sea monster.

That story is the perfect imaginery for my latest mash up: It combines ‘Message’, a song of the japanese psychedelic noise monsters Boris (check out their new album ‘Smile’, it’s great) with Edie Gorme‘s vocals of ‘Blame it on the bossa nova’. Thanks to DJ Mif for the pella.

Boris + Edie Gorme: “Blame it on the Bossa Boris” (Eve Massacre mix) MP3

And upon request here’s one of my songs back online:
Eve Massacre: “48 Crushes” MP3