I guess I should be thankful for only having to us…

I guess I should be thankful for only having to use a hundred hankies today and not a thousand like yesterday. Forget it! Being sick turns me into a real pain in the ass.

I always get kind of insomniac when I’m forced to be so inactive. The only good thing about this cold I caught is that I found time to watch some movies I saved for that special day, when I’d really have the time and be in mood for it.

A friend had given me two Gregg Araki films, ‘Nowhere’, which I had watched before, and ‘The Doom Generation’, and ‘Reflecting Skin’ (Philip Ridley). I’ll comment on those later – they were pretty impressive, love them. I’ll also add some words and pictures about the SOLE and BLUEBIRD show I’ve been to last Friday.

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I got so angry today about the nazi spam mails that started circulating in germany just in time before the european election. I don’t know if they were spread in other countries too. In those mails you first get a blue-eyed guy next door telling you about some incident that involved foreigners or asylum seekers harming german people, followed by a ‘specialist’ commenting on this and explaining to the naive person that this is all part of a nationwide mafiaesque structure to which all parties but the most right wing ones are blind. Arrgh!

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A short video I’d like to recommend: “Daydream 1” by Kotchy (mov). It’s a little story bout love and jealousy, embedded in vague pictures, subtitles telling the story reduced to simplest sentences. I thought it has some harsh charme.

Wish I knew how to take snapshots or save stills.

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Here’s a link to another nice video to watch, THAVIUS BECK’s “To Make Manifest”.

He released a rather compelling album on Mush Rec.: ‘Decomposition’. It sways from gloomy drum&bass to abstract hiphop, adding nice effects with speech samples. Breaking beats and structures let you drop but at the same time you’re picked up again with a little melody or weird sound. Thavius Beck formerly released stuff under the name ADLIB. Cedric Bixler (At The Drive-In, Mars Volta) and Subtitle (GSL hiphop artist) appear with guest vocals.

Here’s a link to an mp3: “To Make Manifest”

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