It’s no good feeling if you go the hospital to vis…

It’s no good feeling if you go the hospital to visit your mom and you step into her room and her bed isn’t there. Forced a bit of a whirlwind of adrenaline through my body when it happened to me today. She had an operation concerning the carotid and they kept her in intensive care for today. That’s were me and my sister found her. It took another fifteen minutes of waiting without any information before we were allowed in there. Fifteen minutes can be pretty long. I can’t tell you how totally thankful and happy I am that she’s only a bit weak but recovering quickly. It’s far to soon for her to leave. She had so much bad times in her life that I want her to enjoy many more of those happier years now. She so deserves it. She’s such a courageous and tough little old lady. I love her.

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