THE PAPERCHASE show a couple of days ago was brill…

THE PAPERCHASE show a couple of days ago was brillant – they are one of the tightest, most intense bands out there. Mr Congleton does a brillant show. I put some pictures on line in the photos section, but there’s no pictures of CHALLENGER who also played but whom to watch I was too burned out.

Last night we had one of our SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM parties and it was fun (must have been – I feel like it will take me weeks to recover. 🙂 )

Due to the lack of brain cells I suffered from that night, there’ll be no critical comments today but only dumb tracklisting of some of the stuff I played:

The Gaylettes: son of a preacher man

Frenchbloke: ich habe meine bizkit

McSleazy: ska-aterboi

McSleazy: smells like teen booty

Atari Teenage Riot: kids are united

Clash: janie jones

Party Ben: (ledzep vs beasties)

The Kleptones: break

Uminski: harder better faster stronger

Duran Duran: girls on film

TimG: walk idiot walk rmx u can’t stand up tall rmx

alter ego rockapella

Queens Of The Stone Age: feel good hit of the summer

Lisa Mafia: all over

Eve Massacre: surf be good to me

Air / Zongamin rmx: surfin on a rocket

Tanya Stephens: to the toptop

The Futureheads: carnival kids

Adam Sky: i am the fly

Now I’m off to the winter benefit party of the greatest independent radio station on the whole wide world : Raaaaadio Z! Hanin Elias plays and many more!

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