The Pixeltan: Get up e.p. on DFA This e.p. is…

The Pixeltan: Get up e.p. on DFA

This e.p. is an irresistable little arty funk jewel. Consisting of Hisham Bharoocha, Devin Flynn and Mika Yoneta they combine the rough disco dub sound (maybe re-started a couple of years ago by dub narcotic ss and the likes) with the typical no wave drive of DFA and sexy funky vocals with tons of delay.

On this site you can listen to snippets of all the songs, and ignore that ‘out of stock’ comment: try X-Mist Mailorder to lay your hands on this one.

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Not new but I just came across this cute little video to the TISM song “Everyone else has had more sex than me”:

Watch it streamed from this site or download the file.

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The wave of death disco is still flushing some nice bands to the shore, one of them is TURN PALE. They got what every cool – or should I spell it ‘khol’? – band needs: simplistic disco beat drums, funky straightforward bass lines, a singer who sounds like a more hysteric Robert Smith, like The Rapture… you get the idea. There’s a good 7″ out on Ruffian Records (“Films we like”, “Weapons training”).

On their website you can get some songs from their album that was released last year, sounding a little bit rougher:

“Sycophant” mp3

“Light Melts Away” mp3

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tourdiary day #01

04nov’04 ::: Bonn @ Bla ::: with TIGER LOU

Fuck mobiles. On our drive there, stuck on a dark foggy motorway, I received an SMS about a friend of mine, saying “She will die, we should make our farewells.” That swept me off my feet. When we arrived at the venue there were already lots of people waiting, eager to see TIGER LOU whom we were to support. We had to hurry with our soundcheck and I was more than confused on that night. Maybe we shouldn’t have played cause I felt like hiding and not like being exposed to other people’s looks, and I feel sorry cause we didn’t play good that night. I remember Cris screaming a lot and that we didn’t hear all of the beat backing of our music which made it hard to play. For a moment I had hoped that playing and singing could be an outlet but it didn’t work for me on that night.

After our show I rushed outside and phoned home and was told that Tine was already braindead and that all that was left was to wait for her physical presence to die. I felt helpless and angry and vulnerable. It was such an absurd situation being caught in that crowded club or standing in front of it in the cold, crying and not really caring to hide the pain. I tried to get drunk but it didn’t really work. Thanks to Dennis who really consoled me (and did his best to get me drunk 😉 ), and thanks to Martin for putting us up, and Fatzo for hospitality. The Beckett postcard on his fridge the next morning became something like my tour mantra: “When you’re up to your neck in shit, the only thing to do is sing.”

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